Throw a Cheap Bachelorette Party!


First of all you need to get the other bridesmaids involved- they should SPLIT the costs with you completely! Just because you’re the maid of honor doesn’t mean you have to pay for everything!

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For inexpensive party– find a good location to have it at, cheapest would be someones house, find someone that is within walking distance to a few bars perhaps so you gals can go out for a few drinks.

Start off at the house with drinks and appetizers, play fun games, have good tunes on, make your own decorations and games instead of buying them from the store. Either you purchase everything and divide up the cost and have the other girls pay you back, otherwise assign people different duties to be responsible for. Go to the dollar store and get some martini glasses- one for each person attending- go to the craft store and pick up a paint pen and decorate each glass with the bride and grooms names and the date of the wedding around the glass- you can even write each guests name on the base of the glass and have it as the party favor and a way to keep drinks from getting mixed up! Get a paint pen in either the wedding colors or pink is always good! make a special batch of martini mix in a large pitcher or cooler jug for the night also and give it a dirty name like “G spot martini” here’s a list of recipes.

I made my own penis cake mold- I shaped a large penis from a big piece of foam I got from the craft store (you want the hard foam) then I took heavy duty foil and wrapped it around the mold real good in a few layers, then remove the foam and flip the foil over to make a cake pan- fit extra foil around the bottom to make it sturdy- then just bake you cake mix as directed- let it cool completely before removing it from the mold and then frost in a flesh tone frosting using food coloring and white frosting and use chocolate jimmies on the balls like hair! looks really good and saves you like $60 from getting a penis mold from the store!
Make a “Tree of Wisdom” for the party. you take a few large branches (go to the park and find some dead branches or something) and put them in a vase so it looks like a tree. Then make either paper hearts or penis’s out of construction paper and attach a small wire so you can hang them all from the tree. Then each guest will write down words of wisdom for the bride to be on them- penis make it naughty words of bedroom advice, hearts make it more heartfelt words of marriage advice! looks really neat as a centerpiece also.

Another fun game is “stick it in” have one girl holding a broom stick between her knees and another girl blindfolded with a roll of toilet paper between her knees then the girl with the toilet paper tries to get it around the broom stick. Make up trivia questions about the happy couple or maybe just the bride, a word scramble you can do on your own also- just mix up a bunch of fun bachelorette type words. You can make up truth or dare cards as a fun game during the night also- you can even take them with you to the bars for even more dare laughs. Pick up a few prizes from the dollar store to give to game winners like travel mugs, candles, or whatever you find that you know you would like to receive as a prize- stay away from lotions and crap- we all have enough of that stuff right?!

A night out camping with a few girls would be super fun too!

Have a pool party with your closest friends. It’s even easier if you know someone with a pool in the backyard. You could also attend a local concert or live show with the bridesmaids and have a blast together! You could also have a potluck slumber party and kick back with the girls and relax before the big day! You can assign people to bring food, booze, decorations, games and more!

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