Save money with chalkboards

There has been a rising trend of using chalkboard at weddings. It’s frugal, it’s fun, it’s different. However, like an old article at The Pottery Barn showed, just 2 pre-made chalkboard plates and frames can cost $99. Why spend money on expensive signs and placement cards when you can be frugal with chalkboards? Make unique signs that are open to change, editing and adding of designs.

60 Cool Chalkboard Wedding Ideas |

Scour your local dollar store. Some small chalkboard items such as stickers, small frames, and more can be found at the cheapest store in town. You can even buy chalk of several colors at the dollar store as well. Select the colors that match your wedding theme.

36Pcs Small Chalk Pen Chalkboard Sticker Labels Chic Kitchen Jar Decor ...

You can even make your own chalkboard items. This can save you even more money, since some chalkboard items are over-priced due to the fact that they are trending. Here’s how you can DIY chalkboard items:

  1. Decide how many items you need. Do you want chalkboard place cards, signs for the food, dessert and gift tables, regular signs indicating where different activities will be going on, signs with nice things written on them, etc. Count everything so you will know how many chalkboard items you will need.
  2. Go to Goodwill, Salvation Army, or the Dollar Store and get the items that you want to turn into a chalkboard. It can be plates, trays, pieces of wood, etc. Be sure to pick up as many items as you need.
  3. Pick up cans of chalkboard spray paint. You can probably get some at your local craft store. While you’re there, get some painter’s tape so you can have clean margins and borders for your paint.
  4. Tape the items along the border that you want to paint. This ensures that you don’t get paint where you don’t want it.
  5. Spray 2 coats of chalkboard spray paint on each item. Be careful to stay within the tape. Let dry for 24 hours.
  6. Mount, place, and arrange your pieces and write on them with chalk as desired.

Not sure what to write on your chalkboards? Here are some lovely examples.

Place cards: Tiny little place cards can make assigned seating that much easier. Chalkboards for table numbers are a cute, unique way to distinguish tables.

120 Framed Chalkboard Place Cards Wedding Favors | eBay

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Set of 48 Chalkboard Place Cards Wedding Signs Table

Chalkboard Place Cards Wedding Signs Table Markers

Directions: It can help out-of-towners know where they can park, where they can use the bathroom, and where the wedding and reception is being held in the venue. These are especially handy at an outdoor wedding.

wedding arrow signs - The Wedding of My DreamsThe Wedding of My Dreams

Chalkboard Wedding Directions - Wedding Ideas Magazine

... to make your own chalk board wonders? Click here for the instructions

with one of these clever chalkboard sign ideas. Chalkboard Wedding ...

Quotes. Sometimes at weddings, there are chalkboard signs with phrases and quotes, even the bridegroom’s wedding story. Here are some examples to inspire you.

wedding chalkboard love poem blackboard | PinPoint

Chalkboard Quotes For Wedding Reception. QuotesGram

Chalkboard Wedding Quotes. QuotesGram

Chalkboard Wedding Quotes. QuotesGram

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Sendoffs. A sign can be placed strategically with items such as bubbles, sparklers, balloons or lanterns. It can indicate the type of send-off planned for the newlyweds and at what time. Here are some of the best examples.

Chalkboard SPARKLERS Sign - DIY, Wedding reception, Vintage Wedding ...

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Chinese Wishing Lantern Send Off Sign 8x10" DIY Wedding Signage Poster ...

Chinese Wishing Lantern Send Off Sign 8x10" DIY Wedding Signage Poster ...


Do you have any money-saving tips on including chalkboards at your wedding ceremony and reception? Comment below!

Have a frugal and tasteful shotgun wedding

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The number of wed couples that are married and have children after the wedding, is still the majority at 59.7%. This number must have helped to stay up there in part thanks to shotgun weddings.

A “shotgun wedding” is a wedding that takes place when two people find out they are expecting. Soon after, they get married. Decades ago, the name “shotgun wedding” was dubbed when the father of the bride may have had to “motivate” the groom to marry his daughter with a shotgun. Whether this is true or not, the name stuck.

Some modern couples still wish to honor the bride and get hitched right away. Some were planning a wedding before they found out they were expecting, and moved the date up. Some get married later into their pregnancy without a problem. Either way, here is how to pull off a frugal shotgun wedding while staying classy.


Courthouse wedding. Get married quick and easy by getting married the same place where you got your marriage license; city hall. Take stunning photos inside the building as well as pictures outside. Look up on Pinterest for some amazing, romantic, and unique ideas for wedding photography in a courthouse.

casamiento wedding church novio novia bride groom pregnant pregnancy ...

Church wedding. Get married the old-fashioned way, a church wedding. If you’re Jewish, go to your local temple. If you are very religious, you can ask that the priest or rabbi absolve you of your premarital sin.

Finnish London Elopement and a Pregnant Bride

Eloping. Run off with your intended and get married in private. There are tons of elopement packages that cost a few grand apiece. Some include a honeymoon, since the venue often has a hotel or bed and breakfast on their property.

An Elopement in San Diego with a 9 Months Pregnant BrideYou May French ...

Outdoor. Go in the great outdoors and celebrate your pregnancy as well as your newly tied knot with all your closest family and friends. Go to a beach, a park, even a backyard and bask in the best days of your life.

... | Pregnant wedding, Pregnant wedding dress and Maternity wedding

Indoor wedding. Whether it’s a family-owned restaurant, an inn, or a hotel, have a great wedding indoors can save you from the anxiety of avoiding the rain. Tables and chairs often come with the price of renting the room or hall.

shotgun wedding

Make some funny photos. Some people like to play on the words “shotgun wedding” and like to bring actual shotguns to the wedding. If you are an avid gun-owner, there is no problem having fun with the fact that you’re pregnant and getting married. Lots of places offer funny wedding toppers and even toy shotguns for those who don’t want the real thing around the kids.

Shotgun wedding

Here are some examples of funny shotgun wedding photos. It’s quirky and downright hilarious. These dads have a great sense of humor! I wonder if the groom was in on it?

Shotgun wedding, via Wikimedia Commons

Shotgun Weddings: something old, something new, something borrowed and ...

Tips On Shotgun Weddings Seattle | Seattle Wedding DJ

shotgun wedding

Shotgun wedding in the Santa Cruz Mountains


Shotgun wedding Louisville Kentucky

24 Super Funny Wedding Photos | SMOSH

Rarely, the term ‘shotgun wedding’ is used for those who vigorously express their love for their second amendment rights. It can be used to describe a wedding just like it can be used in the term “beach wedding”. Here are some shotgun wedding photos for shotgun-enthusiasts.

shotgun wedding funny weddings redneck weddings themed weddings unique ...

shotgun Wedding | wedding ideas | Pinterest


Shotgun wedding. Country wedding | Wedding 2013 | Pinterest | Wedding ...

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Do you have any shotgun wedding ideas? Do you have any photos of your shotgun wedding that you’d like to show us? Share them in the comments below!

Money-saving Mason Jars

Image result for mason jar centerpieces

Mason jars are gaining popularity in weddings. They are appearing in ceremonies, receptions, even wedding parties. They can be useful in many different ways and can save you multiple trips to stores trying to find the perfect vase, container or lights. Just buy in bulk and you have several mason jars for each of your wedding needs.

Do you have a ton of mason jars laying around? Have you found a bunch at a discount or at a yard sale and want to know how you can put them to good use? Here are some ways to save money using mason jars.

Wedding Centerpiece. A simple, easy way to add a little elegance to your reception tables. You can just wrap the mason jar with rope and then fill with water and add blooms. You can also have lace, ribbon or even a chalkboard label on the mason jar to decorate it. You can also dye the jars, or add food coloring to the water. There are endless possibilities!

Image result for mason jar wedding

Drinking glasses. Put one mason jar per person with a tag attached for their name, and put up a sign stating this is their glass for the night. This saves from waste, too many dishes to clean, and littering. A green and eco-friendly option, you can add a little pizzazz by adding a ribbon, or poking a hole through the lid and adding a straw.

Image result for mason jar wedding

Souvenirs. Use a hot glue gun and spell out the words “Bride” and “Groom” on mason jars. You can even make some for your wedding party. Adorn accordingly. You can even drill holes in the caps and stick colorful straws through them.

Image result for mason jar wedding

Aisle runners. Paint your mason jars any color you want, put a few blooms inside and place them along the aisle and voila! You have unique, colorful, and gorgeous aisle runners. You can save extra money by using silk blooms instead of real ones.

Image result for mason jar wedding

Cake topper. A fun, new idea for a cake topper is a pair of mason jars on top of your wedding cake. Fill with the beverage of your choice, and add straws. You can get cute photos of the bride and groom drinking from their respective jars. A good idea is to fill the jars up with lemonade. This symbolizes making lemonade out of lemons, a testament to a couple who has lived a hard life beforehand but now has their happily ever after.

Image result for mason jar wedding

Lights. A bit of water, a floating candle and a mason jar is all you need to make some naturally twinkling lights on your wedding day. You can hang them on the top of a bird cage, place them with a centerpiece, or line them along food tables.

Image result for mason jar wedding

Favors. Hot chocolate, cookie ingredients, brownie ingredients, etc. can be put in a mason jar measured appropriately. Attach a tag with the liquid ingredients necessary and the recipe and voila! You can also include other treats, like tiny mints with the tag saying “Mint to be”, or fill it with popcorn with the phrase “thanks for popping by!”

Image result for mason jar wedding

Candy bar. Use mason jars to hold candy for your candy bar. Line them up on a table and display them for all to see. Provide spoons or ways to scoop out and sample the candies. A candy buffet is great for a couple with a sweet tooth.

Image result for mason jar candy

Crafts. Fill your mason jars with crayons, chalk, markers, etc and have coloring books, crossword puzzles and more at an activity table for the kids.

Image result for mason jar wedding food

Desserts. Some weddings have a “just desserts” reception. These are perfect for mason jar treats. There are mason jar cakes, crisps, pies, brownies, even ice cream.

Image result for mason jar wedding food

Meals. You can offer compact meals and snacks in mason jars. You can attach plastic silverware with a ribbon or rope. For a carnival theme, you can offer popcorn and candy as snacks, and fruit salad for brunch themed weddings. For meals, you can fill up on potato salad, egg salad, tuna salad, soup, spaghetti, macaroni, and more.

Image result for mason jar meals

Do you have any ideas on how to use mason jars in your wedding that aren’t listed? Comment below and share your wisdom.


Frugal Food Truck Wedding

Image result for mexican food truck wedding

Are you unsure of how to save money, but also have good food at your wedding? Are you not too picky about what foods you eat, even at your wedding?  Do you have it in your budget to rent a truck and the owner/cook that comes with it? Here is an idea; hire a food truck!

Image result for food truck wedding

A food truck can be a simple, easy way to take care of the food at your wedding. It’s reassuring instead of worrying about flies going after your outdoor buffet, or paying waiters at your indoor reception or worrying about a potluck wedding food getting cold. The food is cooked on site in the truck, the ingredients are already in there when they arrive on scene, and people can order what they want and have it made fresh and on-the-go!

Image result for food truck wedding

Food trucks most often compliment these wedding themes:

Carnival theme. Serve up cotton candy and popcorn as well as fast food and you’re all set! If you can’t afford a food truck, you can always use a food truck or use a food stand.

Image result for carnival food truck wedding

Hippie theme. Along with chalkboards and mason jars, a food truck makes a great accent to the wedding.

Image result for mexican food truck wedding

Mexican theme. Hire a Mexican food truck to have all the spicy food you can handle! Great for states that are close to the Mexican border, also for Mexican weddings, South American weddings and weddings in Spain.

Image result for mexican food truck wedding

Image result for mexican food truck wedding

Picnic theme. Spread out blankets on the grassy earth and eat up your food truck goodies close to nature.

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Pastel Vintage. Vintage weddings as well as pastel themes can go very well with food trucks. Food trucks are a fun, easy way to keep all the food sheltered and in the same place.

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Rustic Chic. It can add a fun twist to an old-fashioned wedding. Food trucks can even have some gourmet meals and appetizers served up to your guests!

Image result for mexican food truck wedding

Italian theme. You can even hire a food truck that specializes in Italian food such as pizza and pasta! The options are endless!

Image result for mexican food truck wedding

The steps to having a successful wedding with a food truck in it:

  1. Decide your wedding theme. Are you having a carnival theme? Green wedding? Vintage style? Make sure you know your theme if you want to have one.
  2. Look up local food trucks in your area. Check the prices, the types of food offered, even the color of the truck if you want it to go with your wedding decor.
  3. Make sure wherever you’re having your wedding accepts food trucks on their property. Most venues will discourage it or have you pay a fee for bringing your own food if they offer their own food. Public parks should be checked when you get your license, as some don’t even allow tents to be erected or barbecues, so this may apply to food trucks as well. This is why food trucks often go best if it’s on a friend, your, or a family member’s private property.
  4. Sample some food from your final food truck choices. Get some meals and see how you like them.
  5. Choose the cheapest you can while sticking to the type of food that you want. Talk to the vendor, book them on your wedding date, and make sure the cook and servers will be there as well.
  6. Make a meal plan with the food truck so they will know what the guests will eat, and how many will be there. Decide if you are paying for every one’s meals or if the guests will pay individually for their own food.
  7. Have a fantastic wedding with little worries on the food!

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Have you had a food truck at your wedding? Do you have any advice to offer engaged couples and brides-to-be? Share your comment below!

Wedding Planning Advice from Real Brides

Are you about to plan your wedding and have no clue where to start? Wedding planners can be incredibly expensive. Although it may alleviate the stress of planning your wedding, the stress of having added prices to your budget may not. Lots of brides wonder, where do I begin?

Image result for mason jar food truck wedding

Do you want stress-free wedding planning? Do you want your wedding to be simple? Do you have a very low budget? Here is some advice from real married people.

Katie Wilson says:

Location: my backyard
Guest count: 20
Invites: just told them over the phone
Officiant: non-denominational. We did our own vows
Food and cake: made reservations at a nice restaurant less than a mile away that had a special menu for us.
Dress: $250 designer dress on the sale rack.
Bridesmaids dresses: just wear any nice navy blue dress you already have.
Bouquet: made a gorgeous broach one myself
Ritzy? No
Was it worth it to not have wedding debt? Fuck yeah

Kelsey Lindblad wrote:

Went to a Lawyers office, had just the parents, their spouses, and siblings. Total headcount including My husband and me? 9 people. Got a tour of the building which ended up being haunted and made for a great story. We went to a Brazilian steakhouse for a parade of meat, everyone was happy and had a great time. Total cost $850 ($700 was just the food). No debt required, no fancy dress, no drama, no real stress. It was absolutely worth it to just do it our way instead of all the stress of trying to put together a whole wedding.

Jeanette Fields-Watkins states:

Friends from church had our wedding in their penthouse apartment, 72nd & Central Park West. Beautiful Sunday in Deecember, temp in the 50s. All we brought was the cake, flowers and our clothes. They even provided the photographer. There were 20-25 people there, small intimate affair. I loved my wedding, but my marriage has been even better. Only suggestion is that you both read Before I Say I Do. Good workbook, especially if you don’t do premarital counseling.

Natasha Tafta advises:

We just went to the courthouse, applied for the marriage license, then booked an appointment at city hall. We got married in our street clothes and got a matching ring set for about $200 at Walmart. You will be just as married as the couple that spent tens of thousands of dollars on their wedding. We have no regrets!

Image may contain: 2 peopleMr. Lloyd Spencer and Mrs. Samantha Spencer at their wedding!

Samantha Spencer says:

I got a thrifty wedding dress and he wore the suit he had worn to his prom. We got married with a Justice of the Peace on St Patrick’s Day at City Hall. My best friend does aesthetics and did my make up and my mom did my hair. We got rings and a hotel room afterwards where we had a party with close family and friends. Didn’t take long to plan and was very stress-free.

Image result for chalkboard mason jar food truck wedding

Do you have any advice you’d like to share? Comment below!


Most popular wedding themes

The popularity of certain wedding themes has been rising. Different colors, themes, and decorations have been increasing in popularity.

Image result for green garden wedding theme

Rustic and Vintage wedding themes have been trending, especially in 2016. The old-style theme inspires use of the dusty old antiques you’ve been hiding in the attic for years.

Image result for vintage rustic wedding theme

Garden and greenery weddings have been the top picks for the past few years. Eco-friendly, they favor recyclable items, biological favors and lots of greenery.

Image result for green garden wedding theme

Pastel wedding themes have also been increasingly common, especially around the easter holiday. Summer also brings out beautiful blooms, so this theme is also popular during the warmer days.

Image result for pastel wedding theme

Which wedding themes have you seen rise in popularity lately? What was your wedding theme? Comment below!

How to do a cheap last-minute wedding

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Not everyone can plan a large wedding and take years to pull it all off. Some couples have a change in circumstances that makes for a rapid wedding. Whether a family member got sick, the bride or groom is terminal, or the venue cancelled last minute; you need to know how to pull everything together last-minute. This is true even if you have a week or less to get married. But can you pull it off without having to spend an arm and a leg? It’s possible, and here’s how.

Image result for last minute wedding

Go to church. Are you a church-goer? Are you baptized? Simply ask your local preacher, pastor or priest if they are available for a quick ceremony. They often charge a fee of about $100 for officiating, and you get beautiful wedding photos inside a church.

Image result for cheap church wedding

Ask a friend. Can’t find an officiant last minute? Ask your friend to become one. They can easily get ordained online free of charge. Ideally this will be done at least a few days before the wedding so the friend can register with the clergy and ask overnight shipping of credentials.

Image result for become ordained

Grocery store. Want a reception afterwards? Even if it’s very small, you can get cupcakes, a cake, and ready-to-serve dishes. You can buy a cooked chicken and fresh veggies, fresh fruit, even pre-packaged veggies and dip.

Image result for sheet wedding cake

Potluck. Invite your friends and ask them to bring their favorite food or beverage. This way everyone is sure to have food to eat.

Backyard. No venue? No problem! Have the wedding in your backyard, front yard, or even a friend’s land. It’s no muss, no fuss, simple and easy.

Image result for cheap backyard wedding

Garments. Everyone has been to at least one formal affair in their life, even if it’s just the prom at high school. Bust out formal wear and wear that to your wedding. You can also ask your mother for her wedding gown if you wish to wear it.

Image result for last minute wedding

Rings. Go to a jeweler or a pawn shop and buy rings that fit. Or you can buy rings later, some weddings don’t even have the couple exchange rings or wear rings at all.

Photographer. See if local professional photographers are available for your wedding day. Contact every single one and you’re more likely to have at least once positive response. If not, you can have family or friends take photos if there is no other option.

Image result for last minute wedding

Flowers. You can make a bouquet out of silk flowers at the dollar store, wild flowers in a field close by, or grab your favorite blooms at a florist. The choice is yours!

Music. The quickest, easiest and cheapest way to have the music you want is just to bring your iPod and possibly speakers, make a playlist and put it on repeat.