Frugal Slip-on Wedding Dresses

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Not everyone is keen on wearing a corset, petticoat, pantyhose, and other undergarments to go with their wedding gown. Some gowns have lace-up, some have zippers. A slip-on can be slipped on just like your favorite summer dress, and is easy to don for your wedding day. It saves time, and adds an element of simplicity where getting ready is often stressful. Here are some gorgeous slip-on wedding dresses for you to consider.

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David’s Bridal has a “little white dress” section that has lots of pretty slip-ons. Whether with a short hem or a long skirt, there are plenty of options that aren’t too hefty on the wallet.

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Browse Pinterest for the dress of your dreams. You can always contact a seamstress with your measurements and material you want to use and have one custom made.

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Any dress can be a wedding dress, no matter the color. If you want to remain in white, browse your local clothing stores for sundresses, prom dresses, or cocktail dresses. You are bound to find a slip-on that you like.

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How to look out for a gown you can breastfeed in

Some women get married soon after becoming mothers. Some are even still breastfeeding.  Here are tips and tricks to find a wedding dress that is breastfeeding-friendly.

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Strapless. A strapless not-too-tight gown can just be pulled down to nurse your child or to pump in. If you are modest, you can use a breastfeeding cover or go into another room for privacy.

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Halter. A halter-top style dress that ties in the back of the neck can be untied for the breasts to be exposed to nurse or pump.

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Strappy. A strappy top dress that is loose enough in the straps and bust or adjustable can be pulled down or aside to be able to nurse or pump.

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Loose bust. Even a dress with sleeves can be pulled down to nurse or pump when the bust is loose or stretchy. The goal is to be able to at least free one breast, if both isn’t possible.

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Hanging straps. Not sure what the proper term for these straps are, but here is a photo above. These allow the same or similar flexibility of the bust to be able to nurse or pump.

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The important thing is to try on the dress first and expose a breast or both to be able to tell if you would be able to pump or nurse in the dress. If you can, nurse in the gown or pump while you’re trying it on.

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Pumping tip: For brides who exclusively pump or who’s child couldn’t attend the wedding (or they’re sleeping through a feeding), a discreet way to pump is to use freemies insert cups along with a portable pump such as a medela swing. You’re welcome!

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Got any tips on finding a breastfeeding-friendly dress? Did you breastfeed your baby at your wedding, or at a friend’s wedding? Share your experience below!

Wedding dress two-pieces

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Wedding two-piece wedding dresses have been an arising new trend. With tops coming in various forms of colors, patterns and material, they add a romantic and more casual feel to the traditional wedding dress.

A two-piece can also be less expensive than a one-piece wedding dress, since it’s less traditional. You also have more options when buying them, since often prom dresses are made into two-pieces.

If a two-piece is for you, be sure not to look for designer brands and freshly-made gowns from pricey bridal stores unless it’s an area where you can splurge. You need to be able to have money left for the actual wedding.

Don’t have the money for one, but you really want one? Ask if you can use your mother’s wedding dress, or aunt’s, grandmother, sister, etc. If they don’t want it back, you can take it to a seamstress and have them cut the dress into two pieces and hem them. If you just want to wear one part of the dress, you can choose to keep the skirt and pick your own top, or keep the top and choose your own skirt.

Here are some models to pique your interest and inspire you for ideas!

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