Frugal Makeup for Brides

Why waste time worrying about how you will afford a full-priced makeup artist? These looks can be done by any makeup professional, even students!

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Steps to achieve the look of your dreams:

  1. Look up the makeup style that you want on a search engine images. Browse Pinterest and makeup pages until you find the one that is perfect for you!
  2. Print out your look.
  3. Look up makeup artist schools and beauty schools. Select one closest to you.
  4. Make an appointment with a teacher and ask if any of the students would be interested in their first gig. This would allow them to have clients on their portfolio and when they graduate, they will already have some experience!
  5. Find a student that is willing, and negotiate a price with them. It should be substantially lower than a full-priced graduate!
  6. Show the student the photos.
  7. Relax and count down til your wedding is here!

Here are examples of beautiful yet simple looks for your gorgeous wedding:

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Natural look

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Cat eyes

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Smokey eye

If you are good at doing your own makeup, you can always search for makeup tutorials. There are thousands on Youtube alone. Type in what you’re looking for, whether it’s with blue eyeshadow or fake lashes, and you are sure to find your perfect look!

Do you have any ideas for frugal makeup for brides? Share below!


Wedding Planning Advice from Real Brides

Are you about to plan your wedding and have no clue where to start? Wedding planners can be incredibly expensive. Although it may alleviate the stress of planning your wedding, the stress of having added prices to your budget may not. Lots of brides wonder, where do I begin?

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Do you want stress-free wedding planning? Do you want your wedding to be simple? Do you have a very low budget? Here is some advice from real married people.

Katie Wilson says:

Location: my backyard
Guest count: 20
Invites: just told them over the phone
Officiant: non-denominational. We did our own vows
Food and cake: made reservations at a nice restaurant less than a mile away that had a special menu for us.
Dress: $250 designer dress on the sale rack.
Bridesmaids dresses: just wear any nice navy blue dress you already have.
Bouquet: made a gorgeous broach one myself
Ritzy? No
Was it worth it to not have wedding debt? Fuck yeah

Kelsey Lindblad wrote:

Went to a Lawyers office, had just the parents, their spouses, and siblings. Total headcount including My husband and me? 9 people. Got a tour of the building which ended up being haunted and made for a great story. We went to a Brazilian steakhouse for a parade of meat, everyone was happy and had a great time. Total cost $850 ($700 was just the food). No debt required, no fancy dress, no drama, no real stress. It was absolutely worth it to just do it our way instead of all the stress of trying to put together a whole wedding.

Jeanette Fields-Watkins states:

Friends from church had our wedding in their penthouse apartment, 72nd & Central Park West. Beautiful Sunday in Deecember, temp in the 50s. All we brought was the cake, flowers and our clothes. They even provided the photographer. There were 20-25 people there, small intimate affair. I loved my wedding, but my marriage has been even better. Only suggestion is that you both read Before I Say I Do. Good workbook, especially if you don’t do premarital counseling.

Natasha Tafta advises:

We just went to the courthouse, applied for the marriage license, then booked an appointment at city hall. We got married in our street clothes and got a matching ring set for about $200 at Walmart. You will be just as married as the couple that spent tens of thousands of dollars on their wedding. We have no regrets!

Image may contain: 2 peopleMr. Lloyd Spencer and Mrs. Samantha Spencer at their wedding!

Samantha Spencer says:

I got a thrifty wedding dress and he wore the suit he had worn to his prom. We got married with a Justice of the Peace on St Patrick’s Day at City Hall. My best friend does aesthetics and did my make up and my mom did my hair. We got rings and a hotel room afterwards where we had a party with close family and friends. Didn’t take long to plan and was very stress-free.

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Do you have any advice you’d like to share? Comment below!


Choosing your frugal headpiece

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Sure, you’ve picked what your wedding hairstyle will be. But what will you put on your head? From the traditional veil to other options, here is a list of the most popular choices for brides who want to adorn their heads on their wedding day.

Bridal hairpiece.

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Traditional veil. The history of wedding veils tells us that, in ancient times, the Greeks used it as a way of protecting the bride from evil spirits, while in Medieval times it was worn as a symbol of purity and chastity. The lifting of the veil was often a part of ancient wedding ritual, symbolizing the groom taking possession of the wife, either as lover or as property, or the revelation of the bride by her parents to the groom for his approval.

Veils are the most popular use of adornments for the head of a bride. Mostly due to tradition, brides often opt for this. They also grow up believing it’s just another part of weddings as they see weddings in magazines, tv shows and movies, even their own family’s photo albums. You can get a waist-length simple veil, or you can get one that has a train that trails behind you as you walk. You can have one just with the sheer material, or also have crystals, pearls, lace, and whichever else you’d like included into the design.

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Flower crown. Increasing in popularity, the flower crown, also known as a wreath, stems from many different traditions, so it’s hard to pinpoint it’s true origin. Flower crowns have been worn in ancient Greece, China, Ukraine, America, as well as in the Victorian and Midieval eras. The Greeks wore them in ceremonies that honored the gods, while the Chinese wore them during weddings. It was popularized in Europe in the Victorian era.

Elegant, simple, beautiful; why not wear a beautiful crown of flowers on your wedding day?

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Flower in the hair. We see it often in movies that someone tucks a flower behind their ear into their hair, so why not? Flowers are often used as a “signature piece” for hairstyles used in weddings.

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Headdress. Often used in Celtic handfastings, headdresses can be just another accessory, or have specific meaning. In pagan rituals, the High Priestess and High Priest can wear a headdress to represent their high status and proximity to the Gods and the Goddesses.

Want to feel like a Goddess and like true royalty? Go ahead and adorn your head with jewels.

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Veil headpiece. This is a modern take on the traditional veil and has an elegant feel to it. You can pair it with flowers and attach it to your hair, if it doesn’t come in a headband.

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Tiara. This can be paired with either of the other options. Often the choice at royal weddings, a tiara will make you feel like the princess that you are.

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Versatile comb. Combs with crystals, pearls and diamonds can come in various designs, colors and gemstones to perfectly accessorize the perfect bridal hairstyle. Stick the comb into your strands and voila!

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Image result for bridal hair pieces

How to look out for a gown you can breastfeed in

Some women get married soon after becoming mothers. Some are even still breastfeeding.  Here are tips and tricks to find a wedding dress that is breastfeeding-friendly.

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Strapless. A strapless not-too-tight gown can just be pulled down to nurse your child or to pump in. If you are modest, you can use a breastfeeding cover or go into another room for privacy.

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Halter. A halter-top style dress that ties in the back of the neck can be untied for the breasts to be exposed to nurse or pump.

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Strappy. A strappy top dress that is loose enough in the straps and bust or adjustable can be pulled down or aside to be able to nurse or pump.

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Loose bust. Even a dress with sleeves can be pulled down to nurse or pump when the bust is loose or stretchy. The goal is to be able to at least free one breast, if both isn’t possible.

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Hanging straps. Not sure what the proper term for these straps are, but here is a photo above. These allow the same or similar flexibility of the bust to be able to nurse or pump.

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The important thing is to try on the dress first and expose a breast or both to be able to tell if you would be able to pump or nurse in the dress. If you can, nurse in the gown or pump while you’re trying it on.

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Pumping tip: For brides who exclusively pump or who’s child couldn’t attend the wedding (or they’re sleeping through a feeding), a discreet way to pump is to use freemies insert cups along with a portable pump such as a medela swing. You’re welcome!

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Got any tips on finding a breastfeeding-friendly dress? Did you breastfeed your baby at your wedding, or at a friend’s wedding? Share your experience below!

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