DIY Winter Wedding Centerpiece

DIY Winter Wedding Centerpiece

Looking for an easy-to-do but pretty-to-look-at centerpiece? Look no further! Here lies a centerpiece that radiates winter wonderland, but also the warmth of a hearth fire.


  • 4 candles of different shapes and sizes
  • A plastic plate
  • Enough pine cones to encircle the candles
  • Spray paint


  1. Buy plastic plates in the color of your choice, or spray-paint them in the desired color. Let dry.
  2. Place the four candles in the center of the plate
  3. Gather the needed pine cones and spray-paint them. Allow to air-dry.
  4. Surround the cndles with the painted pine cones.
  5. Light the candles
  6. Place the centerpiece in the center of the reception table

And there you have it! Four candles in different sizes on a plate, spray-painted pinecones as a wedding reception table centerpiece.

Click the photo for the image source.


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