Budget Wedding Cake

You’re planning your wedding, and you’re on a tight budget. You want to have a beautiful cake that will taste delicious, but you don’t want it to break the bank, however. You want to stick to your budget. So, how can you make that happen?


Think Fake. Some people don’t even have real cakes at their wedding! They either use display cakes just for show, decoration or for the photos. I heard there are fake cakes that can be cut, but I haven’t seen any anywhere.

Take off a tier. Gotta have that extra tier, even though you don’t need it Consider buying a fake tier. A fake bottom tier will save the most.

Think Small. Most people only get the cake for show, or for the sake of tradition. Get a single-tier cake, especially if you’re only having a dozen guests. Cut that one, and serve the guests those portions and also from a sheet cake in the back. You can have a sheet cake made, make it yourself, or buy one from the grocery store or from a bakery.

Here are some gorgeous wedding cakes to give you inspiration:

cake1 cake1 cake2 cake2 cake3 cake5 cake6 cake7 cake8 cake9 cake10

Portion-Appropriate. Don’t get a 5-tier wedding cake for 25 guests. Ask the bakery how many tiers you will need for the number of guests that are attending.

Less Detail. Keep your cake simple. The more sugar or chocolate flowers, swirls and pearls they have to make, the costlier the cake will be.

Real vs Fondant. Have fresh flowers on your cake instead of sugar ones. Sugar flowers take more time and more ingredients to make, so it hikes up the price.

Buttercream instead of Fondant. Instead of having thick, super-sugary fondant on top of sugary buttercream frosting, opt just for buttercream or regular frosting to top your cake. Fondant is complicated to make, shape and mold. Using regular icing will shave off some hefty dollars.

Cupcakes. They can cost $12 for half a dozen! Ask for personalized cupcakes instead of a cake. Or, you can add cupcakes to a single tier cake. Here is an example:



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