Frugal Slip-on Wedding Dresses

Art Deco 1930s Inspired Sleeveless Bridal Gown With Bias Silk Slip ...

Not everyone is keen on wearing a corset, petticoat, pantyhose, and other undergarments to go with their wedding gown. Some gowns have lace-up, some have zippers. A slip-on can be slipped on just like your favorite summer dress, and is easy to don for your wedding day. It saves time, and adds an element of simplicity where getting ready is often stressful. Here are some gorgeous slip-on wedding dresses for you to consider.

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David’s Bridal has a “little white dress” section that has lots of pretty slip-ons. Whether with a short hem or a long skirt, there are plenty of options that aren’t too hefty on the wallet.

... to Long sleeve lace wedding dress with stunning silk slip on Etsy

Browse Pinterest for the dress of your dreams. You can always contact a seamstress with your measurements and material you want to use and have one custom made.

The Best Slip Dresses for the Chic and Relaxed Bride. Griffyn by ...

Any dress can be a wedding dress, no matter the color. If you want to remain in white, browse your local clothing stores for sundresses, prom dresses, or cocktail dresses. You are bound to find a slip-on that you like.

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Do you have any advice on finding the perfect slip-on dress? Comment below!


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