Valentine’s Day Wedding on the cheap


Romance is in the air, stores are filled with merchandise for Valentine’s Day. While Valentine’s Day is known as a day to celebrate romantic love, it may have you thinking….why not get married on that day?

What’s great about Valentine’s Day, is you can find anything and everything themed for that holiday, at just about any store. At our dollar store, they had some very interesting things; chalkboard heart-shaped mugs, chocolate roses, heart-shaped boxes, heart-shaped chocolates, heart-shaped pillows, hangers, decorations, confetti, scented candles, silk rose petals, rose petal scented soap, etc. When you’re planning a wedding, these scores are a dream come true! You can pick red vases, silk flowers and petals, chocolates…anything you want! For an extra discount, wait til the day after Valentine’s Day the year or two before your wedding to buy heavily discounted items.

A great and simple centerpiece idea, is to have a clear hurricane vase filled one-third of the way with water. Fill with pink and red real or silk rose petals, and place a floating candle in the middle. Voila!

As for food, this is a perfect excuse and time to have a candy buffet! Get a round glass candy bowl and hot-glue the bottom to the top of a candle holder. These make great holders for candy at candy buffets. Have your cake and eat it too! Whether it’s red velvet cupcakes with pink, red or white icing (maybe with heart sprinkles), cake with red or pink icing or white with red decorations (silk red ribbon or fresh/silk roses), or cake pops! You can DIY a sign that says “love is sweet, take a treat”.

For drinks, you can go as simple as red fruit punch or berry punch, or go with some red or a mixture of red/white wine. You can also make your own sangria and add fresh strawberries and raspberries, maybe cherries too.

For favors, you can package a few hershey’s kisses in red tulle bags and have a tag that says “hugs and kisses from the Mr and Mrs”.


How to make a Courthouse Wedding special


This month, the stores are already fully stocked with Valentine’s Day goodies. Love is in the air, cupid is shooting arrows, couples are planning and making reservations. For some, this time of year has them planning even more furiously than usual for their wedding parties or ceremony.

I recently found out that my close friend Rose is getting married at the end of this month. I am so excited for her! She has done a spiritual ceremony and is doing a courthouse ceremony next. I have discussed with her, doing my best to help her get organized with the planning, the beginning steps are already covered. Now I was doing a bit of light research with the usual google thing, not expecting to come up with anything special, but…

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Here is a great article I stumbled upon my google-searching to find creative ideas for my friend’s upcoming courthouse wedding.

Don’t skimp on photography. In fact, since you saved a bunch on your wedding by going to city hall, you can spend the bulk of your budget on photography if you’re not having a reception afterwards or a costly honeymoon. Browse photography sites like Pinterest, Instagram and Flickr for ideas you want to share with your photographer.

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Another option for photography is to adopt a wedding hashtag and have your guests download an app where they can all take pictures from their phones and upload it to the app. This way you will have lots of photos from different angles to add to your collection!

Simple step-by-step cheat sheets to help you take better photos in the real world. Find out the best camera settings for portraits, food, landscapes, nature and more!:

Music. Whether you hire a musician or mariachi band for your reception (whether it’s for hundreds or just the two of you), or assemble a playlist to rock on the way to the ceremony, choose the music you’d like to jam to before and/or after your ceremony.

Chic City Hall Elopement First Look // Photography ~ Lara Lam:

Hitch a ride. Browse Uber and order a luxury ride, or rent a show car, even order a limo drive to the courthouse to your wedding. It’s usually not ridiculously expensive if you don’t live far, and gives great selfie oppurtunities. If it’s in warmer weather, you can also order a horse-drawn carriage, or in colder weather you can go for a horse-drawn sleigh. You can always go on a hay ride, a motorcycle, mustang, or even a camping RV that you will later drive to your camping destination honeymoon. Get creative!

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Invitations. If you would like to splurge, feel free to print out invitations for those few guests that will be attending your wedding, and more for those headed to the reception if you’re having one. These make for unique keepsakes of the special day.

post wedding reception invitations_7:

Bouquets. Feel free to get in-season flowers at your local florist for a fraction of the price for your bridesmaids and groomsmen, and of course the bridal bouquet. Then, recycle by bringing the blooms to your reception area and using them as centerpieces!

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Reception. It isn’t required, but a small reception afterwards can really tie a pretty ribbon around the entire day and make it feel like any $10k wedding. Host a party at your house, backyard, friend’s place or yard, family member’s place or yard, or even a very inexpensive venue such as a public park, a school auditorium or a nice vineyard. Since the party will probably be small, you can splurge on wine, cheese, grapes and a small wedding cake.

Wedding Graduate: Mayi & Jon And The San Francisco City Hall Wedding « A Practical Wedding: Ideas for Unique, DIY, and Budget Wedding Planning:

Honeymoon. A small romantic getaway is ideal after the hustle and bustle of the wedding, even one as quiet and intimate as a city hall wedding. Did you have a reception afterwards? Either way, you must be craving to have that alone-time with your honey and bond, relax, and enjoy married life.

You can simply go out and enjoy a good dinner after the wedding (or brunch, depending on the time of day). A stay-cation is also a more popular option, where newly weds stay at a nearby hotel, bed and breakfast, motel or inn. You can go out and paint the town red. Maybe you got married specifically riiight before a local event happened that same day? Go to an art show, outdoor concert, wine-tasting, whatever your heart desires. We live in modern times now, and you shouldn’t feel dragged down by the chains of tradition. Don’t be afraid to do things your way.

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I hope these steps help make your city hall wedding dreamier, and more satisfying for the both of you! No wedding should feel incomplete. Keep in mind however; that you will be just as married as the couple who spent $30k on their wedding. Only, you will have more in your pockets afterwards!

Do you have any ideas that you would like to share? Do you have helpful links, tips, tricks and advice? Comment below!