Recyclable wedding items

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Want more bang for your buck? Don’t want to be stuck with hundreds of wedding items after the ceremony and reception that you’ll never use again anyways? Here are tips and tricks to look out for wedding items you can re-use post-big day!

Double use during the wedding day:

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Your bouquets. Recycle the bouquets used by the bride, maid of honor, bridesmaids and flower girls and use them as centerpieces at the wedding reception.

Aisle and pew decorations. Have staff re-purpose them by attaching them on the back of the reception chairs.

Recycling after the wedding day:

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Bouttoniere. Press it in your wedding album and save it for a keepsake.

Bouquet. If your bouquet was made of silk flowers and/or brooches, you can keep it in a vase in your home. Place it on an end table, the middle of the dining room table, or on a dresser.

Invitations and programs. Keep one of each to stick on the fridge for a neat souvenire. The guests, especially family members, can do the same with theirs.

Food. Take home the leftovers and have a feast! You can also give some away to the guests so they can go home with plenty of good food to feed themselves during your honeymoon!

Wedding dress. If you aren’t going to save it to give to someone else, you can always go to a seamstress and hike up the hem and wear it as a party dress. You can also re-purpose the fabric for tops, skirts, and more.

Bridesmaids dresses. The bridesmaids can have the hem shortened so they can wear the dresses again to more casual parties. They can also save them to wear to other formal events such as weddings, anniversary parties, prom, etc.

Arch. Bring it home and let it stand proudly in your garden or backyard.

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