Cheap Vintage Wedding: It CAN be done!


Here is an article I found on pinterest tagged under “cheap wedding”. What great ideas! It does involve some DIY crafting. What it reminds me is that shabby-chic theme actually is perfect for a budget-friendly wedding! Other themes that can go along with shabby-chic or vintage is mad-hatter, tea party, garden party, etc. You can use what you already have in your own home as decorations! Examples: Picture frames of various sizes (empty) hung on trees, various furniture like a couch, dresser and mirror, living room tables set out to take photos with or just as decorations. You can also use tall ladders to use as a stand or to use to hold things up like lights attached to the ladder on one end and a tree on another. Chandeliers, lamps, books and old vases can also be used to decorate.  The possibilities are endless!


For more ideas, please visit this very helpful and insightful website link:



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