How to choose your wedding hashtag

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Wedding hashtags are used for when couples opt to have an app where guests can upload photos they take of the wedding. Here are steps you can take to help you decide on the best wedding hashtag for you!

Your first names. The most popular hashtag used for weddings are the first names, like #JohnandJanesWedding. It’s not always available, so switch it up like #JaneandJohnsWedding #WeddingofJaneandJohn or #WeddingofJohnandJane

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Last names. You can always include last names in your hashtag. #MrandMrSmithsWedding or #MrandMrSmithsWeddingDay #WeddingofMrandMrSmith #SmithWedding

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Wedding year. Use the year of the wedding to break it down easier, since there may already be wedded couples with your first names, even last names if they’re common enough. Examples: #JaneandJosephine2017 #JosephineandJane2017 #JandJwedding2017

Wedding date. This narrows it down pretty well so guests can find the posts easier. #20072017wedding #wedding20072017 #june20th2017wedding #june20th2017 #wedding20thjune2017

Quotes or saying. You can have a quote that you often use and use that as a hashtag. Examples: #rideordie #alwaysandforever #happilyeveraftermore #foreverandinfinity #toinfinityandbeyond #firstloves #truelovesforever #loveatfirstsight

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Initials. If Danielle and George Lautner are getting married, you can use #DLGWedding as a hashtag. Get creative!

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Choosing your wedding website


A way to save money on paper invitations, wedding programs and placing cards is to just go viral! Trust in technology and go with a wedding website. If you aren’t shy from the public eye, have one place to keep all of your wedding details, events, contacts and more.

So many wedding sites offer to make your own customized wedding website. How can you choose which one would make the best? Here’s how!

List what you want. Do you want a website that offers an RSVP option? Features photos of you? Lists the wedding party? Make a list so you can check off which different wedding websites offer which.

Content you want. What do you want to put on your website? Do you want to list the story of how you met? Your engagement photos? Your wedding budget and list of expenses? Make a list so you can break down which websites allow you to do which.

List your priorities. Make a list of the things you want on your website that take priority top to bottom. Example: 1. Photos, 2. Events, 3. RSVP, 4. Custom background, 5. Hotel & attractions details, 6. Backstory. That way, if you find a website that offers your first 3 choices, you will know to pick that one if other websites only offer numbers two and three.

Browse wedding websites. Look at the different options they offer you without cost. Some good options are TheKnot, Minted, MyWedding, WeddingWire, ewedding, and OffbeatBride.

Ask your married friends. They may have a specific wedding website that they use, and recommend. Having already been through it, they will have helpful advice on how to choose the right one for you.

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