Have a frugal and tasteful shotgun wedding

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The number of wed couples that are married and have children after the wedding, is still the majority at 59.7%. This number must have helped to stay up there in part thanks to shotgun weddings.

A “shotgun wedding” is a wedding that takes place when two people find out they are expecting. Soon after, they get married. Decades ago, the name “shotgun wedding” was dubbed when the father of the bride may have had to “motivate” the groom to marry his daughter with a shotgun. Whether this is true or not, the name stuck.

Some modern couples still wish to honor the bride and get hitched right away. Some were planning a wedding before they found out they were expecting, and moved the date up. Some get married later into their pregnancy without a problem. Either way, here is how to pull off a frugal shotgun wedding while staying classy.


Courthouse wedding. Get married quick and easy by getting married the same place where you got your marriage license; city hall. Take stunning photos inside the building as well as pictures outside. Look up on Pinterest for some amazing, romantic, and unique ideas for wedding photography in a courthouse.

casamiento wedding church novio novia bride groom pregnant pregnancy ...

Church wedding. Get married the old-fashioned way, a church wedding. If you’re Jewish, go to your local temple. If you are very religious, you can ask that the priest or rabbi absolve you of your premarital sin.

Finnish London Elopement and a Pregnant Bride

Eloping. Run off with your intended and get married in private. There are tons of elopement packages that cost a few grand apiece. Some include a honeymoon, since the venue often has a hotel or bed and breakfast on their property.

An Elopement in San Diego with a 9 Months Pregnant BrideYou May French ...

Outdoor. Go in the great outdoors and celebrate your pregnancy as well as your newly tied knot with all your closest family and friends. Go to a beach, a park, even a backyard and bask in the best days of your life.

... | Pregnant wedding, Pregnant wedding dress and Maternity wedding

Indoor wedding. Whether it’s a family-owned restaurant, an inn, or a hotel, have a great wedding indoors can save you from the anxiety of avoiding the rain. Tables and chairs often come with the price of renting the room or hall.

shotgun wedding

Make some funny photos. Some people like to play on the words “shotgun wedding” and like to bring actual shotguns to the wedding. If you are an avid gun-owner, there is no problem having fun with the fact that you’re pregnant and getting married. Lots of places offer funny wedding toppers and even toy shotguns for those who don’t want the real thing around the kids.

Shotgun wedding

Here are some examples of funny shotgun wedding photos. It’s quirky and downright hilarious. These dads have a great sense of humor! I wonder if the groom was in on it?

Shotgun wedding, via Wikimedia Commons

Shotgun Weddings: something old, something new, something borrowed and ...

Tips On Shotgun Weddings Seattle | Seattle Wedding DJ

shotgun wedding

Shotgun wedding in the Santa Cruz Mountains


Shotgun wedding Louisville Kentucky

24 Super Funny Wedding Photos | SMOSH

Rarely, the term ‘shotgun wedding’ is used for those who vigorously express their love for their second amendment rights. It can be used to describe a wedding just like it can be used in the term “beach wedding”. Here are some shotgun wedding photos for shotgun-enthusiasts.

shotgun wedding funny weddings redneck weddings themed weddings unique ...

shotgun Wedding | wedding ideas | Pinterest


Shotgun wedding. Country wedding | Wedding 2013 | Pinterest | Wedding ...

Shotgun wedding? - LOLz Humor

shotgun wedding - wedding gift etiquette how much to give at a wedding

Shotgun Wedding... Love this pic | Wedding Ideas | Pinterest

Do you have any shotgun wedding ideas? Do you have any photos of your shotgun wedding that you’d like to show us? Share them in the comments below!


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