Incorporate Your Dog(s) into your Wedding

Ways to Incorporate Pets into Your Wedding

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Dogs are loyal, friendly, and listen to commands. This makes them easy and practical to incorporate them into your wedding ceremony. They can feel like members of the family, so many people like the idea of them helping out. Always remember to check with your venue if dogs are permitted. Here are some inspirational photos of dogs at weddings to give you a good idea.

Engagement Photos

Dogs not permitted in your venue, your dogs aren’t finished their obedience training, or you don’t want to halt mid-ceremony to take the dog out? Here is a great option! Take your engagement photos with your beloved furry friend!


Save-The-Date Cards or Invitations Photos

Want the engagement photos to be just about you two? Don’t have any children yet? Want your dogs in your photos as well as in your wedding? Take photos with your pooch for the save the date cards or invitations!


Preparing and Getting Ready

Not comfortable with your pets at the actual ceremony, but still want them to be in your wedding album? Have them nearby while you’re getting ready for the big day and snap a few photos.


Ring Bearer

Have a well-trained dog? Can they stand to carry something in their mouth or have a ring-bearer cushion on their necks or backs? Then it is a great and cost-effective way to have a four-legged ring bearer. Unless you want to, there is no need to buy a specific outfit and you can make the sash and sew it to the ring-bearing pillow as a DIY project. 

incorporating-pets-at-your-wedding-ring-bearer-dog images Dog-Ring-Pillow-m3 Dog Ring Bearer Pillow download  il_570xN.162758883

Flower Girl

Don’t have a young girl in your family? Have a well-trained man’s best friend? Do you love the way your dog would look with a flower or flowers on them? Then do we have an idea for you! Use your pooch as a “flower girl” or be unique and use a “flower boy”. Put silk flowers on the dog’s collar or put a flower wreath around their neck.

dog1 dog2 dog3


Whether you want your dog to carry a cute sign down the aisle, or escort a wedding party member or both: Here is a great idea! These signs can be purchased at and other online stores, or you can make some yourself.

dog4 il_fullxfull.366532809_4ebl il_340x270.492748144_45mz

Walking the Bride down the aisle

If you aren’t into the whole “Dad walking bride down the aisle” thing, or your father is deceased or you two aren’t exactly on speaking terms, or if you’re eloping: you can have your trusty, energetic sidekick walk you down the aisle. Why not? Dogs can protect you, love you no matter what, and are part of the family.


Bridesmaids & Groomsmen

Eloping, not wanting to spend money on wedding party dresses and suits, new to town without tons of friends, or you just prefer pooches to humans next to you when you exchange your vows: have your dogs stand by you for moral support. You can even go both ways and have the maid of honor and best man hold each dog on a leash by your side.


Wedding Photos

What says unconditional love besides children and newlyweds? Dogs, of course! Why not incorporate that love into your wedding photos? Especially if you can’t have your dogs at your venue, you can have photos taken with them professionally at a designated destination.

ashley-rose-dogs-with-couple pet-in-wedding-18-bull-dogs

Custom Cake Topper

You can order custom-made dog cake toppers in the breed of your dog for an adorable, unique touch!



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