Most popular wedding dates

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Weddings nowadays are most popular during the summer months. June, July and August are the most common months to get married every year. The most popular day to get married is on a Saturday, and often it’s during the end of the month. Knowing these statistics, salesmen often hike up the prices on everything from venues, flowers, even dresses.

How can you cut the costs without giving up your dream wedding date? Want a frugal wedding on one of the most popular seasons, months, days of the year? Here is how you can pull it all off.

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Morning wedding. Brunch, coffee, tea and sweets? Yes, please. Save thousands on food, fees and venues by booking in the morning!

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Backyard wedding. Set up your own backyard for a wedding close to home! Use your christmas lights to hang along your trees, bust out your folded chairs, and don’t worry about spending a dime on a venue.

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Church/temple/monastery wedding. If you regularly go to your place of worship, the priests/rabbis/monks will happily accept to marry you, and may even give you a discount. Places of worship often have backyards and basements for you to set up your reception.

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Potluck wedding. Have your friends and family arrive with their favorite dish or beverage. You can have people sign up to bring meats, side-dishes, salads, fruits, desserts, etc. This way you don’t have 10 potato salads and no main dish. This saves you thousands on food and beverages.

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Hire students. They are fresh out of class and know the most about their trade, minus experience. Let them make your cake, take your photography, do your hair. You will only pay a fraction of the price!

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Buffet. A buffet is a frugal option for feeding your guests at your wedding. Instead of spending hundreds and even thousands on caterers, guests can serve themselves. They can pick what they want to eat, and how much they will eat. No one will go home hungry, and you can donate the leftovers to local food banks. Now that’s a cost-saving measure that you can feel good about.

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Never utter the word wedding to your vendors. Say the flowers are for a birthday party, the stationary is for an anniversary party, whatever you need to. Vendors hike prices up as much as three times the original price if they hear wedding, because they assume you have thousands to spend.

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Most popular wedding themes

The popularity of certain wedding themes has been rising. Different colors, themes, and decorations have been increasing in popularity.

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Rustic and Vintage wedding themes have been trending, especially in 2016. The old-style theme inspires use of the dusty old antiques you’ve been hiding in the attic for years.

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Garden and greenery weddings have been the top picks for the past few years. Eco-friendly, they favor recyclable items, biological favors and lots of greenery.

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Pastel wedding themes have also been increasingly common, especially around the easter holiday. Summer also brings out beautiful blooms, so this theme is also popular during the warmer days.

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Which wedding themes have you seen rise in popularity lately? What was your wedding theme? Comment below!