DIY Doily Lace Wedding Invitations

DIY Doily Lace Wedding Invitations

Make your own Doily Lace wedding invitations by following the instructions of the blog linked here. This is a great idea for any style of wedding, and adds a charming touch to DIY invitations.

Get these materials:

  • 180 Lace Doilies size A7
  • 90 8.5×11 Kraft paper sheets 100 cover weight
  • Ribbon with the color of your choice
  • Downloaded font(s) of your choice
  • Downloaded invitation and RSVP template
  • Staples printer


  1. Dowload the invitation template
  2. Download the RSVP template
  3. Browse fonts and download the ones you want
  4. Open the invitation template and use the fonts you chose to write out your invitation
  5. Open the RSVP template and write what you want with the fonts you chose
  6. Put both files on a USB key if you don’t have a printer at home
  7. Go to Staples and get 90 (or however many you ee) 8.5 inches by 11 inches kraft paper sheets. Use the 100 cover weight like this blogger did, or get another one that you prefer.
  8. Request that your invitations and RSVP cards be printed out on the kraft paper and hand the staff your RSVP key and tell them how many you want printed out
  9. It should take about 2 hours, return afterwards
  10. Take the invitations home and break out the doillies
  11. Wrap the doillies around each invitation and RSVP card exactly the way you want it
  12. Tie the invitations and RSVP cards with a ribbon! Done!

DIY Doily Wedding Invitation | Mrs. Fancee


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