DIY Doily Lace Wedding Invitations

DIY Doily Lace Wedding Invitations


DIY Doily Lace Wedding Invitations

DIY Doily Lace Wedding Invitations

Make your own Doily Lace wedding invitations by following the instructions of the blog linked here. This is a great idea for any style of wedding, and adds a charming touch to DIY invitations.

Get these materials:

  • 180 Lace Doilies size A7
  • 90 8.5×11 Kraft paper sheets 100 cover weight
  • Ribbon with the color of your choice
  • Downloaded font(s) of your choice
  • Downloaded invitation and RSVP template
  • Staples printer


  1. Dowload the invitation template
  2. Download the RSVP template
  3. Browse fonts and download the ones you want
  4. Open the invitation template and use the fonts you chose to write out your invitation
  5. Open the RSVP template and write what you want with the fonts you chose
  6. Put both files on a USB key if you don’t have a printer at home
  7. Go to Staples and get 90 (or however many you ee) 8.5 inches by 11 inches kraft paper sheets. Use the 100 cover weight like this blogger did, or get another one that you prefer.
  8. Request that your invitations and RSVP cards be printed out on the kraft paper and hand the staff your RSVP key and tell them how many you want printed out
  9. It should take about 2 hours, return afterwards
  10. Take the invitations home and break out the doillies
  11. Wrap the doillies around each invitation and RSVP card exactly the way you want it
  12. Tie the invitations and RSVP cards with a ribbon! Done!

DIY Doily Wedding Invitation | Mrs. Fancee

How to have a simple honeymoon for under $500

Disclaimer: This article contains pricing for a honeymoon in and around Montreal, Quebec, Canada. If you plan to honeymoon elsewhere, prices may vary. Does not include travel costs and/or gas or transportation. A few of these options only are availible during the summertime. These prices are for a one-day honeymoon, or for two days, one night.


How to have a cheap, simple yet fun honeymoon for under $500? Is it possible? Of course it is! This may not be the most lavish honeymoon on the planet, but it is simple, fun and memorable, and that’s what matters! Here are some low-cost places to go and activities to do, which if you pick 3 or 4 of these activities, should cost you under $500.


Actual photo of Camping Plage Champlain

Go to a camping ground. Not just any camping ground. Go to one that has a beach, and maybe even a fire pit! You can just drive on over, no reservation required! Enjoy the beach waters with the community, tan on the sand, have a picnic, even camp out if you want! Prices per night for 2 adults and up to 3 children start at $26 at Champlain Beach Camping


Go on a historical cruise. That’s right, a CRUISE! In small towns on canals, cruises that include a public historical tour can be quite cheap. You can choose from several cruise packages varying in prices per person to customize your experience and adapt it according to your budget. Starting at $34.99 per person, Croisieres Richelieu offers this! Richlieu Cruises


Actual photo of Croisieres Richelieu

Stay at a Bed & Breakfast. Some offer couples packages that include special assets at a great price! I recommend Auberge de la Fontaine in Montreal, Quebec. They offer a Casino Package starting at $142 a night for two, with special things thrown in! They also offer a Romance Package starting at $209 per night. If these don’t suit your needs, check out their other package deals.


Actual photo of Auberge de la Fontaine

Enjoy a Horse-Drawn Carriage. The city of old Montreal is beautiful, scenic, has an old European feel to it. You can’t help but be drawn to it’s mysterious buildings and landscaped parks. Starting at $48 for up to 5 people for a 30 minute guided tour ride, this can be a magical experience with your new spouse. Check out #2: Guided Tours, second bubble on this website.


Actual photo of horse-drawn carriage in Montreal

Treat yourself to a Swedish Massage. Usually places charge you at least $50 per person for a 30 minute massage. Starting at $39 per person for a 30 minute massage, this can be a relaxing end to an adventurous day. Unwind side-by-side and let your troubles melt away! Pure bliss at a great price! Aqua Spa is the way to go!


Free or cost-efficient options:

  • Have a picnic in a local park, on the grass with a blanket. Short on cash for food? Prepare sandwiches, fruits and veggies and dip to bring outdoors.
  • Swap houses with someone out of town! It’s cheap, and all you do is pay for your food and travel!
  • Volunteer. Bond together by giving back to your community.
  • Go to a public pool. Sunbathe on the lounge chairs and have a swim with your beloved!
  • Attend a parade. These are often sponsored and free!
  • Run a marathon or do a trialathon together. Build up hype by training hard beforehand and feel accomplished afterwards!
  • Take a class together. It can be dance, music, or yoga; whatever fits!
  • Visit a Buddhist Temple. They often have free meditating sessions. You may even be able to stay in one for free!
  • Go on a road trip. See where it takes you and learn new routes and see the world!
  • Visit a farm. Pet the animals, taste the crops, enjoy country life.
  • Go fruit-picking. This can be strawberries, apples, raspberries or blueberries. It’s lots of fun!
  • Visit a vineyard to sample some wine for a tasting.
  • Go to a bakery and taste home-made and hand-crafted chocolates and candies.

There are other options you can check out: Top 10 Romantic things to do in Montreal.

Unlike a wedding, there is no professional photographer with you while you’re on your honeymoon. The point isn’t to play it up to show off a luxurious honeymoon to everyone. This is time for an intimate quality time mini-vacation to enjoy married life together. Pick and choose what is right for you, and have a great time!

Throw a Cheap Engagement party

Throw a Cheap Engagement party


Have enough money left over on your budget for an engagement party? Are you a relative or wedding party member wanting to throw an engagement party on the cheap? Here is some great information for you! This would especially fit the theme for someone having a BBQ wedding.

With any theme in mind, here are some simple steps to plan a great engagement party.

Here is how you can save lots of money by having a budget-friendly engagement party.

Make it simple. Make miniature centerpieces with mason jars as vases and a handful of flowers inside. No one is expecting you to break it all out at an engagement party.

Only invite your wedding party. If you want to invite more people, make it slightly more than your wedding party. You don’t want to spend all your wedding money on your engagement party. Remember, an engagement party is to make your engagemet official and to have fun! Keep your guest list under 50 people.

Don’t ask for gifts. Have people save these for the wedding! An engagement party is never about gifts. If people feel so inclined, they can get you something that you would need for the wedding.

Keep the location budget-friendly. A great idea is to have a backyard BBQ cookout as an engagement party. Barbecues are always fun for adults or for children, and it’s such a relaxing carefree activity and atmosphere that your guests will immediately feel at home. Ask a friend or family member if you can use their backyard, or go to a public park. If you have trees and you want to decorate, hang cafe lights around the branches and hang paper hearts, or whatever shape you want for a cute accent.

Bargain-hunt at your local discount stores. All of them have plastic tablecloths, paper cups, plates and plastic utensils to snatch up. Some places even have plastic plates and glasses that look like the real thing. If you don’t enough have tables and chairs handy, buy some at garage sales or discount stores, or simply borrow some from friends and family.

Food can be expensive, so cook up some skewers, hot dogs, hamburgers, and everything else you can buy in bulk. You can also make cheap sides like potato salad and noodles. Have the food laid out buffet-style so guests can pick and choose their own food. You can also get a nice cake or cupcakes in different flavors, and use this for cake-testing if you’re still not sure of the flavor you want.

Have some easy activities. Lawn games are even featured at weddings! Play cricket, ring toss, horshoes, and whatever other games you can come up with. They are cheap, fun, and classic.

Have a great party!





Image result for diy wedding wire words

This can be a great asset to a DIY wedding! Think of the words you can make and incoorperate into your wedding decor, outdoor or indoor! You can wire the words: Love, I Do, Forever, Always, Bride, Groom, Mr, Mrs, Family, etc.

Image result for diy wedding wire words

If you want to try this for a wedding topper you can write out the intended’s last names, “hitched”, “just married”, “Mr & Mrs“, or just “I do” or “we did”.

Related image

You can also make the wire into shapes like hearts, stars, flowers, whatever your imagination inspires you to do!

Related image



Try each phrase out with your partner and see which one of them that you like best.


Longer wire words, like the last name and something else, can also be bought at specialty stores.

Image result for diy wedding wire words

Happily Ever After” is a perfect phrase to use atop a wedding cake!

Wedding - Happily ever after wedding cake topper, cake decoration

Budget Wedding Cake

You’re planning your wedding, and you’re on a tight budget. You want to have a beautiful cake that will taste delicious, but you don’t want it to break the bank, however. You want to stick to your budget. So, how can you make that happen?


Think Fake. Some people don’t even have real cakes at their wedding! They either use display cakes just for show, decoration or for the photos. I heard there are fake cakes that can be cut, but I haven’t seen any anywhere.

Take off a tier. Gotta have that extra tier, even though you don’t need it Consider buying a fake tier. A fake bottom tier will save the most.

Think Small. Most people only get the cake for show, or for the sake of tradition. Get a single-tier cake, especially if you’re only having a dozen guests. Cut that one, and serve the guests those portions and also from a sheet cake in the back. You can have a sheet cake made, make it yourself, or buy one from the grocery store or from a bakery.

Here are some gorgeous wedding cakes to give you inspiration:

cake1 cake1 cake2 cake2 cake3 cake5 cake6 cake7 cake8 cake9 cake10

Portion-Appropriate. Don’t get a 5-tier wedding cake for 25 guests. Ask the bakery how many tiers you will need for the number of guests that are attending.

Less Detail. Keep your cake simple. The more sugar or chocolate flowers, swirls and pearls they have to make, the costlier the cake will be.

Real vs Fondant. Have fresh flowers on your cake instead of sugar ones. Sugar flowers take more time and more ingredients to make, so it hikes up the price.

Buttercream instead of Fondant. Instead of having thick, super-sugary fondant on top of sugary buttercream frosting, opt just for buttercream or regular frosting to top your cake. Fondant is complicated to make, shape and mold. Using regular icing will shave off some hefty dollars.

Cupcakes. They can cost $12 for half a dozen! Ask for personalized cupcakes instead of a cake. Or, you can add cupcakes to a single tier cake. Here is an example: