Real Weddings

Robert & Kasondra
Boise, ID, USA


Rob and Kat had a church wedding with a short reception. Kat saved money by getting her wedding gown at a thrift shop. She ordered the cake topper and the ring-bearing pillow, which her mother carried down the aisle with the rings on it. A friend rented them a limo for after the wedding, and they had a non-layered sheet cake made for their wedding cake. Family and friends took the wedding photos. The couple stopped by the Botanical Gardens to take some wedding photos as newlyweds.

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The couple got the basics, but what they considered the essentials for their wedding. Short on cash, they had to choose what mattered most to them. Kat decided that she had to have a dress, rings, and a cake topper to make the wedding cake look like a wedding cake. The license was needed for the legality of the marriage, and the ring pillow was just a little extra element for the ceremony. Kat also got a garter, which Rob wore on his arm after the ceremony. Rob wore a suit and tie for the occasion and a boutonniere.

Here are some of their wedding photos. Congratulations to the happy couple!

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 Trina & John


Trina and John only had a few hundred dollars to spend on their wedding. This was their second marriage, so they didn’t want a big wedding anyways. Both Christians, they wanted a priest to marry them. They hired a priest, and John wore a dress shirt he already owned, trousers and dress shoes. Trina wore a sky-blue ensemble similar to a pantsuit to their wedding. Instead of exchanging rings, the couple later had the design they wanted tattooed onto their ring fingers. The couple then shared some intimate moments together before Trina had to leave for work. Their total came in below $300. This couple knew that the essentials were the marriage license, an officiant and a location; anything, and they mean anything else was extra. It’s good to have your priorities in order while keeping in mind this simple fact.

Joel & Amanda


Discharged army sargeant Joel met his soulmate, Amanda. When he popped the question, she couldn’t help but say yes! When the pregnancy test came up positive, they both knew that their financial priority would be their future child. So they came up with a strict budget of $500. They knew they had a limited amount of time until Amanda started showing. Amanda wanted to look her best at her wedding! Amanda went shopping with her mother and sisters, and found summer dresses on sale that she got her bridesmaids, and a knee-length black one for herself along with sterling silver wedding bands. Joel used his high school graduate prom suit and donned a boutonnaire as well. Amanda chose no bouquet or veil, and they got married at their local courthouse. It was a very intimate, romantic wedding. The judge married them and signed the marriage license and certificate, and friends took pictures. Everyone was emotional and embraced one another. Amanda proudly used Joel’s last name socially, and they had a beautiful baby girl.

Chris & Katie


Chris and Katie had known each other for years before they got together. They decided to tie the knot when Katie was 14 weeks pregnant. Chris and Katie had discussed this beforehand, and agreed that they would rather spend thousands of dollars on a new car or a big trip, than on a big wedding. So under a beautiful flower-decked wedding arch at their local courthouse, these two were united in holy matrimony, with Chris’s son as the ring bearer. Chris and Katie later went to the docks and had some Lobster dinner for their honeymoon. Why pay for a whole bunch of other people to eat when it’s you two getting married? It makes no sense! It’s like throwing your own surprise birthday party. So here, Chris and Kate spent their day together as a married couple while only paying to feed, transport, lodge and clothe themselves. It makes sense!


Jean & Joyce


Back when weddings were less expensive, it was easier to budget. Joyce loves to get a bargain and shop for less, and she wasn’t going to make an exception for her wedding day! Joyce found her wedding dress on sale off the rack at the salvation army for $25. She also had her wedding in between lunch and dinner and served finger foods buffet-style and had a home-made sheet cake. Her wedding was $2.50 per person! She got married to Jean in her local church and had the reception in the church basement. A friend of the family took her photos free of charge. Jean wore his air force uniform at his wedding, so that was also no extra cost. They had their honeymoon in Montreal, to which they drove, and enjoyed married life.

Elizabeth & Anthony


Elizabeth and Anthony decided to tie the knot shortly after their 2nd child was born. Short on cash, Anthony suggested a courthouse wedding. Elizabeth had always dreamed of a beautiful, large wedding filled with friends and family. To compromise, Anthony suggested that they get married at the courthouse now, and have a big reception later, when they could afford it. After taking some time to think about it, Elizabeth agreed. They went to the courthouse in their street clothes to get their marriage license, and once they had it, they informed their close friends and family of the wedding date. When the day finally came, Elizabeth had friends help her do her makeup and hair. She had her father walk her over to her fiance, just like a traditional wedding. They held hands and looked in each other’s eyes as they exchanged vows. Their boys each had one of their parents’ rings with them, and handed them over when told. When it was time to kiss, the room echoed with applause and cheers. They were married! As they walked out of the courthouse, friends snapped photos and threw rice on them. They headed home in their vehicle and cuddled as a loving family.

Erin & Kody


Erin and Kody were common-law married for over a year now. After the birth of their daughter, Erin decided to get into shape. They both wanted to get married soon before trying for another baby. Erin and Cody decided to get married at the courthouse! They had their wedding cake made at Walmart and cut it at their grandmother’s house after they were married. Their 2nd child was conceived on their wedding night, and today they have two beautiful baby girls.

Shannon & Allen

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Shannnon and Allen were common-law married for over a year now. They both wanted to get married soon before trying for a  baby. Shannon’s mother lived in the country with a nice large yard, so they asked her if they could get married there. She of course agreed. Allen’s mother insisted on helping, and gave them the name of a good priest they could use. The couple sent out email invitations specifying to bring their own chair and in lieu of a gift, to bring their favorite dish or beverage to share with everyone. Shannon’s sister is a professional baker, and insisted on making their buttercream wedding cake. Allen helped the relatives set up the backyard before the ceremony. Under the hot Texas sun and the warm summer breeze, the couple kissed to seal their vows of holy matrimony. Allen’s brother immediately began to play the guitar as rose petals were showered upon them, and the guests proceeded to the cake table. Photos were snapped, food was eaten, laughter was had, and memories were created.

Janai & Zachary


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Janai and Zachary had been together for a year when they found out that they were expecting. Not wanting to waste any time, Zachary proposed to Janai! The pair then got married soon after at the courthouse. The same day they went and got an ultrasound and saw their baby boy for the first time. They have since had their child, Zachary Jr.


Matthew & Melinda 

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Matt and Mel had been together for 8 years before they finally tied the knot. They had a beautiful courthouse wedding at the Canyon County Courthouse in Idaho. Both lived together and had a son together. Melinda wore a gorgeous white gown and had her hair tied back with a purple blossom. Matthew wore a black dress shirt and proudly sported car grease on his forehead as they signed their marriage license paperwork. Later, they married in the courthouse before a justice of the peace with two of their closest friends as witnesses. When they were pronounced husband and wife, they couldn’t stop hugging and kissing! They have been married well over a year now and are very happy.

I would like to feature real weddings on this blog. Please contact me if you would be interested in participating!



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