Frugal Makeup for Brides

Why waste time worrying about how you will afford a full-priced makeup artist? These looks can be done by any makeup professional, even students!

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Steps to achieve the look of your dreams:

  1. Look up the makeup style that you want on a search engine images. Browse Pinterest and makeup pages until you find the one that is perfect for you!
  2. Print out your look.
  3. Look up makeup artist schools and beauty schools. Select one closest to you.
  4. Make an appointment with a teacher and ask if any of the students would be interested in their first gig. This would allow them to have clients on their portfolio and when they graduate, they will already have some experience!
  5. Find a student that is willing, and negotiate a price with them. It should be substantially lower than a full-priced graduate!
  6. Show the student the photos.
  7. Relax and count down til your wedding is here!

Here are examples of beautiful yet simple looks for your gorgeous wedding:

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Natural look

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Cat eyes

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Smokey eye

If you are good at doing your own makeup, you can always search for makeup tutorials. There are thousands on Youtube alone. Type in what you’re looking for, whether it’s with blue eyeshadow or fake lashes, and you are sure to find your perfect look!

Do you have any ideas for frugal makeup for brides? Share below!


Most popular wedding dates

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Weddings nowadays are most popular during the summer months. June, July and August are the most common months to get married every year. The most popular day to get married is on a Saturday, and often it’s during the end of the month. Knowing these statistics, salesmen often hike up the prices on everything from venues, flowers, even dresses.

How can you cut the costs without giving up your dream wedding date? Want a frugal wedding on one of the most popular seasons, months, days of the year? Here is how you can pull it all off.

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Morning wedding. Brunch, coffee, tea and sweets? Yes, please. Save thousands on food, fees and venues by booking in the morning!

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Backyard wedding. Set up your own backyard for a wedding close to home! Use your christmas lights to hang along your trees, bust out your folded chairs, and don’t worry about spending a dime on a venue.

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Church/temple/monastery wedding. If you regularly go to your place of worship, the priests/rabbis/monks will happily accept to marry you, and may even give you a discount. Places of worship often have backyards and basements for you to set up your reception.

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Potluck wedding. Have your friends and family arrive with their favorite dish or beverage. You can have people sign up to bring meats, side-dishes, salads, fruits, desserts, etc. This way you don’t have 10 potato salads and no main dish. This saves you thousands on food and beverages.

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Hire students. They are fresh out of class and know the most about their trade, minus experience. Let them make your cake, take your photography, do your hair. You will only pay a fraction of the price!

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Buffet. A buffet is a frugal option for feeding your guests at your wedding. Instead of spending hundreds and even thousands on caterers, guests can serve themselves. They can pick what they want to eat, and how much they will eat. No one will go home hungry, and you can donate the leftovers to local food banks. Now that’s a cost-saving measure that you can feel good about.

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Never utter the word wedding to your vendors. Say the flowers are for a birthday party, the stationary is for an anniversary party, whatever you need to. Vendors hike prices up as much as three times the original price if they hear wedding, because they assume you have thousands to spend.

Do you have tips to save money on popular wedding dates? Comment below!




Wedding Planning Advice from Real Brides

Are you about to plan your wedding and have no clue where to start? Wedding planners can be incredibly expensive. Although it may alleviate the stress of planning your wedding, the stress of having added prices to your budget may not. Lots of brides wonder, where do I begin?

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Do you want stress-free wedding planning? Do you want your wedding to be simple? Do you have a very low budget? Here is some advice from real married people.

Katie Wilson says:

Location: my backyard
Guest count: 20
Invites: just told them over the phone
Officiant: non-denominational. We did our own vows
Food and cake: made reservations at a nice restaurant less than a mile away that had a special menu for us.
Dress: $250 designer dress on the sale rack.
Bridesmaids dresses: just wear any nice navy blue dress you already have.
Bouquet: made a gorgeous broach one myself
Ritzy? No
Was it worth it to not have wedding debt? Fuck yeah

Kelsey Lindblad wrote:

Went to a Lawyers office, had just the parents, their spouses, and siblings. Total headcount including My husband and me? 9 people. Got a tour of the building which ended up being haunted and made for a great story. We went to a Brazilian steakhouse for a parade of meat, everyone was happy and had a great time. Total cost $850 ($700 was just the food). No debt required, no fancy dress, no drama, no real stress. It was absolutely worth it to just do it our way instead of all the stress of trying to put together a whole wedding.

Jeanette Fields-Watkins states:

Friends from church had our wedding in their penthouse apartment, 72nd & Central Park West. Beautiful Sunday in Deecember, temp in the 50s. All we brought was the cake, flowers and our clothes. They even provided the photographer. There were 20-25 people there, small intimate affair. I loved my wedding, but my marriage has been even better. Only suggestion is that you both read Before I Say I Do. Good workbook, especially if you don’t do premarital counseling.

Natasha Tafta advises:

We just went to the courthouse, applied for the marriage license, then booked an appointment at city hall. We got married in our street clothes and got a matching ring set for about $200 at Walmart. You will be just as married as the couple that spent tens of thousands of dollars on their wedding. We have no regrets!

Image may contain: 2 peopleMr. Lloyd Spencer and Mrs. Samantha Spencer at their wedding!

Samantha Spencer says:

I got a thrifty wedding dress and he wore the suit he had worn to his prom. We got married with a Justice of the Peace on St Patrick’s Day at City Hall. My best friend does aesthetics and did my make up and my mom did my hair. We got rings and a hotel room afterwards where we had a party with close family and friends. Didn’t take long to plan and was very stress-free.

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Do you have any advice you’d like to share? Comment below!


Include your cat in your wedding

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Do you have beloved furry pets that you want to be a part of your big day? Do they happen to be furry, purry felines? Here are some cute ways you can include your cat or cats in your wedding day!

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Engagement Photos. Include your cat in the room or property where you will be taking your wedding photos. Let them be natural, they will most often hang around their owners.

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Save the dates. Pose your cats or put them all in the same place with cute signs. You can include yourselves in the photos as well.

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Boudoir shoot. Some brides take classy photos before the wedding in their wedding lingerie, underwear, or trying on their dress. Have your cat in the room for it, they will surely make you laugh and smile!

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Getting ready with the bride. Photos of the bride getting her hair done, nails done, makeup done, getting dressed…have the cat or cats in the room! Knowing cats, they will always find a way to let you know that they’re there for you!

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Getting ready with the groom. The cutest photos are of kittens getting ready with their groom owners. Who melts your heart more than a man who cares for his kitty?

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Wedding Party. You can always have your cat be your “cat of honor”, best cat, cat of honor, and more!

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Cake topper. You can have cake toppers custom-made to be the portrait of your cats. You can also buy one that has a couple on it as well as their cat.

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Walking down the aisle. Does your father have a beloved cat that he left behind after he passed away? Have that cat walk you down the aisle in his place.

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Ceremony. Hold your beloved companion, or have him around while you exchange vows with your soulmate.

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Flower Girl. No kids in the family? No problem! Adorn your kitty with pretty flowers and call her name down the aisle so she can prance about with blooms of her own! A trick for the real stubborn ones is to teach the cats the sound of you shaking a box of treats before the wedding. Then, shake the box at the altar and watch them run up to you for a treat!

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Ring Bearer. Have your best friend carry the ring(s) on his collar for handy and easy extraction. After the flower feline is up there, you won’t need motivation to get the male cat down the aisle.

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Wedding Photos. Let your cat hang out while you take off and snap those professional wedding photos. They will surely make you laugh, oooh and aaah in the future with their adorable and comical poses.
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Reception Photos. Love on your furry babies and let the photographer go to town! If the cats are particularly friendly, you can have guests pet the cats too.

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Ring Photos. Why take the same ring photos as everyone else on top of some flowers or alone on a book or tabletop? Put your cat with those rings and snap hilarious photos of them playing with the rings, even carrying them!

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Silly photoshopped photos. Be sure you don’t actually throw your cat, photoshop your cat in the photos later. No kitty cruelty!

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Funny poses. If your cat is crouched and ready to pounce to the rescue and be your getaway buddy, you have to snap a shot of that. Cats will often surprise you with how adorable and clever they can be. Just let them be natural, be themselves and you will have many memories of your wedding with your happy fur-babies.



How to pull off a cheap vegan wedding

It can be hard to find ideas to pull off a vegan wedding. It can be even harder to pull one off when you’re on a budget! Here is advice on how to throw the perfect wedding without breaking the bank!

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Makeup. Get makeup that is known to be cruelty-free, such as Younique. Make sure that the makeup isn’t so much as tested on animals.

Attire. Be sure that no furs or leathers are used in any attire at your wedding. It’s important to maintain that cruelty-free vibe.

Invitations & Thank-You notes. Make a facebook event instead, and email thank you’s to guests. This saves a lot on paper and saves a lot of trees, all while trimming your budget!

Cake. Be sure to tell your baker that you don’t want any eggs, butter or dairy used in your cake. If you want to be absolutely sure, you can always make one yourself or have family/friends do it if they want. You can also be sure that the frosting is animal-product free!

Decor. Use decorations that you can re-use later, or recycle. Opt for silk flowers instead of real ones, and use potted flowers as centerpieces. This way, no flowers will be sacrificed for the wedding!

Toss. Instead of tossing harmful things at the newlyweds such as rice (bad for birds), confetti or more, you can toss bird seeds. Birds will be very happy to have a free snack, and you won’t have to pluck flower petals from living flowers.

Food. This depends on where you will be getting your food from. If you are having a potluck wedding, specify the dietary restrictions of a vegan diet to your guests to avoid confusion and mishaps. If you are ordering from a restaurant or catering service, it’s also a good idea to prepare a list of things you don’t want used in your food. If you are making the food, then you can look up great vegan recipes to make with vegan-friendly foods. There is even a website where you can check off ingredients that you own, and it whips up recipes for you!

Here is an article here to give you amazing, frugal advice on throwing a vegan wedding.


How to live-stream your wedding

Do you have out-of-town would-be guests that MUST be a part of your wedding? Are they out of the country and can’t make it? Here is a list of ways to include them in the wedding, long-distance!

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Skype. This is a popular tool used to chat with family members, friends and coworkers long distance. It’s a practical tool that many people use. It has the ability to facilitate conversations via voice chat, webcam chat, instant messenger, and all three combined. If your wedding has an internet connection or someone has an unlimited data plan on their phone, you can open up a video chat with the people you want to see your wedding. This is perfect for guests who live far away or are incapacitated to join or travel.

Facebook Live. This is a recently implemented option for facebook users. You can “go live” on your mobile device on facebook. Use this option to live-stream your wedding to all of your facebook friends. This option is idea if you have many guests who can’t attend. You can even stream publically!

Tinychat. This is an online website where you can create a chatroom and many people can chat, go on voice chat or go on video chat. You will need a computer and a webcam or a very good mobile device.

Yahoo Messenger. This is an old option, but can work either way. Video, mic and instant messaging chats are available. Go on webcam and share the video with your contacts so that they can see your wedding!

Oovoo. This gives you the free option of going on webcam with mulitple people in one chat! A webcam with a computer or a phone or mobile device with a camera will be needed in order to stream your wedding for your virtual guests.

Easter Wedding on the Cheap

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Spring is upon us, and it has many engaged couples dreaming about spring weddings. The weather is not too hot, not too cold, and bursting with fresh, new life. It just so happens that a holiday most people have off of work, is Easter weekend. Whether you decide to get married on Easter Sunday or on one of the days off on Easter weekend, it’s the perfect time! Here are some ideas on how to save money on your upcoming Easter wedding.


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Easter wedding invitations can be as colorful as you want! Whether you choose bright, neon colors that pop or subtle pastel shades, there are infinite possibilities. Many websites will provide low-cost templates for wedding invitations that you can personalize. If you know someone who is a graphic designer, you can ask that they make your wedding invitations. They could always make them in lieu of a wedding gift. Email invitations and a facebook event is a free way to invite all of your guests!


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Around Easter time, right after Valentine’s day, stores become flooded with easter decorations. A year before your wedding, start buying easter-related decor at your local discount stores, such as the dollar store, dollar tree and iParty. You can find an assortment of bunny decorations, brightly colored eggs, streamers, confetti and more!


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Flowers don’t even have to be real; you can buy silk flowers at discount stores. The brighter the better! Arrange them into bouquets and put them in mason jars or discount vases filled with plastic (or real) easter eggs! Don’t be afraid to mix-and–match vases and jars. Each unique touch is special, and weddings that are edgy and different are celebrated and praised!


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Easter is marketed to sell lots of candy. For this very reason, Easter weddings are popular options to go for a dessert reception, or a candy bar. Indulge that sweet-tooth and get as much discounted candy as you want! Chocolates, jelly beans, peeps, whatever you want! Arrange them stylishly on a table and voila!


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Find a dress you really like that comes in different shades. Then, buy one of each! Your bridesmaids will be a colorful addition to your white dress when you stand at the altar with your beau. Of course, if you don’t have the budget to buy their wedding dresses, have them buy their own in lieu of a wedding gift. You can find beautiful and discounted dresses at the Salvation Army or Goodwill. Want brand new? Go to stores that are known to sell all types of clothing for less! Is your groom out of ideas for attire for his big day? Have him pick a color; blue is very popular. Have him wear a dark blue suit with a teal or sky-blue tie or bow-tie, and voila! Easter-ready.


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If you want your wedding rings to match the style of your wedding, go for colorful. Teardrop-shaped stones mimic the shape of an easter egg, and in a pastel color, matches the ceremony perfectly. Going for traditional wedding bands? Place them in a colorful easter basket and take photos that way.


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Here is the tricky part; most, if not all, venues will be closed for easter weekend. You will have to call around ahead of time to make sure that they are open. Want to simplify things? See if you can have your wedding at a local park, or at a friend’s backyard. If you know anyone with a farmhouse, they may let you use their barn! Almost everyone knows someone who has a backyard. It doesn’t have to be a big one, and it can be as plain as day; a little decor can spice that right up!


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Here is where you can get creative. You can have an easter egg style cake, a carrot cake, a regular pastel colored cake, or even cakes made of bunnies! Cupcakes and even doughut cakes are popular options. Find a local bakery and ask if they do big easter cakes. The plus side of having your wedding on easter, is that you can legitimately claim that it’s for an easter party. The prices skyrocket at the mention of the word “wedding”, so it’s safe to stick to easter. Do you know anyone going to school for baking, or cake-decorating? Does your local bakery offer apprenticeships? Ask a student to make your cake. They will be just as good as a seasoned professional, but for half the price! Be sure to tell them that you have no problem that they use photos of your cake in their portfolio.

Favors (optional). 

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Baby food jars stuffed with candy-coated chocolate easter eggs! You can also fill shot glasses with the candy and add a cute little cloth square and tie it up with ribbon, rope or string. Fast and easy!

Have you had an easter wedding? Do you have any tips to share? Comment below!