Funny poses for wedding photos

Lots of couples are looking for new ways to pose with their wedding party that incites laughter. Looking for some funny posts to strike when the camera is pointed your way? Here are some silly ideas for the wedding party post-ceremony. Say cheese!

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This is a nice spin-off of the popular photos of the bride-to-be showing off her engagement ring and her girlfriends exclaiming how beautiful it is.

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This photo takes into account that the bride and groom literally need the support of their bridesmaids and groomsmen at the wedding!

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The humor in this photo is that the wedding party is sick of the newlyweds seemingly stuck to each other’s lips in nearly every photo.

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This is an adorable photo idea for high school sweethearts. Kissing against the lockers of their youth where they surely first met, and the wedding party posing in comical poses.

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The bride wanting to shield the flower girl from the inappropriate behavior grown women indulge in while winding down after a stressful event.

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The groom and groomsmen imitating the famous “slow-motion walks” that heroes and protagonists often do in movies and TV shows.

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Increasing in popularity is groomsmen ripping open their shirts to reveal superhero logos underneath.

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A silly photo of the groomsmen gathering together for a selfie with the groom.

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A comical take of an arm-wrestling war with the men vs the women of the wedding party.

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Some weddings have lawn games, so why not strike a funny pose with your bros?

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For those who are comfortable with it, copping an innocent feel between besties can make a hilarious photo for the wedding photo album!

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The wedding party gets loose in the dressing room!

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The wedding party poses for silly portraits.

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The bridesmaids, maid of honor and the bride pose in confidence like many actresses post for the cover of their latest movies.

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An increasing trend is to have the wedding party run towards the cameraman, who later photoshops the “threat” of their choice behind them. It can be a dinosaur, godzilla, or straight out of Star Wars!

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The ladies duck while the men jump up high! It appears they are all afraid of something. What did they see? A spider?

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The wedding party steals the show by jumping for joy while the newlyweds kiss.

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The groomsmen struggle to all get through the doorway at the same time.

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Charlie’s Angels poses for the bridesmaids!

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No one wants to see that!

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A spin on the traditional take of men carrying the women.

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Some potty humor.

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Who needs those uncomfortable shoes when you’ll be walking around for hours on end?

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Leg shots from the bridal party!

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Some have special underwear made for the occasion.

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Unconventional, but a hilarious photo for the adults!

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A tug-of-war with the bride and the groom.

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A champagne bottle sprays the wedding party!

Which is your favorite photo? Which silly poses have you used in your wedding photos? Comment below!


How to pull off a cheap vegan wedding

It can be hard to find ideas to pull off a vegan wedding. It can be even harder to pull one off when you’re on a budget! Here is advice on how to throw the perfect wedding without breaking the bank!

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Makeup. Get makeup that is known to be cruelty-free, such as Younique. Make sure that the makeup isn’t so much as tested on animals.

Attire. Be sure that no furs or leathers are used in any attire at your wedding. It’s important to maintain that cruelty-free vibe.

Invitations & Thank-You notes. Make a facebook event instead, and email thank you’s to guests. This saves a lot on paper and saves a lot of trees, all while trimming your budget!

Cake. Be sure to tell your baker that you don’t want any eggs, butter or dairy used in your cake. If you want to be absolutely sure, you can always make one yourself or have family/friends do it if they want. You can also be sure that the frosting is animal-product free!

Decor. Use decorations that you can re-use later, or recycle. Opt for silk flowers instead of real ones, and use potted flowers as centerpieces. This way, no flowers will be sacrificed for the wedding!

Toss. Instead of tossing harmful things at the newlyweds such as rice (bad for birds), confetti or more, you can toss bird seeds. Birds will be very happy to have a free snack, and you won’t have to pluck flower petals from living flowers.

Food. This depends on where you will be getting your food from. If you are having a potluck wedding, specify the dietary restrictions of a vegan diet to your guests to avoid confusion and mishaps. If you are ordering from a restaurant or catering service, it’s also a good idea to prepare a list of things you don’t want used in your food. If you are making the food, then you can look up great vegan recipes to make with vegan-friendly foods. There is even a website where you can check off ingredients that you own, and it whips up recipes for you!

Here is an article here to give you amazing, frugal advice on throwing a vegan wedding.


What to throw at the newlyweds

Rice has been made illegal in many parts of the world. Rice is inherently bad for the birds who eat the grains after a wedding, and get very ill and die from eating food not natural to their regular diets. How to keep from spreading this tragedy on such a beautiful day? There is only one way; use a substitute!

Rice was used to throw at the bride and groom on the church steps to promote fertility. Rice represented fertility, and well-wishers showered the bridegroom with rice as a sign of good luck or their blessing for the couple to have many children. Don’t worry; the wedding cake is also a symbol of fertility, so you won’t go without when you remove rice from your wedding list.

Bubbles. Available at any dollar store or with an extremely simple DIY option, bubbles can be blown out of miniature containers handed out to the guests pre-ceremony. Guests simply dip their wand into a bubble mix, then blow on the wand towards the couple to produce soapy delights! The children will surely be running around laughing trying to catch them all.

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Confetti. Available at party stores or for an easy DIY, confetti is harmless and can be thrown in large amounts in fistfuls at the newlyweds. Just like rice, it can stick in hair, on clothing, sit on the veil, and anywhere else it can be displayed proudly.

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Sparklers. For a non-traditional couple, sparklers and matches can be handed out to the guests along with the wedding program when they enter the venue. This way, the guests are ready as soon as the couple exits the doors of the venue, and they can light up their sparklers right away. If the ceremony is held around the time the sun goes down, the sparklers will add an even better glowing effect on the couple. Sparklers can be bought in various shapes and sizes. Go to your local bakery and ask to purchase sparklers for a birthday party to keep the price low.

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Flower petals. Got lots leftover that the flower girls didn’t spread across the aisle? No problem! Re-purpose those by handing sachets out to guests for them to toss at the bride and groom. Flower petals smell good, are eco-friendly and look beautiful. They’re perfect!

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Bird seeds. Why give birds a hard time with rice? If you’re outdoors, toss bird seeds instead. Mother earth will thank you, and so will the hungry birds in the area. Think about it; you’ll be feeding not only your guests later at the reception, but some lovely birds too! Now that’s something to tweet about.

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Glitter. It’s shining, it sticks, and it won’t ever come off. Throw glitter at the couple! Have them shine through their reception with a bling and remember the toss for days to come. Have guests carry a packet of glitter they can empty on the couple as they leave the venue.

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What a release. It can be a new, unique idea to release something instead of toss something at the newlyweds. Here are a few fun ideas for this type of celebration post-ceremony.

Balloons. Have guests hold helium balloons to release once the newlyweds emerge from the venue. The guests and couple can gaze at the balloons as they rise higher and higher in celebration! Guests can also write heartfelt messages on the balloons if they so choose.

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Doves. The wedding party can release doves! The doves will fly off and take off into the sky as the guests watch in awe. Dove releases are perfect for couples who know guests with doves who are known to come back later to their owners.

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Butterflies. Butterflies being released is a rare, but beautiful sight at a wedding. Guests can all have the same type of butterfly, different colors, even different species. The place can be filled with multicolored wings or a uniform of freedom flying to the sky. The choices are endless and they are yours! Hand guests a small takeout-style box with the butterfly inside for them to release post-ceremony.

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How to live-stream your wedding

Do you have out-of-town would-be guests that MUST be a part of your wedding? Are they out of the country and can’t make it? Here is a list of ways to include them in the wedding, long-distance!

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Skype. This is a popular tool used to chat with family members, friends and coworkers long distance. It’s a practical tool that many people use. It has the ability to facilitate conversations via voice chat, webcam chat, instant messenger, and all three combined. If your wedding has an internet connection or someone has an unlimited data plan on their phone, you can open up a video chat with the people you want to see your wedding. This is perfect for guests who live far away or are incapacitated to join or travel.

Facebook Live. This is a recently implemented option for facebook users. You can “go live” on your mobile device on facebook. Use this option to live-stream your wedding to all of your facebook friends. This option is idea if you have many guests who can’t attend. You can even stream publically!

Tinychat. This is an online website where you can create a chatroom and many people can chat, go on voice chat or go on video chat. You will need a computer and a webcam or a very good mobile device.

Yahoo Messenger. This is an old option, but can work either way. Video, mic and instant messaging chats are available. Go on webcam and share the video with your contacts so that they can see your wedding!

Oovoo. This gives you the free option of going on webcam with mulitple people in one chat! A webcam with a computer or a phone or mobile device with a camera will be needed in order to stream your wedding for your virtual guests.

Create the perfect must-have wedding emergency kit

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Have a favorite lipstick that fades after a few hours? Afraid to stain your dress and be unable to get it out? Are you dreading having runny mascara and no way to fix it? Here are some must-haves for your wedding emergency kit that will cover all of your bases.

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  1. Brush/comb
  2. Cell phone (be sure to turn it off before the ceremony!)
  3. Dental floss (for all those photos!)
  4. Emery board
  5. Extra panty hose
  6. Hair spray
  7. Handkerchief
  8. Makeup
  9. Mints
  10. Mirror (small and portable)
  11. Perfume, travel size
  12. Legal documents needed
  13. Baby powder (useful for getting out last-minute spills on a white dress)
  14. Bobby pins and hair elastics
  15. Brush and comb
  16. Clear nail polish (also helpful for stocking runs)
  17. Corsage pins
  18. Cotton balls/swabs
  19. THE DRESS!
  20. Extra earring backs
  21. Extra pair of flat shoes
  22. Hairdryer
  23. Iron
  24. Lint brush
  25. Makeup
  26. Nail polish in the bride’s shade
  27. Undergarments
  28. Sewing kit
  29. Shoes
  30. Shoe polish
  31. Spot remover (test it out on an inconspicuous part of the dress before using!)
  32. Static-cling spray
  33. Straws (for drinking without messing up lipstick)
  34. “Throwaway” garter
  35. White chalk (to cover any stains on the dress)
  36. Wrinkle out spray (test it out on an inconspicuous part of the dress before using)
  37. Antacid
  38. Aspirin/ibuprofen
  39. Band-aids (that best match your skin tone)
  40. Contact lens solution/cases
  41. Deodorant
  42. Dental floss
  43. Eye drops
  44. Insect repellent (for outdoor ceremonies or events – be sure it smells nice!)
  45. Lotion
  46. Medications
  47. Moist towelettes
  48. Mouthwash
  49. Smelling salts
  50. Sunscreen
  51. Tampons or pads
  52. Toothbrush and toothpaste
  53. Tissues
  54. Wash cloth or hand towel
  55. Bug spray (be sure it has leaves no spots and has no smell or smells nice)
  56. Extra flowers (in case of sun wilting)
  57. Handkerchief for dabbing sweat
  58. Sunglasses (pre- and post-ceremony)
  59. Cash ($20 – you never know what you’ll need it for)
  60. Disposable camera
  61. Driver’s license or photo I.D. card
  62. Duct tape (good for any handy repairs)
  63. Extra copies of directions to your reception
  64. Important phone numbers
  65. Notebook and pens
  66. Portable flashlight
  67. Roll of quarters (phones, parking meters, vending machines, etc.)
  68. Snacks/bottled water (granola bars, dried fruit, etc.)
  69. Umbrella
  70. WatchImage result for wedding day emergency kit


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Recyclable wedding items

Image result for silk flower and brooch bouquet

Want more bang for your buck? Don’t want to be stuck with hundreds of wedding items after the ceremony and reception that you’ll never use again anyways? Here are tips and tricks to look out for wedding items you can re-use post-big day!

Double use during the wedding day:

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Your bouquets. Recycle the bouquets used by the bride, maid of honor, bridesmaids and flower girls and use them as centerpieces at the wedding reception.

Aisle and pew decorations. Have staff re-purpose them by attaching them on the back of the reception chairs.

Recycling after the wedding day:

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Bouttoniere. Press it in your wedding album and save it for a keepsake.

Bouquet. If your bouquet was made of silk flowers and/or brooches, you can keep it in a vase in your home. Place it on an end table, the middle of the dining room table, or on a dresser.

Invitations and programs. Keep one of each to stick on the fridge for a neat souvenire. The guests, especially family members, can do the same with theirs.

Food. Take home the leftovers and have a feast! You can also give some away to the guests so they can go home with plenty of good food to feed themselves during your honeymoon!

Wedding dress. If you aren’t going to save it to give to someone else, you can always go to a seamstress and hike up the hem and wear it as a party dress. You can also re-purpose the fabric for tops, skirts, and more.

Bridesmaids dresses. The bridesmaids can have the hem shortened so they can wear the dresses again to more casual parties. They can also save them to wear to other formal events such as weddings, anniversary parties, prom, etc.

Arch. Bring it home and let it stand proudly in your garden or backyard.

Wedding dress two-pieces

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Wedding two-piece wedding dresses have been an arising new trend. With tops coming in various forms of colors, patterns and material, they add a romantic and more casual feel to the traditional wedding dress.

A two-piece can also be less expensive than a one-piece wedding dress, since it’s less traditional. You also have more options when buying them, since often prom dresses are made into two-pieces.

If a two-piece is for you, be sure not to look for designer brands and freshly-made gowns from pricey bridal stores unless it’s an area where you can splurge. You need to be able to have money left for the actual wedding.

Don’t have the money for one, but you really want one? Ask if you can use your mother’s wedding dress, or aunt’s, grandmother, sister, etc. If they don’t want it back, you can take it to a seamstress and have them cut the dress into two pieces and hem them. If you just want to wear one part of the dress, you can choose to keep the skirt and pick your own top, or keep the top and choose your own skirt.

Here are some models to pique your interest and inspire you for ideas!

Image result for wedding dress two piece

Image result for wedding dress two piece

Image result for wedding two piece black woman

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Image result for wedding dress two piece plus size

Image result for wedding two piece plus size