Have a Cheap Picnic Wedding Reception



Here is a cute yet cost-effective reception idea: PICNIC! Contact your city about renting a park, rent a house for the occasion, a barn, or in your backyard. It is fairly easy to put together! Here is a list of items you can get to use for the reception:

  • 1 Picnic blanket/pastel sheet for every 4-5 guests
  • About 3 tables, use picnic tables if there are some. Use them for the cake & drinks table, buffet table, and the gifts & favors table.
  • 1 tablecloth per table
  • Plates, utensils and flutes
  • Wedding cake
  • Serving platters for the food
  • Bowls to hold the punch
  • Punch
  • Food

You also have the option of forgoing the cake and tables and tablecloths, and just have a picnic basket or bagged lunch at the blankets, with wedding cupcakes instead of a cake. This would save even more money! The following items below are completely optional:

  • Cooler for alcohol
  • Mini-tables for the blankets
  • Tablecloths for mini-tables
  • Centerpieces for mini-tables
  • Tree decorations
  • Picnic table decorations
  • Speakers
  • iPod with a playlist on shuffle and repeat
  • Dance floor
  • Lights

If you were planning on getting married in the park as well, have the guests stand, make a circle around you or sit on the blankets to watch the ceremony.


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