Steps required to get married

So you want to get married? Congratulations! Now, how do you start? What are the first steps? Here are the requirements to be married legally.

Be at least 18 years old or be the minimum required age with parental consent from both parents of both children.

Do your research. How much will the marriage licence cost? Where do you need to go to apply for it? What is the delay between the application and the response? When would you recieve the marriage licence? How long is your marriage licence valid for?

Order your birth certificates and proof of no marriage. Have the required funds to order them. If this is your second wedding, provide your divorce certificate or decree of divorce. If you are widowed, bring your wedding certificate as well as your late spouse’s death certificate. If you are annulled, bring your proof of annullment. This is to prove that your marriage would not be commiting bigamy. Have these documents ready before going to the courthouse.

You will need to both take your photo ID cards, preferrably driver’s license since it doubles as proof of residence. You will both need to go to your county of residence’s courthouse or city hall with your IDs and the fees for a marriage licence. Be sure to know your social security number by heart or to have your social security card with you.

Ask for a marriage licence application and both fill out the forms honestly. Submit the forms together. Depending on your state or country, you can obtain your marriage licence in a few hours or a few months.

Be sure to check the mail or p.o. box often so you are sure to recieve your marriage licence. Check the expiration date so you know by which date you have to marry. Will it expire before your wedding date? Either move the wedding date up sooner, get married legally before and just have a reception after, or just get a new marriage licence after the expiration date.

Find someone to marry you. Check their credentials to make sure that they’re allowed to preform legal marriage ceremonies in your state or country. To be sure they can, you can always get a judge or a justice of the peace, or a practicing religious minister to marry you. Check how much their fee is, and have the money ready to pay them in advance to reserve them for your wedding day.

Choose two witnesses that are willing to be present during the ceremony and sign as witnesses. Usually they re the maid of honor and the best man, but they can be any gender. Make sure they will be available on your wedding day. You need hese two witnesses to get married. If you are eloping, make sure the wo witnesses are included in the package.

Vows can be either written by you or provided by the person marrying you in a standard ceremony. If you are a non-romantic couple and are unreligious, you can simply state that you agree to take each other as spouses. This is the whole point of the ceremony, to allow surity that the couple indeed wishes to be wed, that no one was threatened, bribed or inebriated; and that no one has justifiable objections to the union. If you think anyone will object, it’s best to elope so no one will know where to go to stop you.

After the ceremony and vows, sign the marriage licence and certificate. Have the person who married you sign the papers as well as the two witnesses. Don’t forget to date the papers as well.

Turn in the signed licence and certificate to be officially declared as married. If possible, bring the person that married you and have them bring their birth certificate, driver’s licence and credentials. You can also bring your two witnesses with their birth certificates and driver’s licences to prove that no fraud was committed and everyone consents.

Literally everything else is optional! Congratulations, you’re married! Unable to afford a lavish wedding of your dreams? Relax, you are just as married as the couple who spent $50k on their wedding. Your wedding is just as meaningful and you sign the same papers.

In the case of marriage of immigrants, such as a natural born citizen and a tourist, you will need to take photos of your wedding and honeymoon. If the tourist wants to immigrate into the citizen’s country, an immigration lawyer will want lots of pictures to prove the authenticity of your marriage and relationship.

Does your state or country require something else? Comment below!


Frugal Mother’s Day Wedding

Mother’s Day can be a great time to drink and be married. If you are a mother, it will give you even more reason to celebrate. Here is how to save big on a mother’s day wedding.

Honor the mother of the bride. Put her in the spotlight, toast to her, have a mother-child dance and more. It’s important to have moments for mothers in your wedding, since they may have given up family plans to be here.

Skip the invitations on paper and go for email invites. You can also create an event on facebook or a wedding website to keep your guests in the loop.

Go without a rehearsal dinner and easily save hundreds of dollars. There will often times be a big dinner at your wedding anyways.

Opt without a bridal shower and shave off another few hundred dollars. Gifts will be given at the wedding anyways so why have a shower beforehand? You don’t want to seem like a gift-hog.

Subtract the bachelor and bachelorette parties and add another several hundred dollars to the savings! Often they involve strippers, who aren’t cheap. If you must have one, chill with the guys with chips and video games or stay-at-home movie night with popcorn and the girls.

Who needs a wedding party? Allow all of your guests to sit down during the ceremony as you stand and exchange vows. You save on dresses, suits, and a lot of time.

Skip the fancy ceremony venue and tie the knot at the courthouse. You can have a chosen few witness your wedding and save hundreds on getting married. Many young couples are going this route to save money, because it’s smart.

Have a friend get ordained and marry you so you save even more money! They can do so with the Universal Life Church online or get temporarily ordained by the clergy. Be sure to do your research on how and if any prerequisites are required.

Reception and ceremony should be in the same venue to avoid travel costs and fees. Your guests will appreciate the accommodating gesture.

Save on decor by scouting stores the year before your wedding before and after mother’s day. There will be hundreds of available items for decoration in all kinds of stores.

Browse discount stores first to save the most money. Dollar stores, second-hand stores and heavily discounted stores cost much less than your local mall. You will save thousands of dollars!

Wedding etiquette musts

With tons of brides and grooms opting for non-traditional weddings, etiquette has all but been thrown out the window. However, no matter the wedding, there are a few MUSTS that should never go out of style.

Don’t expect her father, or family, to pay for the wedding. There are strict rules that adher to her father paying for the wedding: no sex before marriage, all courtships and dates supervised by her family, no being alone before the wedding, asking for her hand in marriage before proposing, and only kissing if her parents approve. The vast majority of couples don’t do this anymore, so if you haven’t followed each and every one of these steps, her father is not expected to pay for the wedding and neither is her family, no matter how rich they are. This is a nice way to start working together as a couple, since you will surely tackle hefty financial tasks in the future (like buying a new car or a house). This is a great place to start! Besides, you two aren’t children anymore. It’s time you paid for your own things.

Pay attention to what kind of ring she wants. Keep seeing her marvel at princess-cut diamond rings at every jeweler you pass? Don’t get her an oval-shaped pearl. Listen to her hints and when in doubt, ask her best friends and closest family. This goes the same for the groom; if he mentions he prefers a skinny band compared to a thick one, please keep that in mind when shopping for his wedding ring.

Serve your guests something, even if it’s just cake and/or punch. People come to weddings expecting food, and it’s nice to have your first meal together as husband and wife (or wife/wife and husband/husband) with your family and close friends. If you can’t afford to provide this, have a potluck wedding!

Invite close family members and friends to the ceremony and reception. When I was first looking into weddings I was shocked that people would find it insulting to be invited to the ceremony but not the reception. Isn’t the ceremony the whole point? Anyways, in keeping with the etiquette already in place, it’s important to invite the same people from the ceremony to the reception. You can invite more people to the reception only as well. Just make sure that if you are inviting your grandmother to the ceremony, that you invite her to the reception too. If you can’t afford this, then invite less people to your ceremony.

Invite everyone at least six months before the wedding. People need to plan accordingly, pick out a dress and/or tux, let their place of work know ahead of time, schedule babysitters, and more. It’s common sense to invite guests at least six monthe before the wedding.

How to include your children in your wedding

Most betrothed couples have at least one child in their family. Whether it’s a neice, nephew, second cousins, or their own children; finding new and creative ways to involve them in your wedding can be tricky. Here is a list of ways that you can incorperate them into your special day, and more!

Engagement photos. Children have priceless facial expressions and can make for a hilarious time! They can also hold cute signs with adorable phrases that will make viewers sigh with longing.

I wanna do somethin like this with Kylie but her hold thr sign that says I asked:

Make gorgeous save-the-dates with your blended family! If you have a large number of children, you can make your “save the date” phrase longer for signs the kids hold up. Here is an example pictured below.

13 Ways to Include Your Kids in the Wedding via Brit + Co:

You can also include a niece or nephew saying “my aunt/uncle is getting married!” Another cute phrase can be “My aunt is giving me an uncle/aunt!”

maybe do this, but with rocko having something around his neck? I def want to try some pictures with him in it.:

A fun idea is to have a playful set of photos of the bride getting ready with the kids in question, whether they are her kids, future step kids, nieces, nephews, or second cousins. This shows pure joy, and that’s what a wedding should be all about.

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Play Cinderella with the ring bearer for an adorable picture! -#ChiStyleWed:

Add a personal touch by taking photos of the groom getting ready with the kids as well. If they are young children, you can include photos of the groom helping them get dressed or put their tie or bowtie on.

Wedding photography, page boy, father and son, getting ready, inspiration wedding. Convent Gallery Daylesford:

Involve the children before the bride comes down the aisle, especially if they’re her children. Here is a cute idea pictured. If they are the groom’s children, the sign can also say “here comes my future step-mother”, or something similar.

Ring Bearer in Wagon with "Here Comes My Mommy" Sign | Photography: Christian Oth Studio. Read More:

Holding signs while walking down to the altar is a wonderful, creative idea for the children or nieces and nephews of the intended spouses.

How cute! We love this nautical inspired sign! lol it even says Justin .lol @Christi Spadoni Hartsough:

Walking the bride down the aisle. If the bride wants a new twist on being walked down the aisle or her father isn’t available to be at the wedding, she can always have her son(s) walk her down the aisle.

Image result for bride's son walks her down the aisle

Image result for son walking his mom down the aisle

Image result for son walking his mom down the aisle

Miniature groomsmen. Let the hunt end here! Have lots of little boys in your family that you want to be involved in the wedding? Look no further! Have them stand up front with the bride, groom and bridesmaids. The bridesmaids will surely be holding bouquets, so what should the groomsmen hold? How about these funny signs?

Tonya, lol:

Tiny bridesmaids. Round up the young girls in your family and have them in your wedding party! No matter their age, they can strut down the aisle before you. Children love to be involved in special days, especially girls who are already dreaming of their own wedding day.

If you have a few adorable kids in your family, chances are you've already selected your flower girl and ring bearer. But if you have a bevy of little ones you'd like to include in your ceremony, it can be tough to figure out what roles they can each play. Older kids may enjoy handing out programs or serving as junior bridesmaids and groomsmen, but these types of jobs may be overwhelming for the younger set. A charming alternative is to ask one or two kids to carry a han...:

Ring bearer. This is a traditional idea that most couples most often implement in their weddings. If you can’t choose between two, have two ring bearers, one for each ring. Don’t be afraid to be unique, and don’t let silly “rules” hold you back from having the wedding that you want.

If you have a few adorable kids in your family, chances are you've already selected your flower girl and ring bearer. But if you have a bevy of little ones you'd like to include in your ceremony, it can be tough to figure out what roles they can each play. Older kids may enjoy handing out programs or serving as junior bridesmaids and groomsmen, but these types of jobs may be overwhelming for the younger set.  A charming alternative is to ask one or two kids&...:

Flower girls. There can always be more than one. They can scatter flower petals along the aisle, or just proudly carry a bouquet of flowers. An engaged pair most likely will have flower girls as a way to involve young family members into their wedding.

Best Man. Couples who had children together before getting married can have their son as their best man. He can be just the groom’s best man, or their joint best man.

Image result for son walking his mom down the aisle

Maid of Honor. Who better to have as a maid of honor than your very own daughter? If the couple had kids together before marriage, the daughter can be their joint maid of honor.

Image result for daughter as maid of honor

Vows. After your vows, have the kids come up and say their own if they wish! If they don’t want to, they can simply say that “We do, too!”

Wedding vows for blended families: Kids say, "We do, too!" | Offbeat Bride... This has some great ideas on how to incorporate your kids into the wedding ceremony.  Its not just the two of you getting married but the start of a new family.:


Photo-op. When the wedding party takes off to have wedding photos taken before the reception, bring your children along with you. Unsure how to pose them, or include them in your photos? Here is an adorable way to show off the new family!

with future step-daughter in middle:

ideas rooftop wedding Rooftop Wedding in Las Vegas from Moxie Studio @Laura Lisa this photo would be cute with u bubby and the girls ;):

A creative way to incorporate the little ones into your wedding photo.:

family medallion ceremony- love this way to include the kids in the ceremony! <3:

I want to share with you one of the wedding poses I collaborated from other photos I found online. I think it turned out wonderfully. Photo by Denley Thiessen.:

Reception toast. If you have an older child, like a preteen, teenager or adult, have them tell their story, a toast, a poem, or whatever they want! A moving idea is to have them give their perspective into having the family blended officially. It can also be a niece or nephew expressing how glad they are that they finally have a new aunt/uncle!

Image result for child giving wedding toast at reception

Parent/child dance. Wedding receptions often have father/daughter dances, but who says it always has to be with the bride and her father? Especially for brides who’s father has passed away, isn’t present in her life, or she simply doesn’t have one; the bride can dance with her son, or soon-to-be stepson! The same goes for the groom and his daughter or step-daughter. If your parents are still alive and well and they’re in the wedding, you can switch from parent to child mid-song, or have two songs for this dance.

Image result for bride dances with her son at reception




I hope these ideas helped! How have you involved children in your wedding?




Find the right ring without spending a fortune!


There are many ways you can cut the costs of an engagement ring without skimping out on the quality. Here are a few suggestions:

  1. Buy it on ebay. It may seem crazy, but choose the Buy It Now option and you can find amazing deals all over the world! Just be sure gold rings are genuine gold and not “gold-filled” and that silver rings are genuine sterling silver and not “silver-filled”.
  2. Walmart. Some rings go up to $5k at the jewelry section at Walmart, so your fiance(e) cannot say (s)he is sure you bought it cheap. They have a great selection most rings are in size 7. So make sure to plan for extra time for size adjustment.
  3. Pawn Shop. Lots of divorced or extremely poor couples pawn off their engagement, wedding or anniversary rings. Take a look at your local shop and see if you can find one that fits and is appropriate!
  4. Family Jewels. Do you still have your great-grandmother’s wedding or engagement ring(s)? This is especially unique as an engagement ring to offer to your significant other.

Frugal and Cheap Proposal Ideas


There are many ways to propose to your loved one without breaking the bank. At the end of the day, you will be just as betrothed as the couple that spent thousands on a fancy proposal. It’s best to save the big bucks for the big day anyways!

The Proposal

  1. Propose on a holiday. This usually provides decorations already set up, you two are already dressed up, which makes it a perfect setting. She will also be very surprised! Bonus if your friends and family are around.
  2. Propose on their birthday. Everyone loves a surprise on their birthday, and this is definitely one of them!
  3. Propose at a meaningful location. Where you had your first kiss? Where you first met? Your first date? Pick a spot!
  4. Propose at a family gathering. She will be glad that her family will be there to witness the event, and she can gush about it without having to repeat over and over again the announcement that she’s engaged!
  5. Propose at a party. Friends will be around, and it will definitely add a reason to celebrate!
  6. Write a song. Are you crafty, creative, poetic? Write a song and sing it to her! Bonus if you can also play an instrument to go along with the song. Propose to her in the song, lead with how much you love her, what she means to you, then pop the question!
  7. Dance it out! Have your friends and family practice a dance routine to a romantic song. When you are ready, get her to a location where you all meet, blast the song and do your routine! Songs that say “Will you marry me” or “marry me” in the song is a bonus. To make it more personal, you can choose a song that holds a special meaning to both of you.

Throw a Cheap Engagement party

Throw a Cheap Engagement party


Have enough money left over on your budget for an engagement party? Are you a relative or wedding party member wanting to throw an engagement party on the cheap? Here is some great information for you! This would especially fit the theme for someone having a BBQ wedding.

With any theme in mind, here are some simple steps to plan a great engagement party.

Here is how you can save lots of money by having a budget-friendly engagement party.

Make it simple. Make miniature centerpieces with mason jars as vases and a handful of flowers inside. No one is expecting you to break it all out at an engagement party.

Only invite your wedding party. If you want to invite more people, make it slightly more than your wedding party. You don’t want to spend all your wedding money on your engagement party. Remember, an engagement party is to make your engagemet official and to have fun! Keep your guest list under 50 people.

Don’t ask for gifts. Have people save these for the wedding! An engagement party is never about gifts. If people feel so inclined, they can get you something that you would need for the wedding.

Keep the location budget-friendly. A great idea is to have a backyard BBQ cookout as an engagement party. Barbecues are always fun for adults or for children, and it’s such a relaxing carefree activity and atmosphere that your guests will immediately feel at home. Ask a friend or family member if you can use their backyard, or go to a public park. If you have trees and you want to decorate, hang cafe lights around the branches and hang paper hearts, or whatever shape you want for a cute accent.

Bargain-hunt at your local discount stores. All of them have plastic tablecloths, paper cups, plates and plastic utensils to snatch up. Some places even have plastic plates and glasses that look like the real thing. If you don’t enough have tables and chairs handy, buy some at garage sales or discount stores, or simply borrow some from friends and family.

Food can be expensive, so cook up some skewers, hot dogs, hamburgers, and everything else you can buy in bulk. You can also make cheap sides like potato salad and noodles. Have the food laid out buffet-style so guests can pick and choose their own food. You can also get a nice cake or cupcakes in different flavors, and use this for cake-testing if you’re still not sure of the flavor you want.

Have some easy activities. Lawn games are even featured at weddings! Play cricket, ring toss, horshoes, and whatever other games you can come up with. They are cheap, fun, and classic.

Have a great party!