Cheap Honeymoon Destinations

Debt is no way to start out a marriage. Every women dreams of having a wonderful, relaxing, scenic honeymoon after her wedding. But, how can you accomplish this without breaking the bank? Here are a few cheap honeymoon destinations that will have the wonderful allure, adventure and scenery of an expensive honeymoon, but for a lot less!


Thailand: The airfare will be the most that you spend on this great honeymoon or vacation spot! Everything is very cheap, even luxury! See more details here:


Phillipines: Only slightly more expensive than Thailand, the Phillipines is a wonderful travel destination with clear waters, great weather and a rich culture to discover. At a loss on where to go once you disembark? Check out this page for useful information:


Cuba: Known for it’s hot weather, beautiful beaches and great music, Cuba is any couple’s dream destination. Learn to salsa your nights away! Don’t know where to stay while you are visiting? Check out the best lodgings here:


Mexico: Amazingly beautiful, especially in the tourist cities like Tijuana and Cancun. Visit various ruins, eat diverse foods and partake in the amazing scenery! Book your vacation here:


For a similar list of more cheap honeymoon destinations, check out this post!


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