Fairytale wedding without the fairytale price

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Everyone dreams of having a fairytale wedding, especially women when they were little girls. Gazing at all of those princesses in Disney movies having perfect weddings, seeing celebs throw lavish receptions, all add fuel to the fire. AS you inch closer and closer to that wedding, you realize that fairytale weddings are extremely expensive. How are you ever supposed to afford your dream wedding? Will you have to make sacrifices to cut costs?

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Walt Disney World has started to offer fairytale weddings at their venues. You can have the fairytale wedding you’ve seen in the movies, with the horse-drawn carriage and the reception in the castle! It’s all possible! Feel like a princess on your special day.

A few tips to help you through saving money at your Disney wedding:

  1. Only expect up to 70% of your guest list to actually attend. Rarely does the entire guest list RSVP yes to a wedding, especially not one that counts as a destination wedding if you don’t live nearby already.
  2. Choose your date carefully. Saturdays are the most-booked days for weddings, and summer is the most popular season, which means prices will be at their highest.
  3. Have your wedding dress shipped to you from your hometown if you’re flying to your destination. You wouldn’t want to risk your gown being lost in the luggage!
  4. Take “first look” wedding photos. This cuts out food, drink and time costs since guests aren’t left waiting at the reception. Take portraits and photos before the ceremony so you can head straight to your reception afterwards and get on with celebrating married life without delay!
  5. Get your marriage license shipped to you free of cost by ordering it online in Orlando.

You can also help your fairytale wedding come true with a bit of DIY to save hundreds of dollars!

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There are a few other tips and tricks that can help you accomplish your dream wedding without breaking the bank. Be sure to check out the links provided so you can kick-start your wedding planning asap!



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