Day of the dead frugal wedding

Dio de los muertos is very popular along the latino culture. Latin-American countries also celebrate this beautiful traditional holiday. Do you have latino roots and want to incorporate your favorite holiday into your wedding? Do you want your ancestors there for your wedding? Do you want to get married on the Day of the Dead? Here is how to pull off a Dio de Los Muertos wedding for less!

Go to heavily spanish areas in your city, state, or towns around the season. Often there will be items on sale for the upcoming holidays. You will also most likely be purchasing hand-made items instead of factory buys. These items will be beautiful, artsy and having cultural value and meaning.

Look on classfield websites to see if anyone is selling their Day of the Dead items. Some may even have had a Day of the Dead wedding and be selling wedding items at a fraction of the cost!

Sell everythung you don’t need afterwards to rack up even more savings. You can make some money back after lightly using the items.

Save all of your dio de los uertos things from the year before to save even more money. You can even ask guests if they have anything left over, and if you can borrow it. You an get all of your wedding decor for free!

Get married at a parade and march your way to marriage! The wedding party can march after you or you can make it an intimate affair and just tie he knot with your officiant and 2 witnesses.

Hire a makeup artist student to get a heavily discounted price on dio de los muertos makeup. Find someone with experience to be sure they can do the job.

DIY wedding flowers with crepe paper, tissue paper or paper mâché. You can find various instructions online and video tutorials on youtube. Have the flower paper match your wedding colors so they blend in nicely! You will save at least hundreds on your wedding day.

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Frugal Autumn Wedding Ideas

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Autumn is one of the most popular seasons to get married. Enchanting colors, the weather cooling down, and cuddle-weather just makes you want to get married. How can you penny-pinch on your autumn wedding? Here are some tips and tricks to help you through it.

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If it’s early autumn, you can easily have an outdoor wedding. To save thousands on a venue, book a public park. The most it will cost you is $200 for a license to hold an event there. You can also have a wedding in someone’s backyard.

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Natural decorations can be autumn leaves, pumpkins, orange blossoms, anything that comes in fall colors. Line them up along the aisle for a cost-effective but eye-catching decoration!

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Mix autumn props with your dream items. Throw in some lace, lanterns, bird cages, anything to make the scenery. Apple-picking is also popular during the autumn. Why not have your wedding in a mesmerizing orchard?

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Pose your wedding rings with beautiful fall props. This can include leaves, pumpkins, acorns and more! You can get some yellow or rose gold rings to really bring out the autumn colors.

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Need a unique idea for lights? Cut out the tops of apples and put small candles on top. Light them, and voila! You have unique and tasty lights. Wedding closer to halloween? Light up Jack-O-Lanterns. You can even carve out the bridegroom’s initials.

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Have a charming wedding invitation theme by having the colors in fall colors. Have colored envelopes, and tie a little autumn leaf to put the package together. If you’re having a barn wedding, tie a leaf with rope.

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Have your bouquet in lots of different autumn-colored blossoms. Don’t like flowers? Have a gorgeous bouquet of the most beautiful leaves you can find. Keep it unique, yet simple!

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Dress up your wedding cake for an autumn wedding by adding leaves as decorations. Anything orange, red, yellow or brown is perfect for this amazing season. Don’t want real leaves? Get some plastic ones at your local dollar store.

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Cheap Vintage Wedding: It CAN be done!


Here is an article I found on pinterest tagged under “cheap wedding”. What great ideas! It does involve some DIY crafting. What it reminds me is that shabby-chic theme actually is perfect for a budget-friendly wedding! Other themes that can go along with shabby-chic or vintage is mad-hatter, tea party, garden party, etc. You can use what you already have in your own home as decorations! Examples: Picture frames of various sizes (empty) hung on trees, various furniture like a couch, dresser and mirror, living room tables set out to take photos with or just as decorations. You can also use tall ladders to use as a stand or to use to hold things up like lights attached to the ladder on one end and a tree on another. Chandeliers, lamps, books and old vases can also be used to decorate.  The possibilities are endless!


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