How to have a gluten-free wedding

Have a gluten allergy, or going gluten-free for health reasons? It’s perfectly reasonable and possible to have a wedding with gluten-free foods. How, you ask? Let me show you!

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Let the baker know. Let the people making your wedding cake that you want a gluten-free wedding cake and icing. It’s very important to mention that to the baker, because bakers usually make cakes with gluten.

Let your caterer know. If you hired a caterer or a restaurant or private cooks to make the food for your wedding, let them know that you want gluten-free treats for your wedding guests.

Look up recipes. It’s important to do your research when starting this diet in the first place. Bookmark your favorite recipes, informational websites, and substitutes you can use.

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Potluck. Let guests know that you are gluten-free. Give them a list of foods that aren’t gluten-free approved to make sure that there are no mishaps. Provide a list of drinks that are gluten-friendly as well.


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