Find the right ring without spending a fortune!


There are many ways you can cut the costs of an engagement ring without skimping out on the quality. Here are a few suggestions:

  1. Buy it on ebay. It may seem crazy, but choose the Buy It Now option and you can find amazing deals all over the world! Just be sure gold rings are genuine gold and not “gold-filled” and that silver rings are genuine sterling silver and not “silver-filled”.
  2. Walmart. Some rings go up to $5k at the jewelry section at Walmart, so your fiance(e) cannot say (s)he is sure you bought it cheap. They have a great selection most rings are in size 7. So make sure to plan for extra time for size adjustment.
  3. Pawn Shop. Lots of divorced or extremely poor couples pawn off their engagement, wedding or anniversary rings. Take a look at your local shop and see if you can find one that fits and is appropriate!
  4. Family Jewels. Do you still have your great-grandmother’s wedding or engagement ring(s)? This is especially unique as an engagement ring to offer to your significant other.

Frugal and Cheap Proposal Ideas


There are many ways to propose to your loved one without breaking the bank. At the end of the day, you will be just as betrothed as the couple that spent thousands on a fancy proposal. It’s best to save the big bucks for the big day anyways!

The Proposal

  1. Propose on a holiday. This usually provides decorations already set up, you two are already dressed up, which makes it a perfect setting. She will also be very surprised! Bonus if your friends and family are around.
  2. Propose on their birthday. Everyone loves a surprise on their birthday, and this is definitely one of them!
  3. Propose at a meaningful location. Where you had your first kiss? Where you first met? Your first date? Pick a spot!
  4. Propose at a family gathering. She will be glad that her family will be there to witness the event, and she can gush about it without having to repeat over and over again the announcement that she’s engaged!
  5. Propose at a party. Friends will be around, and it will definitely add a reason to celebrate!
  6. Write a song. Are you crafty, creative, poetic? Write a song and sing it to her! Bonus if you can also play an instrument to go along with the song. Propose to her in the song, lead with how much you love her, what she means to you, then pop the question!
  7. Dance it out! Have your friends and family practice a dance routine to a romantic song. When you are ready, get her to a location where you all meet, blast the song and do your routine! Songs that say “Will you marry me” or “marry me” in the song is a bonus. To make it more personal, you can choose a song that holds a special meaning to both of you.

Valentine’s Day Wedding on the cheap


Romance is in the air, stores are filled with merchandise for Valentine’s Day. While Valentine’s Day is known as a day to celebrate romantic love, it may have you thinking….why not get married on that day?

What’s great about Valentine’s Day, is you can find anything and everything themed for that holiday, at just about any store. At our dollar store, they had some very interesting things; chalkboard heart-shaped mugs, chocolate roses, heart-shaped boxes, heart-shaped chocolates, heart-shaped pillows, hangers, decorations, confetti, scented candles, silk rose petals, rose petal scented soap, etc. When you’re planning a wedding, these scores are a dream come true! You can pick red vases, silk flowers and petals, chocolates…anything you want! For an extra discount, wait til the day after Valentine’s Day the year or two before your wedding to buy heavily discounted items.

A great and simple centerpiece idea, is to have a clear hurricane vase filled one-third of the way with water. Fill with pink and red real or silk rose petals, and place a floating candle in the middle. Voila!

As for food, this is a perfect excuse and time to have a candy buffet! Get a round glass candy bowl and hot-glue the bottom to the top of a candle holder. These make great holders for candy at candy buffets. Have your cake and eat it too! Whether it’s red velvet cupcakes with pink, red or white icing (maybe with heart sprinkles), cake with red or pink icing or white with red decorations (silk red ribbon or fresh/silk roses), or cake pops! You can DIY a sign that says “love is sweet, take a treat”.

For drinks, you can go as simple as red fruit punch or berry punch, or go with some red or a mixture of red/white wine. You can also make your own sangria and add fresh strawberries and raspberries, maybe cherries too.

For favors, you can package a few hershey’s kisses in red tulle bags and have a tag that says “hugs and kisses from the Mr and Mrs”.

How to make a Courthouse Wedding special


This month, the stores are already fully stocked with Valentine’s Day goodies. Love is in the air, cupid is shooting arrows, couples are planning and making reservations. For some, this time of year has them planning even more furiously than usual for their wedding parties or ceremony.

I recently found out that my close friend Rose is getting married at the end of this month. I am so excited for her! She has done a spiritual ceremony and is doing a courthouse ceremony next. I have discussed with her, doing my best to help her get organized with the planning, the beginning steps are already covered. Now I was doing a bit of light research with the usual google thing, not expecting to come up with anything special, but…

Here is a great article I stumbled upon my google-searching to find creative ideas for my friend’s upcoming courthouse wedding.

How to feed your wedding guests for cheap

Budgets are easy to break when it comes to wedding reception food.

  1. Browse the food aisle at the dollar store. This is probably one of the best money-saving tips out there. There is plenty of food at the dollar store that you can use for your wedding. There is bread you can use for a sandwich bar, noodles to use for pasta salad, tuna for tuna salad, sauces to make spaghetti, crackers for cocktail-style appetizers, and much more!
  2. Stick to the cheap foods at the grocery store. These include potatoes, salads and pasta. For the potatoes you can have a potato bar by serving mashed potatoes, baked potatoes, whipped potatoes, fries, chips, etc.
  3. Consider a potluck. This would make the food absolutely free! If this makes you uncomfortable, you could always just ask to potluck one aspect of the meal, such as appetizers, soups or desserts. This is more common than you think!

Here are some helpful links to guide you:

For dollar-store shoppers, here is how to dress up the dollar-store food so your guests have no idea that your food came from the dollar store!

  • Bread: Cut little sandwiches cocktail-style with a toothpick through the center. Use whatever you want to make the sandwiches; bacon, turkey, chicken, cold cuts, lettuce, cheese, tomato, etc.
  • Ramen: Heat the noodles without the packet of flavor, since some people might recognize the taste and know where it came from (of course if you’re shameless and don’t mind, throw it in!). Throw in some ingredients that you want, depending on what you’re making. I would suggest this to be used for pasta salad, so you can throw in lots of different types of pasta and cook it up your way! You can have salsa, soy sauce, freshly-cut veggies, whatever you want. If you have no clue what to add in a pasta salad (which I openly admit is my case), google or look up on pinterest some recipes.
  • Candy: A new trend surfacing is a candy bar. Select the candies you want to use for a candy bar at your wedding, and buy it in bulk!
  • Crackers: There is a nice variety of crackers; original, plain, cheese, vegetable, salted, unsalted, whole grain, white, etc. Take the time to choose which types of crackers you want if you want to serve cheese and crackers or crackers with salsa at your wedding for finger foods, snacks or appetizers.
  • Canned Food: You have a variety of canned vegetables, soups and meats at your disposal. What you can do is have a soup bar with the soups of your choice. Another option is to use canned veggies for a type of salad you want to make, like the aforementioned pasta salad. As for meats, you can use tuna for tuna salad or for a sandwich bar, as well as the meat spreads for the dollar store bread.
  • Cookies: Another trending idea is a dessert bar! Check into the dessert section and there is sure to be cookies, sometimes even cakes!

All in all, look at the entire food section and choose what you can make something out of. It helps to already have a list of things you may need for the type of meal, buffet or food bar that you’d like to have at your wedding. Just keep an open mind and a creative heart and you’re sure to pull off a delicious masterpiece for your guests to eat up!

How We Kept Our Wedding Cost Under $500

How this beautiful wife kept her wedding cost under $500! Yes it CAN be done!

Yesterday was Troy and my 6 month anniversary.  In honor of this special day, I wanted to share a post I’ve been meaning to write for some time. So read on to see how we kept our wedding cost under $500!

I know what you’re thinking.  There’s no way a decent wedding could cost under $1000, much less $500.  If it did it must have been “tacky” as my mom would say.  But I hope I can prove you wrong with this post, and maybe help some people out as they plan their wedding.

I cannot tell you how many times I Googled “cheap weddings,” “money saving wedding tips,” etc.  Most of what I found still had a price tag of about $2000-$5000.  I did not want Troy and I to start our union in debt.  I wanted us to have a beautiful day where I did not look around…

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