Budget-friendly halloween wedding

Have you always wanted to get married on halloween? Do you want a friday the 13th wedding in the cold of october? Did you want to get married in a graveyard, by the headstone of your loved one? Here’s how to save while throwing your own halloween wedding!

Browse discount stores for decor around halloween season the year before your wedding. Be sure to go as soon as the season starts up to be sure you have the widest variety in selection.

Check out dollar stores for cheap decorations, candy, even costumes! Throw a “halloween party” themed reception and get everything you need right at your local dollar store.

DIY with simple items such as white cloth to make ghosts, black cloth to make bats, and plastic gloves for creepy hands, and more! Browse pinterest for ideas and instructions on how to DIY your halloween wedding.

Forget tradition if you aren’t the traditional type. Many goth, punk and rocker couples marry on halloween. You can get away with anything. Go with a medieval theme, a black wedding dress, show off your tattoos, marry in a costume, put on zombie makeup, have a moshpit on the dance floor, and more!

Masked ball theme is a fantastic way to invite intrigue to your wedding day. Everyone dreams of attending a masked ball, so why not dress up your wedding party in peacock colors and have a ball?

Use in-season decorations such as pumpkins, squash, and autumn flowers. They will cost much less than plants that only grow in the summer!

Got more halloween wedding ideas you would like to share? Comment below!


Most popular wedding themes

The popularity of certain wedding themes has been rising. Different colors, themes, and decorations have been increasing in popularity.

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Rustic and Vintage wedding themes have been trending, especially in 2016. The old-style theme inspires use of the dusty old antiques you’ve been hiding in the attic for years.

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Garden and greenery weddings have been the top picks for the past few years. Eco-friendly, they favor recyclable items, biological favors and lots of greenery.

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Pastel wedding themes have also been increasingly common, especially around the easter holiday. Summer also brings out beautiful blooms, so this theme is also popular during the warmer days.

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Which wedding themes have you seen rise in popularity lately? What was your wedding theme? Comment below!

Have Your Dream Wedding for Less than $1500


Everyone these days is pressed for cash. With the economy taking a nose-dive, interest rates through the roof and expenses rising, not everyone can afford a fairy-tale wedding. Courthouse weddings are on the rise, with couple sacrificing their big dreams to save big bucks, or worse, starting out the marriage by going into debt by taking a loan from the bank. Ideally, you shouldn’t have to pay for your wedding after you got married.

You must be thinking to yourself, how do I have a nice, lovely wedding with such a tight budget? How can I have a cheap wedding without appearing cheap? How can I make this day one to remember without having to cut too many corners and end up regretting what I missed?

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Choose your Theme


Of course, a great way to know just what you’re looking for and the colors you need, is to pick a theme. Pick your wedding colors too, but it’s easier if you just pick a theme and stick to it. Here are some popular themes:

  • Rustic Chic
  • Vintage
  • Vineyard
  • Barn
  • Eco-friendly
  • Casual
  • Camping
  • Classic
  • Modern
  • Offbeat
  • English Garden
  • Religious
  • Military

You can look at images on google or pintrest for ideas as to what you’d like your wedding theme to be. Gay couples may like a rainbow-themed wedding. An idea that I had for a cake-and-punch reception wedding, is a tea party theme. At tea parties, you usually serve tea, ice tea, coffee and a variety of desserts. This is a great idea if you’re looking to save money on a main course, appetizers, etc. You can also have it alcohol-free, which also saves big bucks. Another option is to have a carnival theme wedding. You can have low-cost food such as hot dogs, burgers, cotton candy, popcorn, etc. You can also have a casual barbecue for a meal.

Also, your theme can just be your wedding color(s). Examples are, black and white, pink and green, rainbow, gold and silver, blue, etc. You can also theme it according to the season. If it’s a winter wedding, you can hang up paper snowflakes, snowmen designs, Christmas decorations, etc. For a spring wedding, you can have pastel colors and flowers. For a summer wedding, you can have bright colors and bright flowers, sun-shaped decor, and in a scenic outdoor area. For an autumn wedding, you can have warm colors, leafy decorations, pumpkins, scarecrows, etc. There is so much that you can play with when it comes to themes!

Take your time, mix and match, and pick your theme!