Have quality music at your wedding for cheap

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Want to save big bucks on your wedding? One way to do so is to find cheaper options on having music for your wedding. Whether it’s for the ceremony, for the reception or both, here are some great tips on how to have quality music at your wedding for cheap.

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iPod and speakers. Load your iPod up with a playlist of your favorite songs. Put it on shuffle or play them one after another in a specific order. Hook the iPod up to speakers so the music can be as loud as you want it to be.

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Hiring a local band. Do you know a local band that hasn’t been signed yet? Maybe they get a few gigs here and there at clubs? Talk to them about being hired to play at your wedding. They will charge way cheaper than any professional bands.

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Hiring music students. Students in the music and arts major can play really well, but can’t demand high prices due to their lack of professional experience. They will gladly take up gigs to add to their resume and charge a fraction of the cost.

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Hiring a beginner deejay. Seen a DJ at a few clubs and bars that’s just starting out, but knows what they’re doing? Talk to them about deejaying at your wedding.

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Hire friends/family. Do you know anyone that is in a band, sings well, plays an instrument well, deejays, or your friends or family knows someone? Hire them on. Even if they’re professional, they may offer you a family/friends discount.

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Hire a school band. Are you into classical music and orchestra? This would be great for hiring a school band. Whether it’s a high school or a college or university band, the price will be way cheaper than what you originally thought!

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Got more tips on how to save money on good music at a wedding? Comment below!


Choosing your first dance song

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Do you have no idea which song you should use for your first dance at your wedding reception? Would you like some suggestions on which song to pick for your first dance? Here are some suggestions!

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The song you first danced to as a couple. Maybe you went to a friend’s wedding and had your first dance there. Maybe you danced in a club. Maybe you took dancing lessons together. Maybe you slow-danced in the privacy of your own home. Either way, when in doubt, use the song that you first danced to.

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The song you dubbed “your song”. Couples often find a beautiful song that commemorates their relationship. Often they listen to it together and agree that this song is “their song”.

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The song that describes your relationship best. Have you heard a song that sounded like it was made just for your relationship? Use that song for your first dance! It’ll feel like someone is singing your love story as you dance to it.

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Your favorite song. If you and your significant other have two different favorite songs, you can create a mix of the two songs in one track. People do it often in America’s Got Talent for a song mix to dance to.

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A song to highlight your heritage. Someone from Latin descent may prefer a salsa, tango, foxtrot, samba, etc. song to dance to for their first dance. A Scottish couple may want to pick a Celtic song with bagpipes. An African-American couple may want a song that is significant in their country. A native american couple may want a tribal song. An Asian couple may want a Chinese, Japanese, Korean, etc. song that comes from their home country. Whatever song is culturally significant to you, or even a song like Born This Way for an LGBT couple, feel free to add it to your playlist!

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Their own song. Does one of the members of the couple have a band? Play one of their songs. Even better, have the person with a bad write a song for the couple’s first dance and record it in time for the wedding. The other half of the couple will be so surprised and honored, tears will surely be shed!

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The song that played during the proposal. Did your new husband propose to a certain song? Play it as your first dance song at your wedding. It’ll bring back happy memories and the moment the bride said yes!

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Can’t choose a song? Don’t worry, there are many “firsts” that are used in the wedding. There is the first dance with the couple, the father/daughter dance, mother/son dance, and more.

Frugal Seating Plan: None!

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There is often a bride’s side and a groom’s side at weddings. Families of the groom and friends of the bride are kept at separate tables. Why add the extra costs and keep the families from socializing? Save hundreds on placement cards and seating diagrams for your wedding ceremony as well as the reception by having no seating arrangements.¬†Guests may be expecting a seating plan, so let them know ahead of time that there will be none.

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What can help with a lack of a seating plan is a cute sign letting people know they can choose to sit wherever. Here is how you can make one of these gorgeous signs!

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  • Pick a phrase you’d like to be written on the sign. In this article, 5 different cute phrases are listed of how to let people know there is no seating plan.
  • Gather materials from Michael’s. You can get a chalkboard sign ready to sell, or take palates of wood to paint on with stencils, paint and paintbrushes.
  • Adorn the chalkboard sign accordingly and use stencils to write the message beautifully.
  • Put the stencils on the wood and paint over them in the color of your choice, to write the phrase you have chosen on your beautiful sign.
  • Lean on something at the wedding, like a chair, and voila!

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For the phrase that ends with “bride”, it can be used for lesbian weddings as well and be altered to, “when the bride kisses the bride”. If you are a gay couple, you can create your own phrase with the word “groom” in there twice. Here is an example: “We’re all family in this room, once the groom kisses the groom!”

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At the reception, you can prop the signs up against the cake table, food table, or even stick it on a door if it’s an indoor affair. A simpler way is also to use a stick of wood and nail it to the sign so you can stick it in the earth so it doesn’t move. This may be tricky on very dry or very muddy ground. You could always use wood to prop it on the surface of the ground like a frame on an end table.

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Do you have any tips on how to handle a no seating plan? Do you have a sign that you used that you’d like to share? Comment below!

How to pull off a cheap vegan wedding

It can be hard to find ideas to pull off a vegan wedding. It can be even harder to pull one off when you’re on a budget! Here is advice on how to throw the perfect wedding without breaking the bank!

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Makeup. Get makeup that is known to be cruelty-free, such as Younique. Make sure that the makeup isn’t so much as tested on animals.

Attire. Be sure that no furs or leathers are used in any attire at your wedding. It’s important to maintain that cruelty-free vibe.

Invitations & Thank-You notes. Make a facebook event instead, and email thank you’s to guests. This saves a lot on paper and saves a lot of trees, all while trimming your budget!

Cake. Be sure to tell your baker that you don’t want any eggs, butter or dairy used in your cake. If you want to be absolutely sure, you can always make one yourself or have family/friends do it if they want. You can also be sure that the frosting is animal-product free!

Decor. Use decorations that you can re-use later, or recycle. Opt for silk flowers instead of real ones, and use potted flowers as centerpieces. This way, no flowers will be sacrificed for the wedding!

Toss. Instead of tossing harmful things at the newlyweds such as rice (bad for birds), confetti or more, you can toss bird seeds. Birds will be very happy to have a free snack, and you won’t have to pluck flower petals from living flowers.

Food. This depends on where you will be getting your food from. If you are having a potluck wedding, specify the dietary restrictions of a vegan diet to your guests to avoid confusion and mishaps. If you are ordering from a restaurant or catering service, it’s also a good idea to prepare a list of things you don’t want used in your food. If you are making the food, then you can look up great vegan recipes to make with vegan-friendly foods. There is even a website where you can check off ingredients that you own, and it whips up recipes for you!

Here is an article here to give you amazing, frugal advice on throwing a vegan wedding.


Recyclable wedding items

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Want more bang for your buck? Don’t want to be stuck with hundreds of wedding items after the ceremony and reception that you’ll never use again anyways? Here are tips and tricks to look out for wedding items you can re-use post-big day!

Double use during the wedding day:

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Your bouquets. Recycle the bouquets used by the bride, maid of honor, bridesmaids and flower girls and use them as centerpieces at the wedding reception.

Aisle and pew decorations. Have staff re-purpose them by attaching them on the back of the reception chairs.

Recycling after the wedding day:

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Bouttoniere. Press it in your wedding album and save it for a keepsake.

Bouquet. If your bouquet was made of silk flowers and/or brooches, you can keep it in a vase in your home. Place it on an end table, the middle of the dining room table, or on a dresser.

Invitations and programs. Keep one of each to stick on the fridge for a neat souvenire. The guests, especially family members, can do the same with theirs.

Food. Take home the leftovers and have a feast! You can also give some away to the guests so they can go home with plenty of good food to feed themselves during your honeymoon!

Wedding dress. If you aren’t going to save it to give to someone else, you can always go to a seamstress and hike up the hem and wear it as a party dress. You can also re-purpose the fabric for tops, skirts, and more.

Bridesmaids dresses. The bridesmaids can have the hem shortened so they can wear the dresses again to more casual parties. They can also save them to wear to other formal events such as weddings, anniversary parties, prom, etc.

Arch. Bring it home and let it stand proudly in your garden or backyard.

The two-material frugal wedding reception centerpiece


I came across these beautiful ceterpieces completely by accident! Using only two materials; candles and flower petals, you can make a dreamy table centerpiece for your wedding reception while also pinching pennies.


Here are ways to get around the heft costs of roses:

  • Buy silk roses and/or flowers at your local discout store. They even have some at the dollar stores, even in pre-packaged silk rose petals.
  • Buy small candles at a discount store or dollar store. You can also look online like craigslist or kijiji to find candles that someone never used and is selling cheap.
  • If you want real roses, have your wedding when they’re in season. They’re less expensive this way.
  • When you buy real roses, don’t mention that it’s for a wedding. Say it’s for a valentine’s day party if in february, if not say it’s for an anniversary party.
  • Grab some seeds at your local Home Depo and plant your own roses, if you’re a few years away from your wedding. This way, you can pick them from your rose bushes and use your own, and have a lasting reminder at your home of the beautiful wedding day you had.
  • Make tissue-paper flowers instead. Be sure to keep them a safe distance from an open flame, and have candle holders taller than the flame with the candles inside to avoid a fire hazard.

Here are some inspirational photos to get those hamster wheels turning.


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How to pull off a FREE wedding

How to pull of a wedding FREE of cost! Do you have literally NO money to spend on a wedding? Are you completely broke, but still want to have a wedding anyways? Don’t want to let lack of money keep you from getting married? We have the surprise of a lifetime for you. Even in this economy, it CAN be done!

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Guests will love that they can help out on your special day. Each one of these ideas makes your wedding even more unique, special and personal. Include everyone in your ceremony and reception, and no one will feel left out!

Use your backyard as a venue. Don’t have a backyard? Use a friend’s or family member’s. It can be considered their wedding present to you.

Host a potluck reception. Have everyone bring their favorite dish, drink and dessert to the reception. You will have a variety of different foods to offer everyone.

In lieu of gifts, ask for services. Is your mother-in-law a great baker? Ask her to bake your wedding cake. Is your cousin a photographer? Ask him to be your official photographer. This method not only saves you money, but saves the guests money from spending on lavish gifts you probably won’t ever use anyways.

Wedding rings. Ask your parents if there is any heirloom rings you can use as your wedding rings. If they don’t, ask if maybe your great uncle and aunt who never had kids, want to pass down some tradition with their rings. If not, you don’t have to have wedding rings at all. More and more couples are going without.

Attire. Ask your mother, sister, grandmother, aunt, cousin or even your best friend if you can wear her wedding dress. For the groom, he can borrow one from a family member or a friend. Have bridesmaids and groomsmen use suits and dresses that they already own, or forgo a wedding party altogether.

Chairs and tables. Who needs these? Go on a picnic! Pull out some blankets you have laying around the house and set them in the backyard for people to sit on. Not your cup of tea? Ask guests to bring chairs and coffee tables if they have any.

License. Don’t want to pay for this, or you can’t? There will probably be people that will ask you what you would want as a wedding gift. You could always mention that you just need the license paid for. It’s usually under $50 and isn’t a problem to buy. If you’re really in a pinch and no one can pay for it, pawn something you never use.

Officiant. Have someone you already know get ordained at Universal Life Church online. Be sure to look up the credentials in your state and requirements to make sure that they can do it. Have your friend/family member order the credentials online so that they can prove their authority to marry others when they present the signed marriage certificate. Not in the USA? A friend or family member can still get legally temporarily ordained without having to go through extensive schooling. Call your local city hall to find out how.

Flowers. Go to a large field that is full of wildflowers, and go flower-picking. You can always ask family members and friends if they have silk flowers laying around that you could borrow for the ceremony and reception.

Music. Ask someone you know who can play well, to play for your ceremony and reception. If you don’t know anyone, hook up your iPod to speakers you already own, and put it on shuffle on a wedding playlist you can make. Easy!

Photography. Everyone has a phone on their mobile device nowadays. Have your guests take photos throughout the ceremony and reception and upload it into emails and send them to you. This way you get to choose which photos you like, save them, and share them.

Invitations. Why bother with these? Just do an email invite, or create a facebook event and invite your guests accordingly.

Decor. Use items that you already have around the house. Mason jars, bowls, vases, and fill with wildflowers you picked, water, stones, branches; whatever you want!

Honeymoon. House-swap with friends and family, or they can offer you their summer home or RV for you to sleep in for your wedding night. You can also check out local ads where people are wanting you to house-sit while they go off on vacation. This is free of charge, and sometimes they even pay YOU!

What tips do you have to share to pull off a FREE wedding? Share in the comments below!