Pew Decorations

DIY Pew Decorations is a great way to save money on a church wedding. Here are some simple steps you can take to make beautiful pew bows.

  • Buy sheer white fabric at your local fabric store. You can request chair sashes to get them at the proper size.
  • Fold the sash in half so that you can pinpoint the center.
  • Tie into a bow like you would tie your shoes
  • Fluff out the loops to look like a bow
  • Tie to the pews with string
  • Voila!

Make these beautiful pew decorations on the cheap! Just gather tulle, silk ribbons, and your flowers of choice.

DIY Weddings

View of Pew Decoration and Clip with Flowers

We struggled a bit with Pew Decorations! Too big, too little, too tall, too expensive – but bingo! We kept on looking and finally we came up with a look we liked.
We started with organza chair sashes. We tried ribbon only, tulle by itself…we considered draping tulle from pew to pew (but because of the style of church, it made it awkward to seat people). Finally we came upon the idea of using chair sashes to make the original bows. The benefit of organza is it’s “stiffness” – it makes the bow stand up nice and full. We used the simple method of bowmaking where you loop the sash back and forth and then wired it with white floral wire (from Save on Crafts) in the middle. The white wire then was able to be used to attach the bow to the pew holder (we found them very inexpensive…

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