Choosing your first dance song

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Do you have no idea which song you should use for your first dance at your wedding reception? Would you like some suggestions on which song to pick for your first dance? Here are some suggestions!

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The song you first danced to as a couple. Maybe you went to a friend’s wedding and had your first dance there. Maybe you danced in a club. Maybe you took dancing lessons together. Maybe you slow-danced in the privacy of your own home. Either way, when in doubt, use the song that you first danced to.

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The song you dubbed “your song”. Couples often find a beautiful song that commemorates their relationship. Often they listen to it together and agree that this song is “their song”.

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The song that describes your relationship best. Have you heard a song that sounded like it was made just for your relationship? Use that song for your first dance! It’ll feel like someone is singing your love story as you dance to it.

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Your favorite song. If you and your significant other have two different favorite songs, you can create a mix of the two songs in one track. People do it often in America’s Got Talent for a song mix to dance to.

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A song to highlight your heritage. Someone from Latin descent may prefer a salsa, tango, foxtrot, samba, etc. song to dance to for their first dance. A Scottish couple may want to pick a Celtic song with bagpipes. An African-American couple may want a song that is significant in their country. A native american couple may want a tribal song. An Asian couple may want a Chinese, Japanese, Korean, etc. song that comes from their home country. Whatever song is culturally significant to you, or even a song like Born This Way for an LGBT couple, feel free to add it to your playlist!

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Their own song. Does one of the members of the couple have a band? Play one of their songs. Even better, have the person with a bad write a song for the couple’s first dance and record it in time for the wedding. The other half of the couple will be so surprised and honored, tears will surely be shed!

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The song that played during the proposal. Did your new husband propose to a certain song? Play it as your first dance song at your wedding. It’ll bring back happy memories and the moment the bride said yes!

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Can’t choose a song? Don’t worry, there are many “firsts” that are used in the wedding. There is the first dance with the couple, the father/daughter dance, mother/son dance, and more.


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