Martin Luther King Jr Day Wedding

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What a beautiful holiday this day is. It represents culture, history and equality. It also celebrates the life of a moving activist. Why not get married on this day?

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Booking a venue will be cheaper on holidays, since that’s when venues have the hardest time getting booked. Find a venue that is already low-cost and you may even get a discount for not only getting married on a holiday, but on a Monday too.

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Find tasteful ways to honor MLK. Make chalkboard signs or prop up posters with some of his famous quotes. Incorporate the day into the decor. Browse stores around the day the year before and you may find heavily discounted decor.

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Offer a toast to MLK during the wedding toasts. It’s a nice way to salute the man for all he has accomplished. Some sort of ode to him in the wedding is required as a sign of politeness. Otherwise, people may have moral qualms about you hosting your wedding on this day. You can also have a moment of silence in his honor. Here is an idea for a toast, quoting MLK:

Hatred paralyzes life; love releases it.
Hatred confuses life; love harmonizes it.
Hatred darkens life; love illumines it.– Martin Luther King, Jr.

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Give you guests plenty of notice so they have time to properly arrange for time off, to get ready and to know not to make plans on that day. Lots of guests may be unable to attend due to work or other obligations. This will save you thousands of dollars by shaving down your guest list.

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Book everything far in advance to make sure that they are available. This means florists, photographers and videographers, caterers, cooks, bakers and more. Be sure to have an officiant and venue available. It’s often preferable that you at least have a deposit on hand for each so you aren’t refused and lose your reservation or spot.

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Have a simple menu consisting of cheap foods so the bill doesn’t climb sky-high. Get potatoes, pasta, carrots and rice and the meat that is on sale or costs the least amount of money. You can also skip the meat and offer a vegetarian or even a vegan menu.

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Have a unique cake that will not only wow the guests, but that honor the holiday as well. MLK’s quotes, phrases, sayings, even his face can be on the cake. Any symbols of peace, unity, and equality will also celebrate the world we live in where everyone has equal rights.

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Have more tips and tricks to share about a Martin Luther King Jr. day wedding? Be sure to comment below to share your thoughts and help out hundreds of brides planning to get married on this day!

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