Most popular wedding themes

The popularity of certain wedding themes has been rising. Different colors, themes, and decorations have been increasing in popularity.

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Rustic and Vintage wedding themes have been trending, especially in 2016. The old-style theme inspires use of the dusty old antiques you’ve been hiding in the attic for years.

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Garden and greenery weddings have been the top picks for the past few years. Eco-friendly, they favor recyclable items, biological favors and lots of greenery.

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Pastel wedding themes have also been increasingly common, especially around the easter holiday. Summer also brings out beautiful blooms, so this theme is also popular during the warmer days.

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Which wedding themes have you seen rise in popularity lately? What was your wedding theme? Comment below!


Cost-cutting Wedding Themes

Saturday is the most common day to have a wedding, therefore it’s the most expensive day. Normally, most of your guests will have jobs on weekdays, so mornings and afternoons on a weekday isn’t really an option if you want guests there at all. What can you do? Here are some fun and frugal ideas and days to throw your wedding where everyone can attend.

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Friday Night Glamorous Cocktail Wedding. Have your guests unwind after a long work week at a cocktail wedding. Drinks, hors d’oeuvres, dancing and music can help guests relax and get them into a good mood for the weekend. Not to mention, this leaves the entire weekend for your honeymoon!

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Sunday Champagne Brunch Wedding. Afternoons and evenings are the most popular reservation times, so why not do it in the morning? Start during the brunch hour so you don’t have to get up at the crack of dawn to get ready. Have a gorgeous breakfast feast for your guests along with mimosas to celebrate the occasion!

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Monday evening happy hour. Have guests wind down from those strenuous mondays at the office by enjoying a meal, a drink, cake and dancing at your wedding!

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Tuesday night fairy lights. Have your wedding in your backyard on a tuesday night and hang white christmas lights along any trees, fence, poles, etc. to illuminate your soiree. Your guests will believe they are in the presence of magic!

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Wednesday evening feast. Have a great hump-day by serving your dinner buffet-style. This saves on catering as guests self-serve, and you can be sure that guests will get exactly what they want. Donate the leftover food to homeless shelters, or bring it with you on the honeymoon so you never have to pay for room service!

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Thursday night under the stars. Have your reception at a public park on a clear night where you can dance the night away under the stars. Bonus if it’s in August, where shooting stars happen every year!

Unique Wedding Themes

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Sure, everyone has heard of the traditional wedding themes. You’ve been to your sister’s rustic wedding, your cousin’s barnyard country wedding, and your friend’s beach wedding. Since you’ve been there, you know that these aren’t for you. They don’t fit your style. You want a unique wedding theme, something out of the ordinary, something that is non-traditional. Here are some ideas to get you started!

  • Sci-Fi Theme (Star Wars/Star Trek/Space Balls)
  • Superhero Theme (Marvel Comics/DC Comics)
  • Movie-Themed (Jurassic Park, Nightmare Before Christmas, etc)
  • Alternative Theme (Goth/Punk/Emo)
  • Music Band Theme (Kiss, Slipknot, Metallica, ACDC, etc)
  • Gamer Theme (World of Warcraft, Skyrim, Mario Bros, etc)
  • Fantasy Theme (Harry Potter/Wizard of Oz/Once Upon a Time)

Sci-Fi Theme

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Superhero Theme

Go subtle:

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Or go all out!

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Movie Theme

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Alternative Theme

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Music Band Theme

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Gamer Theme

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Fantasy Theme

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