Inexpensive cheap wedding reception food

Here is a great way to have an inexpensive, cheap wedding reception meal for all of the guests!


taco bar

Set up a buffet table with serving plates containing different toppings such as relish, grated cheese, salsa, ground beef, peppers, salad, beans, guacamole, whatever you want! Then have a plate hold the bread where people can grab a piece and make their own tacos!

A bride had a $1200 wedding using a taco and mojito bar at her wedding reception. Everyone thought it was a cool, unique idea!

If you want to offer a side dish, potatoes usually come cheap, so you can offer plates with mashed potatoes, baked potatoes, potato fries, whipped potatoes, cheesy potatoes, garlic potatoes, etc. If you want a veggie option, get some lettuce with some sliced carots, celery and tomatoes (maybe even have a salad bar!) and offer different types of dressing.

Another option is a nacho, burrito, wraps and/or tortilla bar. People can choose their chips as well as what goes on them such as melted cheese, salsa, etc.

Voila! A great, inexpensive way to feed your guests! Also this is PERFECT for a Mexican fiesta wedding. If this isn’t your thing, you could always use this option at other parties or a Quinceniera. Enjoy!



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