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Save on a Father’s Day Wedding

Is your fiancé a proud father? Do you want to celebrate your lifetime commitment together on father’s day? Here are some tips and tricks to save money on your father’s day wedding.

Go to the dollar store and stock up on father’s day goodies. Be sure to bring a list so you know which items you will actually need.

Make the kids part of the day by having them as flower girls, ring bearers, bridesmaids, groomsmen, maids of honor or best men! Depending on their age, the kids can have any number of important roles in your wedding.

Have a father-child dance so the groom can dance with his kids, and have the bride dance with her father. This is a sweet and special moment where daddy can focus on his kids!

I’ll drink to that. Have a toast to the fathers in the guestlist. Depending on the beverage available, you can have alcohol, juice, even water. The moment of appreciation will be greatly valued, especially on this day.

Make special vows you can say to your new step children. You can write your own vows to love and cherish the children and be the best parent that you can be. The kids will love it and the guests will think it’s adorable.

Family photos can be used at the reception. Use a family photo as a centrepiece for each table. You can also take very special portraits with your family in the wedding photos.

Got more father’s day wedding tips? Share below!

Pew Decorations

DIY Pew Decorations is a great way to save money on a church wedding. Here are some simple steps you can take to make beautiful pew bows.

  • Buy sheer white fabric at your local fabric store. You can request chair sashes to get them at the proper size.
  • Fold the sash in half so that you can pinpoint the center.
  • Tie into a bow like you would tie your shoes
  • Fluff out the loops to look like a bow
  • Tie to the pews with string
  • Voila!

Make these beautiful pew decorations on the cheap! Just gather tulle, silk ribbons, and your flowers of choice.

DIY Weddings

View of Pew Decoration and Clip with Flowers

We struggled a bit with Pew Decorations! Too big, too little, too tall, too expensive – but bingo! We kept on looking and finally we came up with a look we liked.
We started with organza chair sashes. We tried ribbon only, tulle by itself…we considered draping tulle from pew to pew (but because of the style of church, it made it awkward to seat people). Finally we came upon the idea of using chair sashes to make the original bows. The benefit of organza is it’s “stiffness” – it makes the bow stand up nice and full. We used the simple method of bowmaking where you loop the sash back and forth and then wired it with white floral wire (from Save on Crafts) in the middle. The white wire then was able to be used to attach the bow to the pew holder (we found them very inexpensive…

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DIY Extremely Easy, Simple & Elegant Centerpiece

DIY Extremely Easy, Simple & Elegant Centerpiece

Place a clear bowl on top of a plate. Fill with water. Add a couple of roses inside the bowl to float, or a rose and another flower. Add smaller flowers, or flower petals, around the bowl onto the plate. If you want to add another little spruce of detail, tie a ribbon of silk or lace around the bowl. Very easy centerpiece for a wedding reception, an engagement party or a bridal shower!

How to have a simple honeymoon for under $500

Disclaimer: This article contains pricing for a honeymoon in and around Montreal, Quebec, Canada. If you plan to honeymoon elsewhere, prices may vary. Does not include travel costs and/or gas or transportation. A few of these options only are availible during the summertime. These prices are for a one-day honeymoon, or for two days, one night.


How to have a cheap, simple yet fun honeymoon for under $500? Is it possible? Of course it is! This may not be the most lavish honeymoon on the planet, but it is simple, fun and memorable, and that’s what matters! Here are some low-cost places to go and activities to do, which if you pick 3 or 4 of these activities, should cost you under $500.


Actual photo of Camping Plage Champlain

Go to a camping ground. Not just any camping ground. Go to one that has a beach, and maybe even a fire pit! You can just drive on over, no reservation required! Enjoy the beach waters with the community, tan on the sand, have a picnic, even camp out if you want! Prices per night for 2 adults and up to 3 children start at $26 at Champlain Beach Camping


Go on a historical cruise. That’s right, a CRUISE! In small towns on canals, cruises that include a public historical tour can be quite cheap. You can choose from several cruise packages varying in prices per person to customize your experience and adapt it according to your budget. Starting at $34.99 per person, Croisieres Richelieu offers this! Richlieu Cruises


Actual photo of Croisieres Richelieu

Stay at a Bed & Breakfast. Some offer couples packages that include special assets at a great price! I recommend Auberge de la Fontaine in Montreal, Quebec. They offer a Casino Package starting at $142 a night for two, with special things thrown in! They also offer a Romance Package starting at $209 per night. If these don’t suit your needs, check out their other package deals.


Actual photo of Auberge de la Fontaine

Enjoy a Horse-Drawn Carriage. The city of old Montreal is beautiful, scenic, has an old European feel to it. You can’t help but be drawn to it’s mysterious buildings and landscaped parks. Starting at $48 for up to 5 people for a 30 minute guided tour ride, this can be a magical experience with your new spouse. Check out #2: Guided Tours, second bubble on this website.


Actual photo of horse-drawn carriage in Montreal

Treat yourself to a Swedish Massage. Usually places charge you at least $50 per person for a 30 minute massage. Starting at $39 per person for a 30 minute massage, this can be a relaxing end to an adventurous day. Unwind side-by-side and let your troubles melt away! Pure bliss at a great price! Aqua Spa is the way to go!


Free or cost-efficient options:

  • Have a picnic in a local park, on the grass with a blanket. Short on cash for food? Prepare sandwiches, fruits and veggies and dip to bring outdoors.
  • Swap houses with someone out of town! It’s cheap, and all you do is pay for your food and travel!
  • Volunteer. Bond together by giving back to your community.
  • Go to a public pool. Sunbathe on the lounge chairs and have a swim with your beloved!
  • Attend a parade. These are often sponsored and free!
  • Run a marathon or do a trialathon together. Build up hype by training hard beforehand and feel accomplished afterwards!
  • Take a class together. It can be dance, music, or yoga; whatever fits!
  • Visit a Buddhist Temple. They often have free meditating sessions. You may even be able to stay in one for free!
  • Go on a road trip. See where it takes you and learn new routes and see the world!
  • Visit a farm. Pet the animals, taste the crops, enjoy country life.
  • Go fruit-picking. This can be strawberries, apples, raspberries or blueberries. It’s lots of fun!
  • Visit a vineyard to sample some wine for a tasting.
  • Go to a bakery and taste home-made and hand-crafted chocolates and candies.

There are other options you can check out: Top 10 Romantic things to do in Montreal.

Unlike a wedding, there is no professional photographer with you while you’re on your honeymoon. The point isn’t to play it up to show off a luxurious honeymoon to everyone. This is time for an intimate quality time mini-vacation to enjoy married life together. Pick and choose what is right for you, and have a great time!