Martin Luther King Jr Day Wedding

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What a beautiful holiday this day is. It represents culture, history and equality. It also celebrates the life of a moving activist. Why not get married on this day?

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Booking a venue will be cheaper on holidays, since that’s when venues have the hardest time getting booked. Find a venue that is already low-cost and you may even get a discount for not only getting married on a holiday, but on a Monday too.

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Find tasteful ways to honor MLK. Make chalkboard signs or prop up posters with some of his famous quotes. Incorporate the day into the decor. Browse stores around the day the year before and you may find heavily discounted decor.

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Offer a toast to MLK during the wedding toasts. It’s a nice way to salute the man for all he has accomplished. Some sort of ode to him in the wedding is required as a sign of politeness. Otherwise, people may have moral qualms about you hosting your wedding on this day. You can also have a moment of silence in his honor. Here is an idea for a toast, quoting MLK:

Hatred paralyzes life; love releases it.
Hatred confuses life; love harmonizes it.
Hatred darkens life; love illumines it.– Martin Luther King, Jr.

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Give you guests plenty of notice so they have time to properly arrange for time off, to get ready and to know not to make plans on that day. Lots of guests may be unable to attend due to work or other obligations. This will save you thousands of dollars by shaving down your guest list.

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Book everything far in advance to make sure that they are available. This means florists, photographers and videographers, caterers, cooks, bakers and more. Be sure to have an officiant and venue available. It’s often preferable that you at least have a deposit on hand for each so you aren’t refused and lose your reservation or spot.

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Have a simple menu consisting of cheap foods so the bill doesn’t climb sky-high. Get potatoes, pasta, carrots and rice and the meat that is on sale or costs the least amount of money. You can also skip the meat and offer a vegetarian or even a vegan menu.

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Have a unique cake that will not only wow the guests, but that honor the holiday as well. MLK’s quotes, phrases, sayings, even his face can be on the cake. Any symbols of peace, unity, and equality will also celebrate the world we live in where everyone has equal rights.

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Budget-friendly halloween wedding

Have you always wanted to get married on halloween? Do you want a friday the 13th wedding in the cold of october? Did you want to get married in a graveyard, by the headstone of your loved one? Here’s how to save while throwing your own halloween wedding!

Browse discount stores for decor around halloween season the year before your wedding. Be sure to go as soon as the season starts up to be sure you have the widest variety in selection.

Check out dollar stores for cheap decorations, candy, even costumes! Throw a “halloween party” themed reception and get everything you need right at your local dollar store.

DIY with simple items such as white cloth to make ghosts, black cloth to make bats, and plastic gloves for creepy hands, and more! Browse pinterest for ideas and instructions on how to DIY your halloween wedding.

Forget tradition if you aren’t the traditional type. Many goth, punk and rocker couples marry on halloween. You can get away with anything. Go with a medieval theme, a black wedding dress, show off your tattoos, marry in a costume, put on zombie makeup, have a moshpit on the dance floor, and more!

Masked ball theme is a fantastic way to invite intrigue to your wedding day. Everyone dreams of attending a masked ball, so why not dress up your wedding party in peacock colors and have a ball?

Use in-season decorations such as pumpkins, squash, and autumn flowers. They will cost much less than plants that only grow in the summer!

Got more halloween wedding ideas you would like to share? Comment below!

Cost-effective President’s day wedding

Want to get married on President’s Day? Do you want to feel like the first lady on your big day? Do you want to save money in the process? Here’s how!

Rent a house. This triples as a wedding venue, lodging for out of town guests and a honeymoon spot! If you are having a small wedding, you can invite everyone indoors and have your wedding year-round. Are you having a big wedding? Rent a house with a large backyard where you can have your ceremony and reception.

Get married right before peak season to score on some great discounts! Off-season and holidays are the hardest times for venues to get booked, so they will appreciate the extra revenue. Off-season is during spring and winter.

Save on chairs for the ceremony by exclusing them altogether. Have guests sit at their tables while you get married before them. This will make less fuss after the ceremony when it comes to guests moving around and trying to find their table and seat afterwards.

Don’t use a venue’s vendors since they often have ridiculous prices for their services. Have your own bartender, your own cake, and your own caterer and you can save thousands of dollars!

Do your research. Look up vendors and venues and compare prices. Plan ahead and book your venue and vendors beforehand. Most will offer discounts if you book during off season or holidays.

Get married at a university or college. They often have gorgeous dining halls and aren’t usually booked for weddings. If you know anyone who works or goes there, even better! You may get a discount if you pull some strings.

Choose an already-decorated venue and you won’t have to worry about buying decorations and having to clean up afterwards. Be sure not to damage anything though and leave things in place. You can also choose a venue with a charming garden where you can get hitched under the arch.

Have your reception at a local restaurant which can cost much less than any other venue. The linens, silverware, chairs, tables, and waiting staff are all included! It’s already decorated, so you don’t need to buy any decorations!

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Cheaper alternatives to a wedding cake

Are wedding cake prices for you? Are you looking for a unique wedding dessert? Have you never liked cake? Here are some cheaper wedding cake alternatives.

Cake pops are a tasty choice, and taste just like a wedding cake. In smaller, tasteful bite-size portions, cake pops are gaining in popularity in the wedding industry. They can be covered in fontant, sprinkles added, and pack a bigger punch when it comes to flavor. They are dressy, formal and easy to transport. They are also very portable, so guests can dance and eat their cake too!

Cupcakes are also a popular option in the wedding industry. Like cakes, they can have fancy frosting, fondant, even hidden flavors in the middle of the cupcake. You can stack them on a cupcake tower, they are lighter to carry, and they are also much cheaper.

Pies are common for people who dislike cakes and cake-like items. They can be flavored anything from blueberry, strawberry, apple, raspberry, lemon, peach, lime, and banana cream.They also have chocolate, even rhubarb, pumpkin and sweet potatoes for those who dislike fruit. You can stack 3 pies on a 3 tier wedding cake tower and cut a piece for yourselves as well, which makes a great photo-op.

Doughnuts on a cupcake or cake tower are rarer, but also a good option for those who love them. They can also be a joke factor for a couple who works at a doughnut shop, are in the police force, or work at a bakery. They come in assorted flavors, so they can be offered in many flavors ir just a bulk of the same flavor.

Pancake tower is what is used for morning or brunch weddings. They can be any kind of pancakes, even plain. You can add syrup, whipped cream, chocolate syrup, even strawberries on top.

Waffle towers are an alternative to pancake towers for those who dislike pancakes. Often covered in maple syrup, these can also be flavored such as blueberry or chocolate chip. You can make your own or buy in bulk at your grocery store in the frozen section.

Cookies are popular either with or without wedding cakes in french culture. They are often pastel colored sandwich cookies that go with the wedding colors and theme. American weddings more often have cookies with frosting on top to decorate.

Jello or gelatin can be served in individual portions or be made large and cake-shaped. You an choose the flavors you ant and the colors you want. If you have cake or jello molds, you could even DIY!

Do you have a wedding cake alternative you would like to share? Comment below!

Save on a Thanksgiving Wedding

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Autumn is one of the most popular times to get married. It’s rare you get a day off of work for you to get married and enjoy your honeymoon. Weekdays are cheaper than weekends. So why not have a thanksgiving wedding?

The fall leaves offer a beautiful contrast for a white dress, and makes for a natural backdrop for any photos.

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Dinner? It’s a no-brainer: turkey! Discounts are offered everywhere for less-than-perfect turkeys like small ones that no one buys. Go for them and save hundreds! Cheaper sides are rice, potatoes, carrots and of course gravy. Serve up traditional beverages, pumpkin pie and you’re all set!

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Thanksgiving is a time when family naturally gets together, so you can even have a surprise wedding. Invite a minister, make sure you have your marriage license already, and start the wedding with everyone present!

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You don’t even need decorations if it’s an outdoor wedding and there are trees nearby. The beautiful autumn colors are natural decorations. For centerpieces, you can use the beautifully colored leaves, some acorns and twigs and make a masterpiece. Even just some leaves and a mason jar makes gorgeous centerpieces.

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Backs of chairs can have autumn wreaths. You can get small ones at the dollar store. Hang them on the backs of the chairs and you have gorgeous pieces! Before the reception you can use them as aisle runners.

Save on a Nighttime Wedding

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Wedding receptions often stretch out into the night. However, to get married at night and have the reception even later, now that’s not too often. Perfect for night owls, saying your vows under the stars can be incredibly romantic. How can you get your fantasy twilight wedding without breaking the bank? Here are a few ideas.

Get some tents. Have tents outside, thin enough to see the stars. See if you can buy used, or rent used tents. Those will come around cheaper than brand-new. Ideal for summer, thick tents usually make the interior stuffy. You can feel the night breeze to keep you cool.

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Watch the shooting stars. Have blankets laid out in august on a clear night and have guests lay down and watch the meteor shower. If you live up north, enjoy the northern lights at the reception. This is a peaceful, relaxing activity for guests and the couple to enjoy all together.

Look for discounts. Many venues offer discounts for off-peak seasons, months, and days of the weeks, maybe even times of day that are not often used. Who doesn’t want to save more money on their special day?

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Sparklers. They don’t stand out nearly as well in the daylight, and they’ve been increasing in popularity. There are even signs sold for weddings specifying the time for a sparkler sendoff.

Use your resources. Surround yourself with professionals, students, and talented individuals. Knowing you personally, they may offer you their services in lieu of a gift. Especially students, who haven’t gained enough experience yet and can’t charge you full price, but need the work on their portfolio.

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Lights. Light up the room, venue or outdoor area with lights. Yellow lights add a soft glow and a romantic feel to the ceremony and reception. They also make the wedding photos look gorgeous. Recycle your white holiday lights and decorate your backyard with them. Light candles in an indoor venue, or electric candles to avoid fire hazards.

Hire people you already know. Have your hairdresser do your hair. Have your dentist bleach your teeth. Use your local beautician to do your nails and pre-wedding care. Call up the deejay you used at your niece’s baptism and ask if they do weddings.

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Lanterns. Light lanterns and light up the sky at your reception. Paper lanterns can be bought for a low price. Have guests light them up and let them float away. Having a wedding by the ocean or a large body of water? Light floating lanterns and watch them drift away.

Use your own music. Hook an iPod to speakers, pick a playlist and set it on shuffle. There! You’ve saved hundreds on hiring a band or a DJ for your musical needs.

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Wear long sleeves. Nights are cold, and you can finally have an excuse to wear the long-sleeved dress that you’ve been eyeing. You can purchase that adorable shawl to adorn your shoulders as you stand and declare your love.

Keep your guest list short. If you’re a regular reader of my articles, you will see that I write this tip a lot. That’s because, it’s one of the top ways to save money on your wedding reception. Nowadays, receptions are paid by the plate for guests. If you’re paying $25 a plate and you have 100 guests versus 25 guests, you will pay four times more than if you just invited close friends and family. Convinced yet?

Browse discount stores. You ca save hundreds by getting lightly used items instead of brand new. Go to the cheaper stores first before you visit high-end stores. That way, if you find an over-priced arch at a fancy store, you will know that there is one half the price waiting at your local second-hand store.

How to save on a evening wedding

Receptions are often held in the evenings. Is it possible to save on such a high-demand time? Yes it is!

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Use cheap foods. Buy lots of potatoes, carrots and rice. These items are cheap to buy in bulk, which is why many restaurants have these as sides.

Carnival foods are good picks for cheaper food. Hot dogs, hamburgers, fries, popcorn and cotton candy can be great. Guests can customize their meal with their condiments, and you won’t have to worry about guests not liking the food.

Instead of hiring caterers, hire a food truck. You’ll have fresh food able to be served on-the-go. You’ll also only pay for exactly what the guests eat. It’s brilliant!

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Say your vows at sunset. Ceremonies often occur in the afternoon, and it’s very romantic to say your vows at sunset, where the light is the softest on your skin. Since most vows are said in the afternoon, you can save a lot of money by having your ceremony at sunset.

This is a great idea for an outdoor wedding. This allows proper visibility of sunset while the ceremony is underway. A beach wedding is a great option, or at a public park.

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Picnic wedding. Save thousands on chairs and tables by throwing some blankets on the ground and voila; free seating! If you don’t have blankets to spare, buy some at your local second-hand store to save dozens of dollars. Add a few throw pillows to each blanket to makes sure everyone is comfortable.

Got some farmer friends? See if you can use some bales of hay to put food on, or for seating during the ceremony. Got some tree stumps? Use them for seating or centerpieces.

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Off-season. Choose an off-season wedding month, day of the week and season to lower the price tag on your wedding even more. Spring or winter are the seasons where weddings are lest performed.

So far, the most popular months to get married are June, September and October. Pick a date that doesn’t fall around those months and you will save at least hundreds of dollars.

Saturdays are the most popular days of the week to get married. Choose a friday or sunday and you will be shaving off dollars even more!

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Have any more ideas on how you can save money on your evening wedding? Comment below!