How to have a Frugal Mardi Gras Wedding

Mardi Gras; parades, masks, beads, and colors. The festivities are underway, everyone’s partying, people are laughing and having a blast. So with all of that fantastic energy, why not have a wedding?

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Decor can be easy to come by around the season itself. This is why it’s good to be ready to purchase decorations a year before the wedding, or you risk being forced to buy everything last-minute. Around the season, window-shop at stores that you know you can afford. Even better, attend mardi gras parades and you will get showered with free beads! As for masks, if you are crafty you can always DIY. If not, you can buy cheap ones at your local dollar store.

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Many women have dreamed as little girls to attend masked balls. You can make your wedding this theme along with Mardi Gras! You can snazz up any wedding outfit, by adding a splash of color to your white gown with a neon sash or waist belt, eye-popping bouquets and bright masks!

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Flowers can be bought at your local vender. Be sure not to mention that it’s for a wedding; mention it’s for a mardi gras party. The timing of the delivery will match up as well! Pick the brightest, most colorful blooms that you can find. However, be sure not to overwhelm your budget by buying hundreds just for one bouquet; less is more!

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Since the weather isn’t always your friend during these times, try to reserve an indoor venue. To save big bucks, get married at your local church if you attend one, or your place of worship. Churches often have basements reserved for small receptions. This allows you to decorate at your leisure! Churches often have their own tables and chairs, which saves you thousands more!

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For wedding photography, look for photographers that are just starting out, but are good at their job. Have them photograph your wedding and mention they can use your images to help build up their portfolio. Many enthusiasts and just-out-of-college professionals will jump at the chance to expand their portfolio, especially with such a fabulous wedding!

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Wedding cakes can be as colorful as you want when it comes to Mardi Gras weddings. You won’t be pressured to get a traditional all-white vanilla cake. Browse google images and find the cake that is right for you; then print it out and visit bakeries and cake-decorating professionals and see if you can get a quote on the cake you want. Pick the bakery that offers the cheapest price, while making sure that they do quality work by checking out their portfolio. Mention that it’s for a big mardi gras party. Be sure to know the amount of guests that will attend your wedding; bakeries need to know, so they can make a appropriate-sized cake. You don’t need a 5-tier cake for a 50-guest reception! You can also choose to have wedding cupcakes, which is becoming a very popular choice.

Have any more cost-cutting advice? Share it with us below!



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