Throw a Cheap Engagement party

Throw a Cheap Engagement party


Have enough money left over on your budget for an engagement party? Are you a relative or wedding party member wanting to throw an engagement party on the cheap? Here is some great information for you! This would especially fit the theme for someone having a BBQ wedding.

With any theme in mind, here are some simple steps to plan a great engagement party.

Here is how you can save lots of money by having a budget-friendly engagement party.

Make it simple. Make miniature centerpieces with mason jars as vases and a handful of flowers inside. No one is expecting you to break it all out at an engagement party.

Only invite your wedding party. If you want to invite more people, make it slightly more than your wedding party. You don’t want to spend all your wedding money on your engagement party. Remember, an engagement party is to make your engagemet official and to have fun! Keep your guest list under 50 people.

Don’t ask for gifts. Have people save these for the wedding! An engagement party is never about gifts. If people feel so inclined, they can get you something that you would need for the wedding.

Keep the location budget-friendly. A great idea is to have a backyard BBQ cookout as an engagement party. Barbecues are always fun for adults or for children, and it’s such a relaxing carefree activity and atmosphere that your guests will immediately feel at home. Ask a friend or family member if you can use their backyard, or go to a public park. If you have trees and you want to decorate, hang cafe lights around the branches and hang paper hearts, or whatever shape you want for a cute accent.

Bargain-hunt at your local discount stores. All of them have plastic tablecloths, paper cups, plates and plastic utensils to snatch up. Some places even have plastic plates and glasses that look like the real thing. If you don’t enough have tables and chairs handy, buy some at garage sales or discount stores, or simply borrow some from friends and family.

Food can be expensive, so cook up some skewers, hot dogs, hamburgers, and everything else you can buy in bulk. You can also make cheap sides like potato salad and noodles. Have the food laid out buffet-style so guests can pick and choose their own food. You can also get a nice cake or cupcakes in different flavors, and use this for cake-testing if you’re still not sure of the flavor you want.

Have some easy activities. Lawn games are even featured at weddings! Play cricket, ring toss, horshoes, and whatever other games you can come up with. They are cheap, fun, and classic.

Have a great party!




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