Budget Breakdown for a $750 Wedding


I thought we could kick it off with-you know it-more wedding advice! I am part of a few brides-to-be groups on facebook and I saw that a nice woman posted how her wedding went down for only $750! I knew I had to save and share not only for myself, but for you as well! Here is what she posted, with a little editing by myself. Enjoy!

-Chrysalis Jade



By: Tambry Green

We did our wedding in 2005 for $750.

  1. We had a casual barbecue at a state park (saved everyone on clothes to wear), admission was $1 per person and pavilion was $75 all day.
  2. We had a local barbecue prepare the meat and had various members of our family make sides.
  3. My dress was from ROSS! A casual white ankle length dress $20! My shoes were from Payless. Hubby wore (a new pair) of khakis and white linen shirt. MAKEUP- I did my own. HAIR – Another friend who was a hairdresser did it.
  4. No DJ. FREE!
  5.  Flowers were silk and on clearance. The store arranged them for me FREE. They are now in my bedroom in an arrangement.
  6. Friend was our photographer. FREE!
  7. We made our own cupcakes and bought a little $5 cake from Walmart for us to cut.
  8. Our favors were personalized koozies the guests could use for the wedding.
  9. No alcohol. FREE!
  10. We had picnic tables and decorated with ceramic glazed pots with fresh flowers planted in them. We did buy an arch and decorated with the extra flowers in the arch.
  11. The Pastor was a friend from our work. FREE!
  12. I made our invitations and had everyone call or email, instead of sending formal replies.
  13. We recorded the music for the ceremony. I play piano/organ, my Grandmother also does, and my Mom plays flute. It was nice that wen were able to ‘do my music’ and be able to enjoy the ceremony. We are all professional musicians. FREE!


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