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Have a Green Earth Day Wedding

Are you all about being green? Are you very eco-friendly? Do you recycle and compost regularly? Then why not have your wedding on Earth Day?

Use recycled items. This is a bit if a no-brainer. Do you have someone in your entourage that got married recently? Ask to borrow or buy their leftover decor and more. This way you save the items from getting in the trash and you save yourself lots of time and effort looking for similar things in stores.

Throw birdseed instead of rice. Rice is incredibly bad for birds, who will eat it unknowingly. Throw bird seed instead of rice and let the birds feast!

Offer plants or seeds as favors. This encourages planting, the nurturing of plant life as well as helping the environment. Plants filter out the toxins in the air and purifies oxygen. You are helping your loved ones breathe better by offering them their very own plant!

Save on paper and save trees by forgoing menus, invitations, thank you cards, save the dates and table name tags and numbers. Create a wedding website, do email invites, or even just by phone. You will save tons of paper and in turn, save plenty of trees! Tell guests that they can sit wherever since they are all family now!

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Donate leftover food to local soup kitchens, homeless shelters and food banks. The homeless and less fortunate will be able to eat quality food thanks to you! What a way to celebrate love; by giving it back to the community!

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Donate leftover items to second-hand stores, or sell hem to make your money back. Either way, you give your items a second life and encourage reusing. This minimizes waste and filling the dumpsters and landfills.

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If you use real blooms, use the bouquets as the centerpieces for the reception. Less flowers will be cut and uprooted in the process and you save tons of money!

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Frugal Mother’s Day Wedding

Mother’s Day can be a great time to drink and be married. If you are a mother, it will give you even more reason to celebrate. Here is how to save big on a mother’s day wedding.

Honor the mother of the bride. Put her in the spotlight, toast to her, have a mother-child dance and more. It’s important to have moments for mothers in your wedding, since they may have given up family plans to be here.

Skip the invitations on paper and go for email invites. You can also create an event on facebook or a wedding website to keep your guests in the loop.

Go without a rehearsal dinner and easily save hundreds of dollars. There will often times be a big dinner at your wedding anyways.

Opt without a bridal shower and shave off another few hundred dollars. Gifts will be given at the wedding anyways so why have a shower beforehand? You don’t want to seem like a gift-hog.

Subtract the bachelor and bachelorette parties and add another several hundred dollars to the savings! Often they involve strippers, who aren’t cheap. If you must have one, chill with the guys with chips and video games or stay-at-home movie night with popcorn and the girls.

Who needs a wedding party? Allow all of your guests to sit down during the ceremony as you stand and exchange vows. You save on dresses, suits, and a lot of time.

Skip the fancy ceremony venue and tie the knot at the courthouse. You can have a chosen few witness your wedding and save hundreds on getting married. Many young couples are going this route to save money, because it’s smart.

Have a friend get ordained and marry you so you save even more money! They can do so with the Universal Life Church online or get temporarily ordained by the clergy. Be sure to do your research on how and if any prerequisites are required.

Reception and ceremony should be in the same venue to avoid travel costs and fees. Your guests will appreciate the accommodating gesture.

Save on decor by scouting stores the year before your wedding before and after mother’s day. There will be hundreds of available items for decoration in all kinds of stores.

Browse discount stores first to save the most money. Dollar stores, second-hand stores and heavily discounted stores cost much less than your local mall. You will save thousands of dollars!

Labor day wedding

Everyone loves labor day. You get a three day weekend to relax and enjoy. Why not take advantage of the long weekend and get married?

Have a long engagement. A year to two years minimum is ideal, and allows you to book and gather everything ahead of time. Booking our venue at least a year in advance will save you lots of money and allow you to save up during a longer period of time.

Take advantage of labor day sales and use them to buy materials needed for your wedding. You will save hundreds! Get decorations, clothes, even centerpieces for a reduced price.

Browse google for templates for your invitations, save the dates and thank you cards. You can copy-paste on a powerpoint document and edit it to your own date, time and name. You an also pick up fancy letter paper at your local post office, Staples or second hand store.

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Let your guests help with anything and everything. Everyone can be in charge of something i your special day, you have to enjoy it. If materials cost well over the price of buying something, go out and buy it.

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Shop for used dresses or regular white dresses to save thousands of dollars. Second-hand stores have wedding gowns that are gorgeous!

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Go to your grocery store and get flowers, food and even your wedding cake! Get a few round white cakes and stack them on a tiered cake stand. Everything will be much cheaper there.

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Go to large sale events to save you even more money if you find what you’re looking for. Sales will often be advertised in the newspaper, online or on fliers.

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Knock off even more bucks like having someone pick things up to save on delivery fees. Wash your own hair before your stylist does your hair, and much more!

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Know what you don’t need to avoid over-spending. Have a list of must-haves and stick to it. Otherwise, you may buy out the entire bridal section!

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Cost-effective Independence Day Wedding

Love the 4th if July? Want to have the town’s fireworks light up the sky on your wedding day? Why not get married on your country’s independence day? This is especially a good idea for military couples who fight for our freedom every day. Here is how to get more bang for your buck.

Have your own playlist ready for your wedding day. Hook up your iPod ir computer to some speakers and place your playlist on repeat and shuffle. Make sure you have PLENTY of songs on your playlist since receptions often go on for hours. This will be comepletely free!

Have a friend get ordained to marry you for free. Be sure to check your country and state marriage laws to ensure the legality of your wedding. It also adds a personal touch to a uniform ceremony!

Make your own photobooth by mounting drapes, curtains or large cardboard or paper frames to mimic a polaroid on the wall. Instead of buying a photobooth kit, make your own. Get brochette sticks from the dollar store and glue on paper crafts. Make a paper mustache, lips, word bubble and more. Get funny hats, fake oversized sunglasses and more at the dollar store.

Non-wedding vendors such as ebay, amazon, wish and more drops prices a lot lower for the same items that you want. Get what you need and make sure it arrives in a timely manner.

Check out liw-price stores such as dollar stores, salvation army and goodwill for cheap decorations, clothes and more! The independence day items are brought out the sooner it gets to the 4th of July. The year before your wedding, grab all that you need and save thousands of dollars!

Pick up some fireworks if you know someone who can operate them without setting the venue ablaze. Enjoy he full effect of the 4th of July with fireworks for a big bang after the reception! They can be bought cheaply at corner stores.

Have a barbecue for he reception food. It goes great with the theme and is cheap to make. You can have hotdogs and hamburgers, or just cook beef, fish, chicken; whatever you want! You can even et away with paper plates from the dollar store since it’s often a semi-formal or casual theme.

Rent a food truck for a carnival-esque theme to match your 4th of July wedding. Depending on the activities available in your city on that day, it can match up perfectly with the festivities.

Have more money-saving tips for an independence day wedding? Share them by commenting below.

Day of the dead frugal wedding

Dio de los muertos is very popular along the latino culture. Latin-American countries also celebrate this beautiful traditional holiday. Do you have latino roots and want to incorporate your favorite holiday into your wedding? Do you want your ancestors there for your wedding? Do you want to get married on the Day of the Dead? Here is how to pull off a Dio de Los Muertos wedding for less!

Go to heavily spanish areas in your city, state, or towns around the season. Often there will be items on sale for the upcoming holidays. You will also most likely be purchasing hand-made items instead of factory buys. These items will be beautiful, artsy and having cultural value and meaning.

Look on classfield websites to see if anyone is selling their Day of the Dead items. Some may even have had a Day of the Dead wedding and be selling wedding items at a fraction of the cost!

Sell everythung you don’t need afterwards to rack up even more savings. You can make some money back after lightly using the items.

Save all of your dio de los uertos things from the year before to save even more money. You can even ask guests if they have anything left over, and if you can borrow it. You an get all of your wedding decor for free!

Get married at a parade and march your way to marriage! The wedding party can march after you or you can make it an intimate affair and just tie he knot with your officiant and 2 witnesses.

Hire a makeup artist student to get a heavily discounted price on dio de los muertos makeup. Find someone with experience to be sure they can do the job.

DIY wedding flowers with crepe paper, tissue paper or paper mâché. You can find various instructions online and video tutorials on youtube. Have the flower paper match your wedding colors so they blend in nicely! You will save at least hundreds on your wedding day.

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Budget-friendly halloween wedding

Have you always wanted to get married on halloween? Do you want a friday the 13th wedding in the cold of october? Did you want to get married in a graveyard, by the headstone of your loved one? Here’s how to save while throwing your own halloween wedding!

Browse discount stores for decor around halloween season the year before your wedding. Be sure to go as soon as the season starts up to be sure you have the widest variety in selection.

Check out dollar stores for cheap decorations, candy, even costumes! Throw a “halloween party” themed reception and get everything you need right at your local dollar store.

DIY with simple items such as white cloth to make ghosts, black cloth to make bats, and plastic gloves for creepy hands, and more! Browse pinterest for ideas and instructions on how to DIY your halloween wedding.

Forget tradition if you aren’t the traditional type. Many goth, punk and rocker couples marry on halloween. You can get away with anything. Go with a medieval theme, a black wedding dress, show off your tattoos, marry in a costume, put on zombie makeup, have a moshpit on the dance floor, and more!

Masked ball theme is a fantastic way to invite intrigue to your wedding day. Everyone dreams of attending a masked ball, so why not dress up your wedding party in peacock colors and have a ball?

Use in-season decorations such as pumpkins, squash, and autumn flowers. They will cost much less than plants that only grow in the summer!

Got more halloween wedding ideas you would like to share? Comment below!