How to pull off a cheap vegan wedding

It can be hard to find ideas to pull off a vegan wedding. It can be even harder to pull one off when you’re on a budget! Here is advice on how to throw the perfect wedding without breaking the bank!

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Makeup. Get makeup that is known to be cruelty-free, such as Younique. Make sure that the makeup isn’t so much as tested on animals.

Attire. Be sure that no furs or leathers are used in any attire at your wedding. It’s important to maintain that cruelty-free vibe.

Invitations & Thank-You notes. Make a facebook event instead, and email thank you’s to guests. This saves a lot on paper and saves a lot of trees, all while trimming your budget!

Cake. Be sure to tell your baker that you don’t want any eggs, butter or dairy used in your cake. If you want to be absolutely sure, you can always make one yourself or have family/friends do it if they want. You can also be sure that the frosting is animal-product free!

Decor. Use decorations that you can re-use later, or recycle. Opt for silk flowers instead of real ones, and use potted flowers as centerpieces. This way, no flowers will be sacrificed for the wedding!

Toss. Instead of tossing harmful things at the newlyweds such as rice (bad for birds), confetti or more, you can toss bird seeds. Birds will be very happy to have a free snack, and you won’t have to pluck flower petals from living flowers.

Food. This depends on where you will be getting your food from. If you are having a potluck wedding, specify the dietary restrictions of a vegan diet to your guests to avoid confusion and mishaps. If you are ordering from a restaurant or catering service, it’s also a good idea to prepare a list of things you don’t want used in your food. If you are making the food, then you can look up great vegan recipes to make with vegan-friendly foods. There is even a website where you can check off ingredients that you own, and it whips up recipes for you!

Here is an article here to give you amazing, frugal advice on throwing a vegan wedding.



Easter Wedding on the Cheap

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Spring is upon us, and it has many engaged couples dreaming about spring weddings. The weather is not too hot, not too cold, and bursting with fresh, new life. It just so happens that a holiday most people have off of work, is Easter weekend. Whether you decide to get married on Easter Sunday or on one of the days off on Easter weekend, it’s the perfect time! Here are some ideas on how to save money on your upcoming Easter wedding.


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Easter wedding invitations can be as colorful as you want! Whether you choose bright, neon colors that pop or subtle pastel shades, there are infinite possibilities. Many websites will provide low-cost templates for wedding invitations that you can personalize. If you know someone who is a graphic designer, you can ask that they make your wedding invitations. They could always make them in lieu of a wedding gift. Email invitations and a facebook event is a free way to invite all of your guests!


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Around Easter time, right after Valentine’s day, stores become flooded with easter decorations. A year before your wedding, start buying easter-related decor at your local discount stores, such as the dollar store, dollar tree and iParty. You can find an assortment of bunny decorations, brightly colored eggs, streamers, confetti and more!


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Flowers don’t even have to be real; you can buy silk flowers at discount stores. The brighter the better! Arrange them into bouquets and put them in mason jars or discount vases filled with plastic (or real) easter eggs! Don’t be afraid to mix-and–match vases and jars. Each unique touch is special, and weddings that are edgy and different are celebrated and praised!


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Easter is marketed to sell lots of candy. For this very reason, Easter weddings are popular options to go for a dessert reception, or a candy bar. Indulge that sweet-tooth and get as much discounted candy as you want! Chocolates, jelly beans, peeps, whatever you want! Arrange them stylishly on a table and voila!


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Find a dress you really like that comes in different shades. Then, buy one of each! Your bridesmaids will be a colorful addition to your white dress when you stand at the altar with your beau. Of course, if you don’t have the budget to buy their wedding dresses, have them buy their own in lieu of a wedding gift. You can find beautiful and discounted dresses at the Salvation Army or Goodwill. Want brand new? Go to stores that are known to sell all types of clothing for less! Is your groom out of ideas for attire for his big day? Have him pick a color; blue is very popular. Have him wear a dark blue suit with a teal or sky-blue tie or bow-tie, and voila! Easter-ready.


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If you want your wedding rings to match the style of your wedding, go for colorful. Teardrop-shaped stones mimic the shape of an easter egg, and in a pastel color, matches the ceremony perfectly. Going for traditional wedding bands? Place them in a colorful easter basket and take photos that way.


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Here is the tricky part; most, if not all, venues will be closed for easter weekend. You will have to call around ahead of time to make sure that they are open. Want to simplify things? See if you can have your wedding at a local park, or at a friend’s backyard. If you know anyone with a farmhouse, they may let you use their barn! Almost everyone knows someone who has a backyard. It doesn’t have to be a big one, and it can be as plain as day; a little decor can spice that right up!


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Here is where you can get creative. You can have an easter egg style cake, a carrot cake, a regular pastel colored cake, or even cakes made of bunnies! Cupcakes and even doughut cakes are popular options. Find a local bakery and ask if they do big easter cakes. The plus side of having your wedding on easter, is that you can legitimately claim that it’s for an easter party. The prices skyrocket at the mention of the word “wedding”, so it’s safe to stick to easter. Do you know anyone going to school for baking, or cake-decorating? Does your local bakery offer apprenticeships? Ask a student to make your cake. They will be just as good as a seasoned professional, but for half the price! Be sure to tell them that you have no problem that they use photos of your cake in their portfolio.

Favors (optional). 

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Baby food jars stuffed with candy-coated chocolate easter eggs! You can also fill shot glasses with the candy and add a cute little cloth square and tie it up with ribbon, rope or string. Fast and easy!

Have you had an easter wedding? Do you have any tips to share? Comment below!

Low-carb budgeted wedding


A lot of people are picking up on the low-carb high-fat, aka ketogenetic diet to adopt cleaner eating, starve cancer cells, treat diabetes, treat obesity an stay healthy. However, it’s rare to find ideas for a wedding, let alone a wedding cake, when you eat low-carb. Won’t it be expensive? Won’t options be hard to find? Will the guests think the food tastes bad? Here are some tips that can put your wedding jitters to rest. Low-carb? No problem!



A list of links with appetizers for your wedding reception! Great ideas for the whole family, no matter what the age!

Low carb Italian wedding soup:

Deviled eggs:

50 appetizers:

Main meal:

Having issues finding a good, cheap meal for you to serve at your wedding? Here are some low-cost options that can be useful for any budget. Tip: focus on having meals centered around red meat, since these meats tend to be the cheapest.

Lchf pizza:

Bacon cheeseburger casserole:

2 low-carb dinners:


There are many ways to make a wedding cake with it still being keto-friendly. One trik is to use almond flour. Another would be to make a flourless cake. There is always the question; what about frosting? The links below answer all of your questions, and more!

Low carb chocolate wedding cake:

Coconut frenzy cake:

Opera cake:

16 Frosting recipes:


How to feed your wedding guests for cheap

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Budgets are easy to break when it comes to wedding reception food.

  1. Browse the food aisle at the dollar store. This is probably one of the best money-saving tips out there. There is plenty of food at the dollar store that you can use for your wedding. There is bread you can use for a sandwich bar, noodles to use for pasta salad, tuna for tuna salad, sauces to make spaghetti, crackers for cocktail-style appetizers, and much more!
  2. Stick to the cheap foods at the grocery store. These include potatoes, salads and pasta. For the potatoes you can have a potato bar by serving mashed potatoes, baked potatoes, whipped potatoes, fries, chips, etc.
  3. Consider a potluck. This would make the food absolutely free! If this makes you uncomfortable, you could always just ask to potluck one aspect of the meal, such as appetizers, soups or desserts. This is more common than you think!

Here are some helpful links to guide you:

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For dollar-store shoppers, here is how to dress up the dollar-store food so your guests have no idea that your food came from the dollar store!

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  • Bread: Cut little sandwiches cocktail-style with a toothpick through the center. Use whatever you want to make the sandwiches; bacon, turkey, chicken, cold cuts, lettuce, cheese, tomato, etc.
  • Ramen: Heat the noodles without the packet of flavor, since some people might recognize the taste and know where it came from (of course if you’re shameless and don’t mind, throw it in!). Throw in some ingredients that you want, depending on what you’re making. I would suggest this to be used for pasta salad, so you can throw in lots of different types of pasta and cook it up your way! You can have salsa, soy sauce, freshly-cut veggies, whatever you want. If you have no clue what to add in a pasta salad (which I openly admit is my case), google or look up on pinterest some recipes.
  • Candy: A new trend surfacing is a candy bar. Select the candies you want to use for a candy bar at your wedding, and buy it in bulk!
  • Crackers: There is a nice variety of crackers; original, plain, cheese, vegetable, salted, unsalted, whole grain, white, etc. Take the time to choose which types of crackers you want if you want to serve cheese and crackers or crackers with salsa at your wedding for finger foods, snacks or appetizers.
  • Canned Food: You have a variety of canned vegetables, soups and meats at your disposal. What you can do is have a soup bar with the soups of your choice. Another option is to use canned veggies for a type of salad you want to make, like the aforementioned pasta salad. As for meats, you can use tuna for tuna salad or for a sandwich bar, as well as the meat spreads for the dollar store bread.
  • Cookies: Another trending idea is a dessert bar! Check into the dessert section and there is sure to be cookies, sometimes even cakes!

    1000 Ideas About Cheap Wedding Food On Pinterest Summer Wedding cool wedding  design ideas

All in all, look at the entire food section and choose what you can make something out of. It helps to already have a list of things you may need for the type of meal, buffet or food bar that you’d like to have at your wedding. Just keep an open mind and a creative heart and you’re sure to pull off a delicious masterpiece for your guests to eat up!

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Inexpensive cheap wedding reception food

Here is a great way to have an inexpensive, cheap wedding reception meal for all of the guests!


taco bar

Set up a buffet table with serving plates containing different toppings such as relish, grated cheese, salsa, ground beef, peppers, salad, beans, guacamole, whatever you want! Then have a plate hold the bread where people can grab a piece and make their own tacos!

A bride had a $1200 wedding using a taco and mojito bar at her wedding reception. Everyone thought it was a cool, unique idea!

If you want to offer a side dish, potatoes usually come cheap, so you can offer plates with mashed potatoes, baked potatoes, potato fries, whipped potatoes, cheesy potatoes, garlic potatoes, etc. If you want a veggie option, get some lettuce with some sliced carots, celery and tomatoes (maybe even have a salad bar!) and offer different types of dressing.

Another option is a nacho, burrito, wraps and/or tortilla bar. People can choose their chips as well as what goes on them such as melted cheese, salsa, etc.

Voila! A great, inexpensive way to feed your guests! Also this is PERFECT for a Mexican fiesta wedding. If this isn’t your thing, you could always use this option at other parties or a Quinceniera. Enjoy!